Chasing Bullets by Godflesh
Summary: Joe, in his Shelby, is pursued
Categories: Gatchaman Characters: Joe Asakura
Genre: Action/Adventure, Character Study, Vignette
Story Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence
Timeframe: Mid-Series
Universe: Tenuously Canon
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 389 Read: 3156 Published: 06/16/2007 Updated: 06/16/2007
Chasing Bullets by Godflesh
Chasing Bullets

Shattered glass flickered madly under the afternoon sun, flying angrily onto
the asphalt as wave after wave of armor-piercing rounds shredded his side-view

He flipped the switch on the dash and the supercharger screamed to life. Tires
squealed as he slammed the hammer down and dropped into third gear. Not enough
room, he thought. A quick glance behind him affirmed his suspicions: He wasn't
going to lose this guy that easily.

The road between Albright and Cedar was a narrow, two-lane mountain highway
that wound serpentine through the hills of Asher. At fifty-five it was
dangerous. At ninety-five it was insane. He hadn't changed form because what
the G-2 had in speed, it lacked in finesse that the Shelby exemplified.

"Scum!" he yelled as another volley of iron rain hailed down on him. Muzzle
flashes filled his rear-view as lead began filling the tail of his car. "You've
got no time to make peace with your god!"

Redlining at ninety-eight in third gear, Jo shifted into fourth. He had a plan.

His pursuer was mere feet behind him. The sharpest turn on the highway lie just
ahead; His one chance. Again bullets erupted from the chainguns on the front of
his assailant's car. Jo eased off the gas just enough to sail around the turn
in a lazy fishtail. His attacker saw the opening and took it. Jo smiled.

Cutting the wheel all the way and tapping the brakes was enough to put Jo
completely sideways as he skidded down the road at ninety miles an hour. Rather
unfortunate for the other driver, who at ninety-five and accelerating could not
avoid plowing headfirst into the passenger-side door of the Shelby as Jo grimly
fired all six rounds from his father's .38 into the windshield. The bullets
ricocheted harmlessly off the bullet-proof glass, but the driver flinched. Jo

The smoking heap of twisted metal careened wildly into the beautiful Pines that
lined the roadside as Jo leapt from his seat and into the heavy canopy of
branches. The two obscenely mated cars slammed viciously into the thick,
unyielding trees and finally came to rest with a horrendous noise.

Jo walked to the wreckage, reloading his spent weapon. The other driver gurgled
painfully as Jo knelt down next to the remains of his car.

"I loved that car, you know." he said as he stood up and walked away, making
his way back to the road.
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