Poor Little Swallow by Daniel Rush
Summary: Poor Pee-Wee gets the measles, but he starts to have a grand old time tormenting his new roommate, Dirk, who's never had them before and gets locked in with him until he does.
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1. Poor Little Swallow by Daniel Rush

Poor Little Swallow by Daniel Rush
" Now that was what I call a good job done well!" Aggie sat back in her seat as the team cellebrated another stomping apon Galactor. But she noticed that not all were so jovial.....

Pee Wee was over in his seat with his head lying in his crossed arms.

Dirk also noticed it, and gave Aggie a quick "What's wrong with him?" kind of glance.

"Pee Wee?" Aggie said as she came up behind the youngster and shook his shoudlers "You allright?"

The boy looked back at her and she could tell he wasn't doing so good at all. "I feel sick...real sick."

He did have a fever, a high one at that! "Ace? I need to take Pee Wee back to the infirmary, he's not doing so hot at all."

"Why didn't you tell us you were sick?" Aggie said as she helped Pee Wee into the small room full of medical supplies and a pull down bed.

"I didn't want to miss the fight. I don't like being left behind you know." Pee Wee said as he detransmuted back into civies and Aggie removed his clothes.

"My God." She said silently as she touched him with a thermal meter. "Your temps up to 100, that's not good at all."

"Aggie?" He said with a tinge of fear as his hands grabbed her capewing. "Don't go!"

"I'm not going anywhere sport, relax." She clicked the switch on the squak box over the bed. "Ace, tell Hootie to speed this bird up pronto! Pee Wee's temperature is going up and we need that hospital realy quick!"

"HOSPITAL!" Pee Wee almost shot from the bed as Aggie caught him. "No....lay down right now. It's just for safety sake Pee Wee. You'll be just fine, trust me."


"Ace, glad to see your all back. How's Pee Wee?" Doctor Brighthead asked Ace Goodheart as he stood by the door.

"He had a good temperature for A volcano doctor, 105 degrees! Doctor Fearing is in with him now."

Hootie was sitting calm as could be, reading a flight magazine, simply no worries at all about his young running mate. " That's typical Pee Wee, don't tell anyone your sick or it makes you look like a weakling. He's lucky it didn't get more serious."

"Hootie, a 105 temperature isn't serious enough for you?" Brighthead commented as Dirk walked up and passed sodas to all those present.

"Heck Doctor, I've had worse at his age and my Dad always came up with a simple remidy for it, Carps blood."

"Now that's weird!" Dirk said as he shook his head. " I should have known you were a vampire hootie."

Aggie came walking out of the emergency room door in obvious relief. "Guess what? our resident Swallow has.....the Measles!"

"Measles?......Dirk said with a sudden look of shock. "I've never......had.......Dam it! I knew this was gonna happen Lipy!" To coin an old cartoon show Dirk was fond of watching from time to time. "That's alot Pee Wee!"

"Well don't worry Dirk. Both you and Pee Wee are going to spend quality time together at my apartment, God knows I must be crazy to put you two in the same room together." Aggie said with a smile as Dirk sauntered away flaming with anger.


"I hate measles!........I hate em.......I hate stupid measles like stupid weasles!" Pee Wee sang at the top of his voice as Dirk tried to get some rest on an improvised bed in Pee Wee's attic room.

"Pee Wee? would you please shut up so I can get some sleep? I swear your such a brat at times kid." Dirk could see Pee Wee sticking his tounge out at him. "Let him go Dirk, the kid's craving for attention again like he always does.

"Hey Dirk, you wana play some checkers? Having these measles is boaring!" Pee Wee rolled from his bed and proceeded to lay next to Dirk with the small checker set in his hands.

"Kid.....get back in that bed and let me sleep or you'll find yourself tied and gagged from the ceiling, so help me I'll make your life a wreck."

Pee Wee wisely retreated to sitting and looking at the spots that covered his arms and chest. " Comeon Dirk! Your in my room you know! And I make the rules here!".......

Dirk rose from his matress and tackled Pee Wee to the floor as he stood berating the older team mate. "Look here.......BRAT!.....consider yourself de-throned from making the rules! Now I'll warn you once more, leave me alone or I'm gonna tie you up."

Aggie was down in the living room of the apartment when Pee Wee's screaming sent her running up the stairs, sure enough, he lay tied and gagged on the bed!

"Dirk!" Aggie said as she untied the squirming Pee Wee, "What's the big idea!"

"The kid asked for it Aggie! He won't sit still for five minutes! Drives me crazy!"

Aggie tucked Pee Wee back into his bed. "Now you stay put and get some sleep, or I might do the same thing Dirk did. Behave Pee Wee." Aggie walked out of the room as Pee Wee gave the shut eyes dirk a real mean look....the war had just begun.


"Whirrrr..........." Pee Wee didn't stay still for long as usual. He was flinging his clackers all over the room and up into the transom, the whirling noise wasn't helping Dirk's situation any better. He couldn't understand why a kid wouldn't get hit as hard with the pesky measles as he did, the stuff was knocking him for a loop! And as his condition got worse......so did his lack of patience for his younger room mate.

"Pee wee! You are one second away from death! Don't make me get up again and hang your ass from the window!" Dirk said with a mean show of teeth as Pee Wee quickly, and wisely, threw the clackers into his night stand draw.

Dirk thought he'd hurt the kid's feelings as he just sat on the bed with a sad look on his face. "Hey Pee Wee, I'm sorry man. But I'm feeling like total trash right now and I need some sleep. Heck it's night time now, you should be in bed too."

"Hmph....That's what Aggie says to me all the time! I'm not a little kid anymore Dirk, so why should I go to bed early?"

"Because your sick! Is that a good enough answer for you?" Dirk said as he held his head with his hands and clenched his teeth.

"Hey Dirk?" Pee Wee said as he jumped from the bed with one of his stuffed animals in hand and tucked it close to Dirk's head. "Here. You can take this one, realy helps you sleep!"

Dirk gave Pee Wee a wide smile. "Your all heart kid, realy....." Dirk gave Pee Wee a tap on the shoulder as the boy went to turn off the lights and crawl back into his covers.....

What Dirk didn't see was the devious little smirk the kid let out as he rolled in the covers. " Wait till he finds out what's in the fur of that stuffed animal....heh heh heh heh heh.....


"Son of a......." Dam it! I knew the measles were hell on the skin but I didn't know they scratched this bad!" Dirk said as he sat up and began to scratch himself over and over.

The soft laughter from Pee Wee's bed confirmed the obvious trick that had been played. Dirk simply avoided wanting to bash Pee Wee's brains out as he quietly threw the itching powder infested stuffed animal off the matress.

"Ok, you little shit. You want a fight? I can give just as mean as you can!" Joe thought as his devious, fever filled mind began to whirl.


Pee Wee was quietly sleeping away the hours untill he awoke to a sudden wetness in his sheets! "Aw no!" He quietly said as he sat simply embarrassed.

Dirk snarled and smiled with maniacal pleasure as he could hear Pee Wee cursing as he pulled his sheets off the bed. "Now top that you little freek!" He thought as he drifted back to sleep.


Pee Wee figured out the water trick rather quickly. "Oh......Ok Dirk the Jerk! Let's see you top this one!" Pee Wee said as he grabbed his model paints from the book shelf next to his bed and proceeded to.............


"WHY YOU LITTLE SHIT!" Dirk said with an angry shock as he beheld his multi-colored face in a mirror! " Now you've done it!! This is World War III!"


Aggie thought she'd seen the worst between Pee Wee and Dirk on missions? She was very much wrong.

Pee Wee bolted behind her as Dirk came up mad as heck.....and sick as well.....with his big leather belt in his hands!

"And just what are you planing to do with that?" Aggie asked as she stopped Dirk and tried not to laugh at his painted face.

"Give your little brother a lesson! Aggie, that kid's a little brat! He kept me up all night!"

Pee Wee poked his head out from around Aggie's side. "Oh right! Like you didn't have your share of jokes on me too Dirk!"

"Enough you too! I swear for being in G-Force, you both act like kids!" Aggie said as she took the belt from Dirk.

"Well......I am a kid?" Pee Wee said as Aggie turned on him.

"See this? Don't think I'm not afraid to use it on you Pee Wee! Can the stupid jokes and act like your supposed to.......or else!"

Dirk crossed his arms and smirked. " Way to go Aggie."

Aggie turned on Dirk as well, "And you too! Your just as bad as he is. You can sleep in my bed from now on while I sleep upstairs with Pee Wee."

"Aggie?" Pee Wee protested. " I don't want a girl in my room!"

"Too bad!.....or I could...."SNAP!" The belt seemed to have the desired effect. Of course, Aggie couldn't see what was turning in Pee Wee's little head.

"Oh.....so now you want to get in on the fun too Aggie?........fine!" Pee Wee thought as he gave her a little smile.


It had been a long day in the Snack alone for Aggie, but at least Pee Wee and Dirk stayed somewhat quiet towards each other. She was actualy worried about Pee Wee as he'd been a little too quiet. But she did see him walking from the kitchen the last time she went up to the apartment. And he began to look better.

She couldn't say the same for Dirk though. He was still out of it most of the day, sleeping and moaning from the headaches and caughing the measles had thrown at him. She stopped in after closing the club early to check on him.

"Boy, don't you look like hell." She said as he sat up to take a bowl of ramin from her.

"Oh...great bedside manor Doctor Jun. Your supposed to uplift the patient, not crucify him." Dirk took a good helping of the hot noodles and knodded, "Your brother's been quiet. Even said a nice hello and brought me a "safed" stuffed teddy bear. You spanked him didn't you?"

"Dirk, you know me. I got Pee Wee trained." Aggie said as she pulled a towel out of her dresser and walked into her bathroom. After a few minutes she emerged in a bath robe. "I'm gonna take a bath. Call me if the kid starts jumping on you again!"

Aggie walked into the bath room down the hall and was about to get undressed when a black object popped up from the Japanese soaking tub and all but threw her off her feet as it barked at her!



Pee Wee calmly walked up behind Jun and smiled at the sea lion as it laid it's head on the edge of the tub.

"Oh....I forgot to tell you Aggie. I asked the handler at Crescent Coral if he could bring JoJo over here for a while."

Aggie was roaring. Her teeth showing as Pee Wee walked over to the tub and helped his pet seal out onto the floor.

"Pee Wee.......I'll give you five minutes.....no, five seconds......forget it! You call that handler and tell him to pick this "monster" up right now!"


"Now you hurt his feelings Aggie! Jojo's not hurting anything, besides, I never get enough time with him as it is with stupid Galactor around! Just let me keep him for the night?"

"No!!" Aggie stood there with her finger pointing towards the door.

"Please?" Said Pee Wee with a saintly look on his head and folded hands. Aggie all but lost it when Jojo copied the boy move for move.

    Well Pee Wee won...sort of. He sat with Jojo in his room. Aggie was a good compromiser, she took the television, the Nintendo, the Computer, the sterio, the basketball, and the extra set of Pee Wee's clackers and left him .......basicly the bed and one playfull sea lion as his only extra enjoyment..

"Jojo.....you think she's a bit angry at me?"


"You think I should press my luck?"


"I thought you'd say that!" Pee Wee said as he turned his head and offered a hand which the seal slapped with a flipper."

"Look out world.....the sick swallow is about to strike back."

Oh no...........


Aggie was gone again and Dirk's door was shut, "Good." thought Pee Wee as he looked through the cabinets and ploted his youthfull revenge.

"Shhh.....what do you think Jojo? Switching the labels on the ice cream and wasabi should get a good laugh shouldn't it?" Pee Wee said as the seal quietly skooted around the boy's legs to get a look at what he was doing.

Now wasabi can be very vicious stuff when taken in big scoops. It was a very hot, very spicy paste used in making sushi and Aggie was after all, a professional sushi itame. The neat thing about the wasabi was that it's green color made it look like Aggie's favorite sherbert ice cream!

Pee Wee gave out a devilish grin as he placed the Wasabi in the freezer. He was just about to go upstairs when the door bell rang.

It was Ace. He stood looking down at his younger team mate and the sea lion that seemed to bob around to the music that was coming from the sterio in the living room.

"Hey Pee Wee, your looking better!" Ace said as he looked for Aggie. "So where's the peace keeper at?"

"I guess she went out for a while Ace." Pee Wee smiled. "Come in!"

Ace walked strait for the kitchen and to Pee Wee's shock, he went strait for the sherbert as well!

"Um....Ace? I don't think you should touch that, you know how mad Aggie get's when someone touches her sherbert?" Pee Wee tried to stop him as he placed a scoop in a bowl.

"It's ok Pee Wee, she let's me have a bowl every now and then. I thought you knew that?"

Pee Wee shrank. "Hate to waiste a good joke." he thought. "Let's go upstairs Jojo." Pee Wee and his seal wisely retreated as Aggie walked into the apartment and heard Ace's sudden cry as he was spitting the wasabi out into a sink and trying to quench the flames coming from his mouth!

"Aggie! This stuff isn't sherbert!" Ace looked at her as she cracked a wide smile.

"No.....Pee Wee?" He said as he looked at the boy as he sat at the top of the steps with a look of inocent glee on his face.

Aggie shook her head and growled which caused Pee Wee to wisely retreat.

"Welcome to the war zone Ace." She said as she pulled the real ice cream from the food cabinet.

"What next?" Ace asked as he watched a coiled rubber snake pop from the ice cream!

"You had to ask?`" Aggie said as she threw the snake across the room. The thought of using Dirk's belt was becoming apealing.


Of course, it's one thing to think about using a belt on a prankster kid like Pee Wee, but it's different when your sitting there looking at him.

Pee Wee was sorry about the wasabi bit, but he still smiled when he thought about it which caused Aggie to just sit and watch Pee Wee pat and smooth the fur on Jojo's head.

"What's with you?" Aggie asked him as he fell back apon the bed and looked at the ceiling as if in deep thought.

"I think I'm the only one on the whole team who still has a sense of humor." Pee Wee said as Aggie wandered over to sit by the bed.

"I see...Why's that?" She asked as he rolled over and burried his head for the moment in his pillow.

"Look at you guys! You take a joke like it's an insult. Dirk never snaped at me like this even when he ended up hung over on the couch! And you? Aggie it's like playing with a four alarm fire! I think Galactor's got all you grownups in a rutt!"

Aggie thought that wasn't the only reason for Pee Wee's little stunts...." Have I been leaving you alone too much?" She asked as he shook his head.

"Pee Wee?"......She asked again. This time he knoded. Aggie was important to him and somehow they wern't spending as much time outside the Snack environment as he thought they should.

She did notice the spots were slowly starting to fade away, an obvious sign that the worst was over and he could walk around again as usual by tommorow morning.

"Tell you what Pee Wee. If you behave the rest of the night and not cause Dirk any more grief? I'll take you all over Utoland tommorow! Anything you wana do...you just ask. It'll be my treat ok?"

Pee Wee waisted no time in vaulting off the bed and dancing Jojo around the room as happy as he could be! The measles were gone and Aggie was taking out to party to his heart's content. He ran to wish Dirk a good night's sleep, then went back to hug Aggie and tell her the love phrases she always liked to hear from him before turning out the lights and drifting off into a peacefull nights rest.........the swallow was no longer sick.....or sad........but he wasn't finished causing trouble, and that's for another story to tell.

the end
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