Battle of the Planets: 2163 - A Tourist's Guide by Grumpy Ghost Owl
Summary: Notes and sundry information on the 2163 story arc. Not a fic, as such.
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1. A Tourist's Guide to the 2163 Story Arc by Grumpy Ghost Owl

A Tourist's Guide to the 2163 Story Arc by Grumpy Ghost Owl


This is an original work of fan fiction. Gatchaman and Battle of the Planets are the property of Tatsunoko and Sandy Frank Productions. No profit, gain, hire or reward is received by the author for this work.

- a Tourist's Guide to People and Places

Amano's Bar
Situated a block away from the ISO Tower, Amano's is one of those quiet little bars with a regular clientele. The regular clientele tends to be off duty Galaxy Security staff. It's a good place to go if you're looking for trouble, because the patrons will gladly oblige you (and they're usually armed.) There is a karaoke machine but it has holes in it where someone opened fire on it the first night it was used. It's a little-known fact that Zark has a hard wired link into the building to enable him to keep tabs on people.

Artcurus is described by Zark in canon as "Earth's sister planet." It even has a city called "New Chicago." Arcturus was colonised in 1950, not by Earth (we still thought putting a man on the moon was hot stuff in those days) but by Riga in its heyday as an interstellar socio economic power. The population explosion experienced by the young and newly starfaring Earthlings in the early 2080s, however, saw Arcturus' population profile change markedly as many Terrans chose to find new homes, and Arcturus, which was in those days still a relatively small frontier outpost, seemed like an exciting prospect for the energetic and opportunistic emigrés. People of Terran origin now outnumber those of Rigan blood by about four to one, and most Arcturans have a genetic mix which is predominantly Terran.

Camp Parker

Camp Parker is a secret Galaxy Security installation in the mountains north east of Center City. Located on the man-made freshwater Conway's Lake, Camp Parker serves as a training and communications facility. It also serves as a home away from home for G-Force and Chief Anderson when any of them need a respite break. (When you are at war, and you're the Chief of Galaxy Security, a weekend in the Hamptons is not an option.) A large residence serves as home, office and emergency/alternative base of operations whenever needed. Security personnel have quarters and office space near the main residence. Camp Parker has a permanent staff headed by Colonel William "Red" Henderson.

Capital City
Capital City is the centre of planetary governance for Earth. Earth's prime representative (the Planetary Governor) has a seat on the Federation Council. Capital City is an important administrative and economic centre. The Federation Capital is Center City, also on Earth.

Center City
About eighty years prior to the BotP timeline, old San Francisco was completely destroyed by a massive and cataclysmic earthquake which flattened the city and reclaimed part of the coastline around the famous Bay. The indomitable Californians eventually rebuilt, but "New San Francisco" never really caught on as a name. Heritage analysts, building crews and the media nicknamed the initial rebuilding site "Epicenter City" since the urban resurrection was designed and put together around a memorial park at the site of the quake's epicenter. This was shortened to "Center City" and fell into common usage. Some things haven't changed, however: Center City is still called, "The City" by its inhabitants, who cannot be convinced that it isn't the Centre of the Known Universe and you can never find a parking space (a notable exception being if you're high enough up the ISO food chain, in which case you have reserved parking in the basement of the ISO Tower which is worth about the same as a modest bungalow in the 'burbs.) Thanks to Wendy Dinsmore for a brief lesson on San Francisco in the late 20th and early 21st Centuries.

Center Neptune
A secret undersea base operated by Galaxy Security Special Projects Division, Center Neptune is the primary base of operations for G-Force. It is capable of limited, low speed self propulsion for the purposes of strategic relocation, and is disguised from surface observation by an artificial cay. It is home to Nerve Center and 7-Zark-7. Its sister unit, Science Center, houses a number of laboratories and R&D facilities. Both Center Neptune and Science Center are staffed by Galaxy Security personnel on a rotating basis. They are serviced by high speed shuttles and Multi-Modal Transport (MMT) units from the mainland.

Cerebonic Implants
Cerebonic implants are microscopic nanites about the size of virus particles. They are so small they can only be seen under an electron microscope. They integrate with the recipient's body to boost strength, stamina, general health, visual acuity and the ability to heal. Only certain individuals can tolerate cerebonic implants. Rejection is extremely ugly and usually fatal. The only person to survive an unsuccessful implantation was Donald Wade, whose body didn't so much reject his implants as fail to completely integrate them.

Conway Tapes, The
The Conway Tapes contain the defence codes for every planet in the Federation. They are an essential component of the ISO's Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) comprising a vital backup of system access codes. Keeping all this information on one set of tapes seems like a mind bogglingly stupid idea, but the previous Chief of Galaxy Security, Walter Conway, figured that in the 22nd Century, where everyone uses data strips, there would be very few tape drives still around. Indeed, he had the tapes made with an unique format such that they can only be read in a specially constructed drive, of which there are very few, all of them in the possession of Galaxy Security. The Spectrans would love to get hold of the Conway Tapes, and to this end, Zoltar spent a good five years obtaining the spec to build a reader of his own. Why doesn't Anderson put the information somewhere else? Good question. I can only put it down to the fact that the Conway Tapes make a great plot device!

When the Federation was first formed, a committee of senior economists proposed that the basic unit of currency be named the Federal Universal Currency Unit. This was taken under consideration until someone with a little more foresight (and a greater sense of irony) than the average economist pointed out that it made for a somewhat unfortunate acronym. Thus the Federation Dollar came into being. The Federation Dollar (IGF$) is one of the galaxy's strongest currencies. Other forms of negotiable instrument include gold, gemstones and other currencies such as the Spectran Drage (~IGF$0.45), the Gaian Crown (~IGF$0.98), and the largely defunct Rigan Quill (~IGF$0.24.) (Market rates are approximations only and subject to change without notice.)

Cyborgs are neither fully organic nor fully cybernetic. Naa-Dei Nikoi described the concept beautifully in her story Fui. Sum. Cyborgs start out as ordinary human beings but are then augmented to a point way beyond anything as straightfoward as having a prosthetic leg. In this universe, a cyborg is legally defined as a human being who has had more than 80% of their central nervous system replaced and/or someone who has been augmented beyond simple medical replacement of body parts to enhance their physical performance over 20% of what is defined as normal human limits. Normal human limits are defined in legislation and must be determined on an individual basis by a panel of medical experts. The G-Force team cannot be legally or medically defined as cyborgs, since none of their body parts have been replaced. They are augmented humans. Since the project remains top secret, there is no legislation available to define their status.

Data Strips
Data strips are the preferred removable data storage option of the future. The largest component is a moulded strip of perspex about the width and thickness of a tongue depressor and approximately two inches long. This is purely for reasons of ergonomics, so that human beings can pick them up comfortably. The business end of a data strip is a tiny sandwich of silicon and etched gold circuitry embedded as a sparkly little fleck in one end of the perspex. Data strips are used in just about every electronic device around.

Earth is the enfant terrible of the Intergalactic Federation of Peaceful Planets. A latecomer to the interplanetary scene (Earth only made contact with the Rigans in 2078 and didn't join the Federation until 2085), Earth and her children eagerly gobbled up the technology and new knowledge made available and pulled itself up by its virtual bootstraps to become an equal player in the Federation and then some. The vitality and energy of Earthlings is often looked down upon by those humans from elder worlds who see them as brash, crass, manipulative and greedy (an interplanetary version of, "damned Yankees!") By dint of the discovery of Vitalumous (BotP: Attack of the Space Terrapin) a mineral which revitalises exhausted soil, Earth has become incredibly wealthy and politically influential. In its short time as a Federation member, Earth has become a centre of political, economic and military power.

Federal Service
Young citizens of the Federation (see 'Federation, the' below) can earn credit on their university fees by completing from one to three years of Federal Service in one of the ISO agencies (see 'Interplanetary Security Organisation' below.) Federal Service is optional, but the Kane Administration has been considering the introduction of a bill to make it compulsory. Naturally, this has generated protests from some sectors of the galactic community (many people on worlds other than Earth feel that it's not really "their" war) and there have been claims that compulsory Federal service would be indistinguishable from conscription.

Federation, the
The Intergalactic Federation of Peaceful Planets is arguably a misnomer, as all the member worlds are located in the Milky Way. Technically, however, there is a robotic probe which was dispatched to Andromeda in the early days of space warp technology which has the status of a roving embassy, so the powers that be can get away with it on those grounds. Also, it would be too expensive to have all the letterheads reprinted.

Fuel, automotive
Hardly anyone uses petrochemical fuels any more, not in the twenty second century. They still have internal combustion engines in the cars, but they all run on ethanol-based distillates. fossil fuels are still valued as natural resources, but are no longer the main source of fuel for getting from point A to point B.

Galaxy Security (G-Sec)
Galaxy Security is the governing body controlling intelligence agencies. A member of the ISO, its head (the Chief of Galaxy Security) is entitled to a seat (but not a vote) on the Federation Council. G-Sec is made up of the following Divisions: Intelligence (Intel), Counter Espionage (CED), Special Projects, Science, Internal Security (ISD) and Corporate. G-Force is part of Special Projects. The G-Sec motto is Semper Vigilis (Ever Watchful.)

The Federation's premier specialist combat unit, made up of five orphaned young people, all of whom have been physically augmented with highly advanced nanotechnology known collectively as "cerebonic implants." Cerebonics allow the body to work under conditions outside the limits of normal human beings and give the G-Force team what appear to be superhuman abilities.

Galaxy News Network (GNN) is the biggest media corporation in the Federation. It has reporters and crews in every major centre throughout the Federation and branches on many non-member worlds as well. About the only place GNN news crews don't go is Spectra itself.

The Milky Way Galaxy is littered with human cultures. Although xenobiologists, archaeologists and anthropologists have been working steadily for centuries to try and work out why, no-one has been able to conclusively say exactly why so many planets have managed to evolve genus Homo and species H.sapiens. Humans from different worlds do belong to discrete subspecies which are denoted by their planet of origin - eg: Earthlings are Homo sapiens terrai and Spectrans are Homo sapiens spectrai. Taxonomy being what it is, however, it would not be surprising if someone were to try and work out a completely different way of classifying us and get everyone totally confused.

IJAG - ISO (Interplanetary Security Organisation) Judge Advocate General
The legal arm of the ISO (see below.) Similar in both form and function to the Judge Advocate General's department utilised by the US Navy, IJAG services all the agencies making up the Interplanetary Security Organisation.

Impulse Club, the
A popular night club in Center City. The G-Force team like to go there occasionally. Princess and Keyop were there the night the Robot Ants attacked. Thankfully, it has been redecorated since then and that nasty disco mirror ball has been put in storage.

Interplanetary Security Organisation (ISO)
The ISO is a quasi-military umbrella body which controls the armed forces and intelligence agencies. The ISO Council is made up of the heads of its member organisations. It reports directly to the President of the Federation. ISO Council members have non-voting seats on the Federation Council. The ISO is based on Earth and tends to show a certain bias toward protecting the homeworld. Member agencies are (in alphabetical order): the Air Force, the Army, the Cosmic Space Patrol, Galaxy Security and the Navy.

ISO Tower
The ISO's Administrative centre for Planet Earth, located in Center City, a megalopolis on the west coast of North America. The only building in Center City to exceed sixty storeys, the ISO Tower has one hundred storeys above ground and several sub basement levels. The top floors house ISO Executive Services with G-Sec Exec occupying the hundredth level. Given the sensitive nature of the work carried out at the ISO Tower, it contains several breaches of the Building Code, namely that Zark can override any and all systems independently and control everything that opens and shuts from Nerve Center. A second interface for the system override functionality exists in the Tower's Emergency Control Room adjacent to the Defence Shelter below the basement and a third is located at Camp Parker.

Multi-Modal Transports
There are several models of Multi-Modal Transport unit in service with Galaxy Security. The base Multi-Modal Transport unit (MMT) is a small vehicle which is capable of intra-atmospheric filght (including high altitude) and submarine operations. A basic MMT can carry up to twenty passengers with a crew of two in the cockpit and one cabin attendant. The High Speed model (HS-MMT) can carry up to six passengers with a crew of two. The larger Executive transport model (MMET) can carry up to thirty six passengers depending on its seating configuration but Galaxy Security usually has them configured with sixteen seats, a sleeper and a bathroom. An MMET has a crew of two in the cockpit and up to four attendants. The cargo configuration (MMCT) uses the same hull as the MMET but is configured to carry.... wait for it... yes: cargo. All the variants are both armed and armoured in all configurations utilised by Galaxy Security, with ventral and dorsal laser cannon arrays and both nacelle and tail-mounted guns.

Omega Base
On the surface, the Suzuki Environmental Research Station in the Canadian Rockies is where major research on environmental changes since the Van Allen Belt incident of 2162 is carried out. Underneath the station, however, is a sprawling subterranean complex, Galaxy Security's last bastion in the event of the planet being overrun. It's so secret, only Chief Anderson, his deputy, the President and the personnel who work there know of its existence.

Palm Unit
A Palm Unit is best described as an all in one e-package. It's slightly larger than today's tiny mobile phones but it does one heck of a lot more. The specially built units used by G-Sec are a cell phone, a tele-comm, ID card reader and portable computer terminal all in one. People in Intel can plug in various firmware to allow them to utilise various types of scanning devices and anyone with any connection to Special Projects also has a link to Nerve Center.

Regulation One-Oh-Nine Part Five
Formally gazetted as ISO Standing Order 109(v) this extremely sensible piece of rule making prohibits fraternisation within a chain of command in any and all ISO agencies. It's all carefully written in well considered and watertight legalese. There are no convenient loopholes. If you work for the ISO in any way, shape or form, and if you take a fancy to anyone you could conceivably address as "sir," or "ma'am," and if you'd like to continue working for the ISO, then the best advice you could possibly heed would be to try to get out more and meet other people.

Riga is a planet very like Earth, but its civilisation reached advanced levels hundreds of years before Earth's did. Although the Rigans hold the honour of being the first civilisation to make contact with the worlds that would eventually form the Intergalactic Federation of Peaceful Planets, they withdrew from the initial discussions early in the piece and never actually joined the Federation, preferring instead to negotiate individual treaties with various worlds. Their closest ally is Planet Earth. For many years, Riga had close economic and military ties with the Federation and the planet prospered, particularly since it wasn't subject to the taxes and levies imposed on member planets. There was a short end to this particular stick, however: when Spectra invaded in force, the Federation abandoned Riga and allowed it to be overrun.

Seahorse Base
Seahorse Base is a sprawling multi-level complex on San Francisco Bay where Galaxy Security has a high speed shuttle terminal, staff billets, comms infrastructure, maintenance facilities and a quarantine facility as well as an undersea hangar for the Phoenix.

As Google is to the World Wide Web, so Snarksearch is to the Galaxy Wide Web. The internet has developed along with all the other technology in this universe. MACrosoft has a virtual monopoly on browsers and operating systems with IE2161 bundled with WinOS 62.

In canon, Zark delights in referring to, "the EE-ville Planet Spectra!" Whether the planet itself is actually evil is a matter for some speculation. What is known beyond doubt is that Zoltar, the ruler of Spectra, his minions and his overlord (the Luminous One) have their sights firmly set on Planet Earth as their next move up in the interplanetary real estate market, and that the people already living on Earth (presumably, "the Nice Planet Earth," if you are Zark) are not terribly keen on the idea. The stated reason for Zoltar's desire to change neighbourhoods is that Spectra is a dying planet. Its location inside the Crab Nebula may have something to do with this. Why Earth, particularly? Naa-Dei Nikoi speculated that there is some sound political and military reasoning for this: it's a lot easier to take over the Earth (in theory) than it is to take over a neighbouring planet and have Earth get on your case about it. There would have to be easier ways of finding a new home than going in for all this galactic conquest schtick, but the Federation is a tetchy sort of a sociopolitical entity, and has been known to tax member and affiliate planets to the point of nullity. It may be that Spectra's accountants worked out that war was the cheapest option. Or the Luminous One has some other agenda of its own.

3V (Three Vee) and 3VC (Three-Vee-See)
3V and 3VC stand for "Three-Dimensional Video" and "Three-Dimensional Video Chip," respecitvely. Basically, it's television gone 3D. 3VC refers to a tiny digital chip embedded in a data strip on which a three dimensional movie is recorded. A 3VC movie can be viewed on a flat screen or a holographic projector. In holographic mode, the movie (or any other audiovisual data, for that matter) can be viewed from any angle. 3VCs are the standard medium for recording entertainment programmes.

Time Warp / Space Travel
Space travel is effected in the BotP universe by way of a system colloquially known as "time warp" because of the apparent anomaly between the subjective time it takes to complete a journey and the "actual" or "calendar" time it takes to complete a journey. It's actually a form of interdimensional travel also known as a "hyperspace" jump.

The trouble with space travel is that the distances are vast, and as Einstein postulated in the Theory of Relativity, it is impossible to travel faster than the speed of light.

Even though light travels at a mind boggling speed, it's still a snail's pace when you're trying to deal with the vastness of interstellar space. We're not going to go into all that business about trains travelling very fast, flashlights in space ships or elevators racing up and down tall buildings. For the sake of argument, let us simply take it as read that light travels really, really fast, and that when you approach the speed of light, human perception is affected and things become brain-bendingly weird. Relatively speaking. One way around this is to bypass the 'normal' space-time continuum using a warp generator.

Modern warp generators are small enough and powerful enough to take a small craft like Mark's sonic jet (BotP: The Sky is Falling, Part I) to Planet Riga and beyond. They work by opening a wormhole in the space time continuum which the ship enters to access hyperspace, a four-dimensional continuum that lies at right angles to normal space. Once established in hyperspace, the ship traverses a course, or catenary, being the shortest distance between two points in four dimensions. At the terminus, the ship must then generate another wormhole and drop back into the normal space-time continuum.

In normal space-time, we exist in three dimensions and time. In hyperspace, we exist in four dimensions and subjective time, which gives our three dimensional brains a massive case of the collywobbles. Damping fields protect sentient beings from the worst of the incomprehensible input but during the transition from three to four dimensions (or back again), it is not possible to engage the damping fields and three dimensional beings interpret the sensory input as discomfort, ranging from the sort of feeling you might get from a bumped funnybone or an ice cream headache for a short hop to the perception of being almost burned alive on long, high speed translations. The scale, both for the discomfort and the temporal anomaly, is not directly proportional but is calculated using a combination of five dimensional coordinate geometry and calculus. The Phoenix usually makes extremely high speed journeys, which is why G-Force find it extremely stressful, akin to engaging the "Fiery Phoenix" effect on their warship.

Warps, the
Like jet travel, space travel and time warp involve transporting people out of their regular time zones, not only to places where it's four o'clock in the morning when the invidual's body clock says it's three in the afternoon, but to planets where the days aren't the same length, the gravity is different and the number of moons is anybody's guess. Space lag is colloquially known as "the warps." A case of the warps is like a case of jet lag only with the potential to be far, far worse.


Mark Hawking -G-Force Commander
Mark is the leader of Galaxy Security's crack specialist combat unit, G-Force. As G-1, he is quick, decisive and often intuitive. He harbours a deep attraction towards G-3, Princess, and has a close but often competitive relationship with G-2, Jason. He has only recently started to deal with the resentment he feels towards his adoptive father, David Anderson, who raised him from the time he was four. The surname is not canon.

Jason Anderson - G-Force Second-in-Command
Jason is Mark's 2IC and another fosterling of David Anderson's. Jason's parents were both G-Sec field operatives on Planet Hibernia. Jason's father left his pregnant wife to undertake a dangerous mission and never came back. When Jason's mother Erin was identified and targeted by an organised crime syndicate, Anderson had her and her young son brought to Earth for their own protection. Erin died suddenly during routine dental surgery when she had a severe reaction to the anaesthetic and couldn't be revived. Anderson became Jason's legal guardian. Jason and Mark share an intense loyalty and brotherly affection whose flip side is a classic case of sibling rivalry. Jason is far more self aware than Mark and frequently acts as a foil to Mark's impulsiveness. He lacks Mark's imagination and flair but makes up for it with his decisiveness and clarity. He is a competent technician and has a penchant for blowing things up. The surname is not canon.

Princess Anderson - G-Force Senior Operative
The only female on the team, Princess was also adopted as a child by David Anderson. Her mother died in a car accident, leaving her orphaned as Princess' father was never identified on her birth certificate. Screening for the G-Force Project identified Princess as extraordinarily compatible for cerebonic implantation. As Princess was a ward of the State, her legal adoption by Anderson was arranged by Security Chief Conway as the most expedient method ofavoiding the messy business of having child protection authorities on Galaxy Security's doorstep to monitor the her welfare. Princessis the team's emotional anchor and the brains of the group. Princess is a specialist electronics analyst and hacker, and also a demolition expert. She has a penchant for blowing things up with scientific precision. Princess would like to enter into a romantic relationship with Mark, despite their status as foster-siblings. She joined the family later than Mark and the two have spent extended periods apart. They don't think of each other as brother and sister. Her surname is not canon.

Keyop Anderson - G-Force Junior Operative
Keyop was not born in the biological sense but gestated artificially from a single cell in the ISO Science Division. The boy was genetically engineered to be "the perfect warrior" and candidate for cerebonic augmentation, but the gene boffins slipped up and their "perfect warrior" has some serious orthodontic problems and a glitch in his speech centre that gave him one whopping speech impediment. Until he was old enough for surgery to correct his palate, the poor child could barely string together a sentence without sounding like he was practising for the local bird calling contest. In order for him to have an identity, he was registered as an abandoned child of unknown parentage and adopted by Anderson, effectively giving Galaxy Security complete legal control over their project. His surname is not canon.

"Tiny" Harper - G-Force Senior Pilot
The only serving member of G-Force not adopted by David Anderson, Tiny Harper is the designated pilot of the warship Phoenix. Tiny is probably the most well adjusted and laid back member of the team, although he does have somewhat of an inferiority complex. He also has what could be family back home in the fishing village from whence he came. The character to whom he defers with an almost filial attitude is someone called, "Captain Jack." There is also a small and annoying child named Tommy who has some connection with Tiny, but this is never explained or explored in canon. Tiny was recruited, despite his family ties, due to his high cerebonic compatibility rating and exceptional piloting skills. Tiny is the only member of the team whose surname is enshrined in canon.

Dr David Anderson - Chief of Galaxy Security
A quick, decisive thinker capable of making ruthless choices and manipulating just about anyone if he feels the end justifies the means, David Anderson has risen to the top of the Intelligence heap by way of a combination of his brilliant intellect (he qualified as a medical doctor, but rather than go in to clinical practice, he went on to obtain a doctorate in biomedical engineering) and a killer instinct for politics. He is guarded about his personal life and has, in the past, kept his foster family at arm's length. His emotional Achilles' heel is his adopted children: he cares deeply for them, but has a great deal of difficulty communicating effectively with them. Note: BotP canon offers no first name information on Chief Anderson. The name "David" belongs to my younger brother, who introduced me to the show, and I like it as a name. I just hope young Dave doesn't ask for it back.

7-Zark-7 - Nerve Center Coordinator
Zark is the automated Artificial Intelligence (AI) coordinator of G-Force. Zark's extremely capable processors, which belie his intensely annoying cybernetic personality, handle everything from the vector calculations for the Phoenix's space shots through to the galley inventory. Further, Zark is capable of actively interfacing with almost any Federation system, interpreting operating protocols and retrieving data. He has direct links with sensitive installations like communications satellites, all the ISO bases (such as Parker) and Federation office buildings like the ISO Tower in Center City. If necessary, he can scramble G-Force, control the Phoenix on a hyperspace vector and switch on the lights in Miles McAllister's office at the same time. He is also capable of hacking into any networked computer system on Earth. All he needs is a line in and nothing is safe from his prying little processors. He is referred to by G-Sec staff as, "The Ambulant Ash Can," but I like to think of him as, "The Tin Toad."

Alexander Kane - President of the Intergalactic Federation of Peaceful Planets
Alex Kane was first elected as President in 2157. He served a full term of four years and returned from the polls successful again in 2161, the first year of the war with Planet Spectra. Under the Federation's constitution, he can stand again for another two terms, but must retire from the Presidency thereafter. The next election is due to take place in early 2165. Note: there is no first name canon for President Kane. I chose the name "Alexander" because "Sandy," the name of the Executive Producer for BotP is short for "Alexander." It's my little joke. Ha, ha, and all that.

Colonel Cronus (deceased) - Former Squadron Leader of the Rigan Red Rangers
When Mark was four years old, the aircraft his father was test-piloting crashed into the Pacific Ocean. Marshall Hawking's body was never found, and he was declared missing, presumed dead. The accident was staged to fake Hawking's death so that he could go into deep cover on Planet Riga. He assumed the identity of a Rigan pilot and worked his way up into the senior ranks, eventually becoming the leader of Riga's premier fighter squadron, the Red Rangers. He befriended Mark and acted as a friend and mentor. In The Sky is Falling, he undertook a suicide mission to pilot a missile that would save the Earth from destruction at Zoltar's hands. His identity was revealed by Princess, after Anderson had confessed his role in the cover up to the rest of the team (no points for tact there, Chief!) Cronus survived the mission, but instead of reconciling with his son, immediately returned to Riga to continue the fight against Spectra. He was shot down in the Battle of Riga and presumed dead, but managed to survive that as well, only to be assassinated as he slept by the Spectran agent Ghartz. Note: there is no canon on Cronus' real name. I made it up. Marshall is a phonetic spelling of "martial," a word derived from the name Mars, the Roman god of war, of which Mark is also a derivative. Hey, it worked for the Washios in Gatchaman.

Donald Wade - former G-Force Operative
Don Wade, a child prodigy, was part of the original G-Force Project. His cerebonic implants did not integrate successfully with his neural system, and had to be removed, rendering him a virtual cripple for almost eighteen months. The young man's resentment was never dealt with and as a result, he defected to Spectra, creating an almost universal solvent that destroyed the first Phoenix and nearly killed his former team-mates in the process. He was apprehended by Mark and Jason, and is currently serving a prison sentence for high treason. Yet another note: there's little canon regarding Don's background or past history beyond that he's a former member of G-Force. I made most of it up. Because I can, that's why.

Zoltar - Ruler of Spectra
A mysterious figure who always appears in public wearing a mask. Zoltar's appearance and mannerisms are somewhat androgynous in nature, and there is some speculation as to whether he is fully male or even a female in disguise. His voice is very masculine, however, and he stands at well over six feet in height. Okay, so he wears lipstick and has long blonde hair... not that there's anything wrong with that. It might be a cultural thing. After all, he's an alien from "galaxies beyond space," if you believe the opening blurb from the series. Beyond space... how do you get...? Oh, never mind. Someone had obviously started reading Einstein but hadn't got past the bit about the elevator in the really tall building.

Mala - Commander of the "Galaxy Girls" Elite Squad, Spectran Special Forces
Zoltar's sister Mala heads the Galaxy Girls, an all-female fighting force. She is close to her brother but harbours no wish to rule, since that would entail having to face the Luminous One on a daily basis. (The Luminous One is enough to put anyone off their megalomania.) She took a shot at assassinating Chief Anderson in the BotP episode entitled The Galaxy Girls, but was unsuccessful. Anderson would like to keep it that way.

The Luminous One - Supreme Ruler and Deity of Spectra
A being, seemingly one made of coherent energy, who rules Spectra -- and Zoltar -- like a demigod. Whatever it is (and it does bear an unfortunate resemblance to a giant blue chicken with a tongue in its forehead) it isn't benevolent. It's a thoroughly nasty piece of work, hell bent on conquering Earth (and hence, the Federation.) The LO's motivation is never really explored. Is it genuinely trying to help Spectra, or does it have an agenda of its own? From its comment, "Without me, you and your miserable planet would have perished long ago!" (or similar) one deduces that the latter is the case. Whether you could hypnotise the Luminous One by laying its beak down on a leading line the way you can with an ordinary chicken remains a mystery.

Captain Doom - Space Pirate from Planet Urgos
In the episode entitled Ace From Outer Space, G-Force encountered Captain Doom, a space pirate from planet Urgos. Doom possesses the only known useable quantity of an indestructible yet workable metal which he has had made into several whip-type weapons capable of bringing down the Phoenix and wreaking generalised havoc. His secret base on Urgos was attacked by G-Force in 2161 in retaliation for Doom's unprovoked attack on an air show on Earth. Doom's family were killed when the base was destroyed. Captain Doom's origins and true identity remain a mystery, but he swore he'd be back for revenge. Captain Doom wants Urgos to be the conquerors of Earth instead of Spectra, and whilst he remains a valuable supplier of contraband for the Spectran war effort, his abortive attempt at joining the big boys put him in both Zoltar's and Chief Anderson's bad books. Not a good place to be. Note: I made up the bit about Doom's family being killed. Also, where did he get that outfit? At the Interplanetary Red Cross Thrift Shop?

Agent S-9
Cousin to Zoltar and Mala, S-9 is one of Spectra's more competent and dangerous operatives. She managed to capture Princess and Keyop on one occasion, but failed to trick them into revealing themselves as G-Force members.

Dr Benjamin Strecker (deceased)
Ben Strecker (I made up the first name) was Anderson's best friend and a colleague at Galaxy Security. He left under a cloud after Anderson pulled the plug on his research into "Tronic Beams." Deeply hurt by what he perceived as Anderson's betrayal, Strecker went over to Zoltar and build the "Space Spider" which created a devastating drought that ravaged Stellar City on Earth. During his work with Spectra, an accident in the laboratory cost Strecker an eye. Angered and blaming Anderson for his circumstances, Strecker attempted to expose G-Force's civilian identities. He failed, then Anderson used his familiarity with Strecker's work to allow G-Force to defeat the "Space Spider." Humiliated and realising he had nowhere left to go but a Federation prison cell, Strecker went down with his ship and was killed.

Ing and Harek
They were never given actual names in the series, but let's call them Ing and Harek, the blundering flunkies who provide the comic relief obligatory to most 1970s Tatsunoko anime. Ing and Harek consider themselves the two unluckiest soldiers in the Spectran Armed Forces. Of course, they aren't really. The unluckiest soldiers are dead. Ing is the tall one with the weird facial hair, while Harek is the shorter stout one. These morons can't pull a trick, but they keep cropping up in positions of responsibility. Since Zoltar claims he is surrounded by imbeciles, Ing and Harek probably don't really stand out in the crowd.


Gunnery Sergeant Miles McAllister - Administrative Officer, Office of the Chief of Galaxy Security
Miles McAllister was invalided out of the Marine Corps after being wounded in the line of duty. After extensive rehabilitation, he returned to duty as David Anderson's principal administrative officer, based at ISO Exec. Miles runs a tight ship and is an expert at knowing what he is and isn't supposed to see and hear. Miles is married to Angela Rowan-McAllister and they have twin daughters, Emily and Dana (4.)

Dr Kate Halloran, MD - Chief Medical Officer, Galaxy Security
Kate Halloran is a consultant physician and surgeon. She is Galaxy Security's Chief Medical Officer. Her husband Bob is Director Special Projects, having started out as senior neurosurgeon with the G-Force project. Kate is a diminutive woman with nerves of steel who isn't afraid to stare down senior field operatives or order Jason to submit to his regular medical exam. Both Kate and Bob Halloran went to college with David Anderson. They have four children: twins Andrew and Deirdre (16), Frances (14) and Eleanor (12).

Dr Roland "Roly" Galbraith - Deputy Chief of Galaxy Security
Rory Galbraith is a hard nosed, competent military intelligence analyst. He has little field experience but is possessed of formidable academic qualifications in his chosen field of Psychology.

Jack Lewindowsky - Director Counter Espionage, Galaxy Security
Jack Lewindowsky is one of those very experienced field operatives who has risen through the ranks by the sweat of his brow (and the blood of his enemies.) He reports directly to David Anderson and has a competent team under him. He's a bit of a lad and fancies himself as a charmer. If he ever asks himself why he's been married (and divorced) four times he could possibly spend less on lawyers.

Deidre Kelly - Director Intelligence, Galaxy Security
This character currently under development.

Dr Robert Halloran, MD - Director Special Projects, Galaxy Security
Bob Halloran was David Anderson's room-mate while they were both undergraduates at Harvard. Bob married Kate Richardson, whom he met in medical school. The three of them, along with the cruelly named Greg Gregg, all chose careers in Galaxy Security. (Dr Gregg was discharged from the service after having been compromised. Spectran agents kidnapped his daughter Amanda, who was subsequently rescued by G-Force.) Bob is a neurosurgeon by trade and collaborated with Anderson on the design and application of the cerebonic implants that give G-Force their unique abilities.

Professor Ian Winters - Science Director, Galaxy Security
Although newly appointed to the post in November 2162 following the untimely death of Dr Bert Umzabe, Professor Winters is not a newcomer to the upper echelons of Galaxy Security. He was Bob Halloran's predecessor as Director Special Projects. Ian Winters is a cyberneticist, specialising in nanotechnology. His wife Evadne is a cybernetic systems engineer.

Theodore O'Hara - Director Internal Security, Galaxy Security
Ted O'Hara is a quiet, dapper man who does his best to keep a leaky ship afloat. The leaky ship in question is Galaxy Security's Internal Division. ISD is responsible for watching the watchers as well as providing protective services and site-based security for various Galaxy Security and ISO installations not already covered by other services (eg: Army, Navy, Air Force, Cosmic Patrol.) While O'Hara has achieved good results in the areas of protective services and site security (the former somewhat better than the latter) his track record at detecting and preventing defections is fairly abysmal. This is due in part to a reluctance to work with the mercurial Jack Lewindowsky, whose style is almost diametrically opposed to O'Hara's.

Shane Cheng - Director Corporate Services, Galaxy Security
Someone has to be responsible for payroll, human resources, support services, supply, public relations, infrastructure and finance. Shane Cheng is the man. His Division of Corporate Services keeps everyone paid, clean, fed, watered and taxed.

Laureli Kane - First Lady of the Intergalactic Federation of Peaceful Planets
The woman behind the man. Laureli Kane is fiercely protective of her husband's power, position and status. David Anderson made himself a powerful enemy when he effectively Shanghaied the ISO Council, forestalling Earth's surrender during the Van Allen Belt incident. The First Lady feels that Anderson is a potential challenger for the role of President, and with another two elections to contest, she is keeping an eye on the Security Chief for anything she can use against him should it become necessary.

Julia D'Castro - Vice-President of the Intergalactic Federation of Peaceful Planets
A political ally of both Alex Kane and David Anderson. D'Castro is a pragmatist: her son Graham is an officer with the Cosmic Patrol and she wants the war won as soon as possible. She resents Laureli Kane's influence on the political scene and isn't above giving Anderson a heads-up if she thinks it's needed. She's also a politician, and as such, she isn't above cutting Anderson loose and/or sticking a metaphorical knife in his back, either. With friends like these...

Daniel Xiao - Councillor (Earth) Intergalactic Federation of Peaceful Planets
Who needs enemies? Daniel Xiao is one of Anderson's political opponents. He doesn't like Anderson's style, which, admittedly, can get on people's nerves. Councillor Xiao is a firm believer in the principles and ideals of democracy and like Laureli Kane, he feels Anderson is a threat to the authority of the Federation Council, and a potential political player of note. Xiao feels that it's the job that's important, not the man, and would like to see Anderson out of the way sooner rather than later.

Walter Conway (deceased) - former Chief of Galaxy Security
The formidable Walter Conway held the reins of Galaxy Security for twelve years. During this time, he established much of the infrastructure that both supports and plagues our protagonists. In 2158, the irascible Security Chief was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour. He told no-one, but stayed at the helm long enough to hand over to his chosen successor, David Anderson. In late 2160, when the cancer started to erode at Conway's ability to serve, he wrote out a letter of resignation, left it on his desk, repaired to Camp Parker and shot himself on the shore of the lake that bears his name.

Darrell MacNamara - Mayor of Center City
It can't be easy trying to keep a big city running when organisations like the ISO flaunt the rules and appear to do whatever they like regardless of what the civic authorities try to enforce in the way of by-laws, regulations and building codes. Darrell MacNamara is an ambitious politician in a city where local government isn't high on anyone's agenda unless they're in local government. He doesn't think much of the ISO and the feeling is mutual. Anderson regards MacNamara as a political nuisance, but one that has to be appeased to a point.

Dr Lillian O'Rourke - Scientific Advisor to the President
Politicians need advisors and Lillian O'Rourke has worked her way up the ladder. As it happens, she was engaged to David Anderson for almost two years while he was still Deputy Chief of Galaxy Security but broke the relationship off about a year before the war on the grounds that it was only possible to have a successful marriage if both partners were actually present. Lily O'Rourke doesn't play second fiddle to anyone, not even Galaxy Security.

Major (later Lt Col) Alberta Jones - Internal Security
Al Jones starts the 2163 arc as officer in charge of Chief Anderson's personal security detail. She coordinates a team of twelve protection agents whose job it is to safeguard the person of the Chief of Galaxy Security twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Jones makes the worst coffee in the known galaxy. After A Tourist's Guide to Brobdingnag, Jones takes up the position of Security, Liaison and Protocol Officer to the Chief of Staff while her former 2IC, Shay Alban, takes over as Personal Security Coordinator in charge of the protection detail

Captain (later Major) Shay Alban - Internal Security
Shay Alban is 2IC David Anderson's personal security detail. She is her commanding officer's best friend, confidante and the voice of reason when Jones gets herself flustered. Extremely competent with small arms, hand to hand combat and an expert markswoman, also a very good preceptor. Shay Alban's preferred coping method when stressed is to find something that needs shooting, and shoot it.

Lt Joshua Maxwell - Internal Security
The longest serving member of Anderson's security detail. Maxwell is dependable, reliable and will always step into the breach when needed. He is the soul of discretion. He is not blatantly outstanding at anything in particular, but is competent across the board. A solid all-rounder, he is trusted by his colleagues and his superiors alike.

Lt Ray Bairstow - Internal Security
A hard worker and opportunist, Ray Bairstow is a good protection officer and is the best on the team at first aid and emergency treatment. He will take bets on just about anything. He is the team "scrounger," and if anything is needed that can't be obtained through channels, Bairstow is the man to ask -- just as long as Jones doesn't find out about it.

Lt Francine Patrick - Internal Security
At the tender age of twenty two, Fran Patrick is well aware that she's the youngest member of her team and has the potential for a stellar career in Galaxy Security. She trains hard and long in order to be the best she can. She has several belts of various colours in martial arts disciplines and has won Judo tournaments. She is currently dating Jason on a fairly regular basis.

Lt Terry Falcone -Internal Security
The newest member of Anderson's personal security detail, Falcone fancies himself a badass protection agent. Whilst he is extremely competent and is an expert hand to hand combat trainer and marksman, his personality leads to numerous minor clashes with Jones.

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