A Christmas Wish by G2girl

This fic is slightly different then most I have read. Though the Gatch characters are mentioned, the last one has since passed on. Still for whatever reason, young CJ story needed to be wrote.

Take a chance and find out what happens to a young boy, who after spending about a whole six months living in his car with his mother, gets to go to an auction of his dreams. See how even his Christmas wish can come true.


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Story Notes:

This fic was actually my third started one. Hopefully now that it is complete, the other two will follow in line.



1. Chapter 1 by G2girl

2. Chapter 2 by G2girl

3. Chapter 3 by G2girl

4. Chapter 4 by G2girl

5. Chapter 5 by G2girl

6. Chapter 6 by G2girl

Chapter 1 by G2girl
Author's Notes:
This is my story of a young boy, finally getting a chance to see what a true Christmas is like. In his life that is.
It was the month of December , and I had finally convinced my mother to drive to a warmer town. The air here in my town had become so brutely cold and since we had been kicked out of our apartment I wasn't looking forward to another long month in this chilly weather. Besides the big auction was going to be taking place in Utoland and mom had promised me that we could go. I knew that we didn't have any money to purchase any of the items that would be sold , but it would be such a great Christmas present to even be able to lay my eyes upon such prize items. A warm winter breeze during the night never sounded bad either.

Forgive me for not introducing myself, my name is Condor Joe, CJ for short. No, I am not the great warrior that fought the evil forces of Galactor. I was given this name because my mother had always admired the group of young warriors, and thought it was a way to pay tribute to them. Maybe now I will get my chance to at least look upon the items that they had once carried into battle. You see, it has been about two or three decades since the final battles, and now that all of them have since passed away I'm afraid that I won't get another chance to view an auction.

I slipped out of the side door of our dilapidated SUV and ambled over to the alley a few feet away. Slowly I strolled down it, till I found a safe place to relieve myself. Just as I felt relief, a cat flew out from behind my chosen spot. Poor cat, although I could not help, but to laugh. Mom was up, and waited till I got in, to go to the auction.

Making our way through the people there, almost proved to be disastrous. I could tell by the look in my mothers eye that she felt it was almost pointless, considering that we could never afford anything there, still she let me continue to struggle with the increasing crowd. I did however notice a well dressed man seemed to keep his eye on me, ever since we pulled up to the outer parking area. Just as I was about to pick up my first item, he approached.

" Son, I can't help but to notice the look in your eyes as you view every item. Is there something that I can help you look for?"

I felt a little ashamed about the worn close and dirty face that I must of had, so I pulled back from his fine suit and clean hand.

" It's okay boy, I don't have any intention of doing you no harm. Please forgive me, my name is Jerry."

The man that stood before me, seemed to have an honest face and kind eyes. So I finally spoke. " Howdy sir, my name is CJ. It's a pleasure to meet you."

The two of us exchanged a handshake,and he spoke up again. " Are you hungry ? If you are, you can go get your momma, and the two of you could join me for dinner."

I thought about trying to tell him that I wasn't, but as I opened my mouth, my stomach growled extremely loud. " I guess a bite to eat couldn't hurt. I'm just afraid that I will miss out on my only chance to view such treasured items."

Jerrys eyes filled with a gleam as he spoke " Oh I can see what you mean, but I promise you that you won't miss a thing by having dinner with me. Now if your willing to accept, then I think you should go get your momma."

I rushed off through the crowd to the spot that my mom said she would wait for me. When I approached her, she noticed the flushed look upon my face from trying to make my way through the crowd. " CJ, are you okay, whats the matter with you? You look flushed."

I grabbed my mom by the hand and tried to pull her in the direction of the gentleman that I had just spoke to. " Come on mom, we have a very nice dinner invitation, and I for one, want to accept it."

She walked with me, but all the way she cautioned me to not be to friendly with strangers. When we met back up with Jerry, they both introduced themselves to each other. Just as they had said their pleasantries, a fight broke out and knives were drawn. The crowd seemed to try to separate, but no matter what, we always wound up in the center of it. When the gun was pulled, it was Jerry that took us by the arm, and worked his way out of the crowd. With a look of relief and gratitude my mom decided to take Jerry up on his offer.Then we slowly walked to dinner.

Shortly after exiting all the ensuing battles Jerry spoke up. " Leave it to the roughhousing gang from the south side of town. Only they would mess up a charity auction of this magnitude." He huffed rather loudly and turned to us changing the conversation." So Evalene, your son tells me that you just got into Utoland. Is that correct?"

" Ah yes Jerry, that is true. You see at my last job, the company downsized. My job just so happened to be one that was no longer needed, and cut."

" Such a shame to hear that, but I am glad that you have come here to Utoland. It is a very peaceful and warm place. "

When we all arrived at Jerrys house, mom and I found it to be like a large mansion. Also it seemed that Jerry was a rather easy person to talk to, and we both found ourselves to be very open with him. It wasn't long before Evalene and I told him about all of our mishaps with the last town, and how we hoped that Utoland would provide a safer environment for us.

I even told Jerry what the CJ stood for. When that was said, Jerry was almost swallowed up by his own smile.

Chapter 2 by G2girl
Once dinner was served, the conversation slowed down quite a bit. The food on the table appeared to continually refill itself, even though I could see that it was Jerry's servants. One thing that I had found to be a little strange was the fact that Jerrys servants seemed to really want to work for him. They all looked to have smiles across their faces and spoke in pleasant tones. That was something that my own mother had never said about her own job. While we had started to eat our dessert of chocolate creme pie, Jerry thought he would inquire about his guest sleeping arrangements.

Evalene slowly stammered as she tried to find the right words. " I'm sorry Mr. ? I mean Jerry. My boy and I never want to be a burden on anybody, and I do want to get him back to the auction. For you see, I haven't been able to afford to buy him any real gifts in a long time. This auction was the one thing that he asked for. Even if we cannot buy anything, I feel that I should try my best to make his Christmas special."

Jerry put his fork down on the table and intertwined his fingers in front of him. " If I can promise you that he will have an excellent Christmas, will you be my guest?"

Mom and I both looked at each other , not quite knowing how to respond to this offer. Finally I gave mom a silent nod and she reluctantly accepted his offer, but not before asking one question " Jerry, you hardly know my son and I. What makes you want to show us this kindness?"

Before he spoke Jerry stood up and motioned for his guest to follow him into the living area. In here, there was a fire softly burning. All of the couches look to be so comfortable and cozy. I quickly chose a spot next to the fire and curled up on the couch. Staring into the flames I listened while Jerry spoke. Somewhere in all this I imagined the flames to be the firebird of the great warship the Phoenix.

Jerry sat down in a leather recliner that had the appearance of being well used. As he turned towards his guest, he once again smiled at the young lad staring so intently at the flames.

" I'm sorry if I have come on too strong today. It's just that when I saw your son and the way that he looked at the items in the auction. It almost made me cry. I couldn't help but to think of my own family, they have all now but disappeared. So I was hoping, that maybe, if I could just chat with the two of you for a bit I could possibly convince you to stay until at least Christmas. There would be nothing that you would have to do, except for maybe provide this aging man with a bit of conversation. These walls do get rather lonely sometimes. "

Evalene about jumped out of her chair with thoughts that this man had just tried to insinuate something. Seeing the look that his last comment gave her, he quickly tried to explain himself.

" I really don't mean that in any bad way, I would really just love to have a friend here this holiday season."

I quickly sparked at the thought of Christmas here, and begged my mother to stay with Jerry. At least it was a warm and comfortable house, with running water. Besides who knew what was in store for us, since he had promised to make it worth their while for missing the rest of the auction.

Mom promptly removed herself from the room to use the bathroom. I think it was a chance for her to get away from me to try and think clearly. I'm not sure what made her return a little less reserved, but she seemed to sink into her chair like a weight had been lifted. Finally she replied to Jerry in a slow but less reluctant tone.

" I guess the boy and I could stay here for a few days, considering I don't know much of anywhere else to go and I do need an address to get a job." Besides, seeing the way that her boy looked upon this gentleman, plus the sound of a warm and comfortable place for Christmas made her heart fill with warmth.
Chapter 3 by G2girl
The three of them talked far into the night, till finally young CJ could barely keep his eyes open. Once the cobwebs filled my brain, there wasn't much time before the two adults felt the same calling. Evalene tried to wake up me up, so I could walk to the bedroom, but all attempts had failed rather miserably.

Jerry walked over to where the young boy had fallen asleep and motioned to Evalene. " Here, why don't I carry the lad up to the room and you could follow us."

Evalene agreed, and the trio made their way up the winding stairwell. Once the guest were settled into the cozy room, Jerry made his exit towards his own room.

Lights dark and the room quiet, mother snuggled close to her child and thanked God that the immediate future looked bright.

The morning sun broke through the drawn curtains and woke up both of us. Amazingly we awoke with a smile, for this was the first day, in a long time, that the night had been upon a dry soft bed. Suddenly we heard a voice from the hallway.

" Breakfast will be in an hour, feel free to use any of the facilities that you need to."

Mother and child got themselves ready for breakfast and the rest of the day to come.

During their morning meal Jerry spoke up " I would like to take the two of you shopping today for whatever items that you might need."

My eyes lit up while mothers looked a little strange. " I really don't want to be a burden to you Jerry, my son and I could get by with everything that we have."

Jerry saw the look of pride in Evalenes eyes and tried to assure her that there was nothing to be ashamed about. " I'm sure that you and CJ would do just fine with all that you have. It's just that I was hoping that if I could do this one thing for you, then you might be able to help me decorate this old house of mine. It is almost Christmas, and this house is to hard to finish without help. "

After his comment, he saw Evalenes look ease up, and a smile appeared across her face. The rest of the day, and days to come, was filled with laughter and joy. Finally it was Christmas Eve. Soon the truth of who their great friend, and provider, would be revealed.
Chapter 4 by G2girl
The house smelled of all the good things that I had remembered from my early years, before my father had left. Even the gingerbread and fudge wafted up to my room. Running downstairs I had forgotten that I was only a guest here and quickly grabbed for a setting piece of chocolate fudge. I heard my mother gasp, and the next sound was from Netty the maid. A smile played on her lips as she expertly pulled the plate out of reach. " Not now my young CJ, first you must eat your breakfast, then we shall discuss the fudge."

Sitting at the table there was a slew of food in front of us. There was sausage, eggs, bacon, pancakes, and even hot coffee cake. I found it hard to control myself.

Jerry sure new all the best ways of passing the day by. We went Christmas caroling and sipped on hot cider till our fingers thawed from the extended time spent out in the cool crisp air. Only once did he take some time out to go on his own trip. Something about placing items at his families grave site. I had tried to get momma to ask if we could go, but she said that it wouldn't be right. So we went shopping in town, hoping to find a special gift for our new friend.

As the night sky began to make it's presence known, the three of us settled down in the living area. I chose my now special place by the crackling fire. It wasn't too long before all the servants came into the living quarters. Settling down, they too took a spot amongst us. It was a rather calm and joyous time.

Close to ten pm , my mother suggested that I take myself up to bed. I only felt a little saddened as I took my tired body upstairs in anticipation for the following day.

When I awoke on Christmas morning, I eagerly ran down the flight of stairs. The presents below the tree were the most that I had ever seen. Yeah I know that most modern kids would laugh at the size of the "loot" , but to me it was a treasure.

When my momma and Jerry entered the living room the ripping began. I couldn't believe my eyes. I saw things from the auction that I had only hoped of ever seeing, let alone owning. Now I had both. What I wasn't expecting was what would happen even later that day.

It wasn't till after the three of us had Christmas dinner with the staff that Jerry said he had a few more gifts for me. Smiling wide I couldn't help but to plead with him on their whereabouts. After a quick chastising from my mother at being a little too "greedy", Jerry began to take us to a different part of the house then we had even known existed. When he removed a picture from the wall, and punched a secret code into the security pad below it, I couldn't believe my eyes. Just what type of gifts would be held in such secrecy?

On the other side of the moving wall was a short hallway that lead to another door, tightly locked. In a few moments Jerry had the last door opened and I saw a faint light emitting from the room. Once we three entered, and the door was shut behind us, a brighter light was turned on . In front of me was the greatest items I would ever lay my eyes upon. For the room was filled with items from the mighty Gatchaman team.

After the drool slowed from the corners of my mouth, and my mothers gasp and verbal words like "Oh My" quieted, we turned towards Jerry wide eyed.

His eyes were laughing in an almost Santa type of way. When he spoke up his words caught us even more off guard. " Please forgive me, on this massive of a surprise but I needed to be sure of your character. For you see my full name is Jerry Kenzaburo Nambu. The last living relative of the Gatchaman family. I will tell you more of my story in a bit but first I want you, CJ, to pick two items from this vast display. They shall be your special Christmas present from me.

Tears had began to form in my eyes as I stared at the greatest treasures in all the world. " How can this be, I know I had seen some of these things at the auction."

"Now , now, young CJ. I said I would tell you more , but first I want you to chose your two most treasured things."

Hearing Jerry's words, I slowly looked over all the items. Picking up a few things here and there I found the two things I wanted most. In my left hand I held one of the famous feather shurikens and in my right I held the sonic boomer rang. I felt almost powerful holding these items. When Jerry asked if these were the two things I had wanted I could only find the ability to nod.

So the three of us, began our return to the comfy living room with a blazing fire.
Chapter 5 by G2girl
I could barely contain my glee as my fingers ran over and over the texture of the rang and shuriken. In my mind I could picture each item being used in the vast many battles that the now lain heros had fought. It even took a brief moment for Jerry to catch my attention to his families story.

He began by telling us of his mother, who had been through an extremely rough life before meeting up with his fathers family. He spoke of her trials with drug addictions and even prostitution. I must of look wide eyed to beat hell, because he stopped briefly to ensure me that it was only because of her own upbringing that lead her into that. After she had been caught stealing food from the local hangout, also known as Juns Joint, The owner felt sorry enough for her that she didn't press charges, the only thing she felt was necessary was rehabilitation.

A few months in there, and his mother Rhea was released. One thing that laid heavy upon her mind was to make restitution to Juns Joint. She was ecstatic to get a job in such a happening place. Along with the earned money she finally began making, her eyes became starry whenever she happened to wait on Juns family. There happened to be four young males, two of which really caught her attention. After much trying, she seemed to fail at every attempt. Each time though, the chosen gentleman would be kind, proving to be a battle for even them.

Finally my mother met my father, it was after an extremely close call mission and the Doctors nerves were frayed to what seemed to be beyond repair. Mom seemed to know how to handle such an uptight man, and spent the next twelve hours in his private quarters. Nine months later I was born.

Now dad finally came to his senses (as he called it), and did everything to discourage my mother from continuing to live in the area. It was only after I was mentioned, and later blood testing, that made him change his mind. Too bad, he still wanted nothing to do with her, it was more of a "duty" to him to take care of me. My mother overdosed on drugs when I was only two and my world hasn't been the same since.

See, when I was born, my dad did all he could to keep my identity a secret from the rest of my family. Said something about how it was for the security of our world, that no one knew of me or at least that I was his. Shortly after my mothers death,I went to live with him for the first time.

Imagine my fathers dismay at trying to raise an all ready opinionated child. It wasn't long before I was spending all but one month with each member of the team. First I was shipped to my sisters house. It was there, that I felt like I had the most stability. Jun would always try to pamper me, and encourage me to try new things. She never knew that it was her cooking that was the scariest thing to attempt. I would also be there the longest cause Ken and Jinpei each claimed that their time with me was when I was with her. Sometimes even Ryu would use a little of his time with her too.

When I would go and live with Ryu, we mostly worked on a fishing pier. Some days we would be on the great seas till the end of his "shift". I found it to be relaxing to be out there with him and his fellow sea mates. It was the best though when Jinpei could join up, he always found ways to get us in trouble.

Time with Joe was always an experience. He would travel the racing circuit, and it was with him that I learned more about the birds and the bees. Except the time I walked in on Jun and Ken. Joe even had a stripper babysit me once in a hotel room. I was probably around ten and she was drunk, needless to say, he pleaded with me to not tell my father. Little did he know, that there was no fear of that, for I had just had the time of my life.

Jerry was so deep in past memories that he barely heard my mothers own gasp, at his latest revolution. When he did come back to us, cheeks bright with embarrassment, he quickly changed his direction.

So you see, thats what it was like growing up with a family like mine. It has been something that I never will forget, and I'm so happy to be able to have shared it with you.

Mother seemed glad when he had finished he in depth insight. Still she asked one more question " So did your brothers and sisters ever have any families of their own?"

Jerrys eyes began to get a little misty as he replied. "No, not a single one did. They all blamed it on the war, said they didn't want to have any potential targets in further wars. It's a shame though, I would have loved to have had someone more around my age, in this family."

We continued to chat well into that Christmas night, so long that I had fell asleep on the chair with my two greatest gifts tucked tightly beside me.
Chapter 6 by G2girl
The next day Jerry took my mom and I to his families grave site. We spent most of the time in silent thoughts and prayers.

Next we went to a cabin on the edge of a cliff, high above the ocean. Jerry turned to my mother and spoke. "I have brought you here to this cabin and offer it to you. You and your boy, have shown me that the rest of the world can be trusted in at least small doses."

Understanding his full intent my mother agreed, and for many years we spent our holidays with our new family.

Many years have passed since those days spent with Jerry at his house. Now I am the one to hold the yearly auctions for charity and maybe someday I too will find someone to fill my life with.

This is Condor Joe, CJ for short, saying that even the hardest Christmas wishes can be answered.

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