Gentle Caresses by Ebonyswanne
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It's strange the things that stand out in your mind after a long tiring day saving the world from evil...The lonely place of leadership haunts me this night because of her.
A delicate white gloved hand pulling out a deadly yo-yo to strike down an enemy with strength that many men would envy. Later those same delicate fingers caressing my face because she was worried about me... I know I made light of her tears and angry fists on my chest, but then for a second...she touched my face...and pushed away from her for fear of what it was doing to me... I wanted to take her in my arms and reassure her I was alive and well and knew full well what I was doing out there... Closing my eyes I still feel her touch, a long slender finger running down my cheek.

A millisecond between us felt like a lifetime to me.

Catching my breath I pretend to not notice the silky touch of her glove sending my blood racing through my veins and a longing for more of her gentle caresses in another place and time where nothing stood in our way.

 A dull ache many hours later still rests in my heart and soul from that single gesture of affection.

Does she know she has that effect on me?

Making love to my soul with a single light touch of her hand...Maybe not... One day...I pray, I'll tell her just how much her touch really means to me...

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