A Dark and Stormy Night by Candi Gomez
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Story Notes:

I've had this little tale rattling around in my head for a while, but it didn't fit easily into the main Alpha & Omega storyline. So I decided to post it separately and answer the Dark and Stormy Night Challenge while I was at it. :)

This occurs just after Ch. 10 of Alpha & Omega, and well before Ch. 11 begins.

Author's Chapter Notes:

Joe belongs to his owners, Emiko belongs to me.

May post this anywhere, anywhen as long as due credit is given.

It was a dark and stormy night.

She stood on the roof of the ISO building, oblivious to the wind that tore at her black raincoat. Her mind brooded over the events of the past few days.

I get caught pick pocketing –which hasn’t happened in ages- by someone who decides to help me instead of throwing me to the cops, find a cousin –second cousin- I didn’t know existed, am welcomed by his foster family, and I’m told that I can save his life just by being me. Oh, and did I mention he’s Gatchaman? She shook her head. Too much. Now the question is: where do I go from here?

The hood fell back as she ran her left hand through her hair. This is a good place to advance myself. I bet that by the time I’m thirty, I could be running the joint. She gazed out over the city. I could rule where I once cowered. These fat cats…they’d have no idea what hit them.

But…Joe. And Jun. Ryu. Jinpei. I told them what I’ve done, how I’ve lived. And they’ve accepted me.

I’ve committed so many crimes, hurt or killed so many people. And not to protect the world or help others. I grew up with the reports, the newscasts. The KNT always fought for what was RIGHT.

And I don’t even understand what that means.

She looked at the horizon. I do know something: Everything I did for myself never filled the empty spaces in my heart. But just being here…being here. Living with their kindness, their love, feeling it, absorbing it. Just a few days, and some of the emptiness is gone. What would happen if…if I tried to do what…what is…right? Tried to learn what is right?

A pale silvery light suddenly shone down. Looking up, she saw a break in the clouds. A few stars shown through, and the brighter light no doubt meant that the moon was just out of sight.

Grandma, you tried. You tried to teach us what’s right and wrong, good and evil. And you always said to learn it for ourselves, not for you.

So that’s what I’ll do. For you, and for me.  

“Emiko!” The male voice called from the rooftop door. “Come in! It’s insane out here!”

She smiled to herself. “Coming, Joe!”

As the door shut behind them, the clouds closed again. And, briefly, the windblown rain took on the shape of dark wings.

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