Unused 'Gatchaman' Episodes by UnpublishedWriter
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Story Notes:
The folks at Sandy Frank Productions adapted the episodes sent them by Tatsunoko. Yes, that's why they're not in the 'Science Ninja Team Gatchaman' order. And why some weren't adapted at all.
13. The Mysterious Red Sand
19. Speed Race From Hell
20. A Challenge For the Science Ninja Team
28. The Invisible Devil
29. Gallack X, the Demon Man
34. The Evil Aurora Operation
38. The Mysterious Mechanized Jungle
50. Trachadon, the Dinosaur Skeleton
56. The Bird Missile of Bitterness
64. A Christmas Present of Death
66. The Devil’s Fashion Show
78. Mortal Combat! 5000 Fathoms Under the Sea
81. Duel on Galactor Island
82. Aim at the Crescent Coral Reef!
85. That’s G-4
94. Angler, the Electric Devil Beast
102. A Reversal! Checkmate X!
103. G-2 Risks Death
104. The Evil Grand Black Hole Operation
105. Earth’s Destruction! 0002
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