The Antoid Army (#10 The Great Underground Monster War) by Candi Gomez
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Story Notes:

Apologies for any glitches. The tape I originally had this ep on was old, and some faults wound up on the disc. (Come to think of it, all my GoS tapes are old. That’s why I transferred the shows to disc in the first place.) Anyway, this one was worse than most, and some of the words were hard to make out.

The Antoid Army (#10 The Great Underground Monster War)

The ants go marching one by one. Hurrah, hurrah!The ants go marching one by one. Hurrah, hurrah!The ants go marching one by one,The little one stops to have some fun,And they all go marching down beneath the earth. 

Yes, it’s that ep.

Apologies for any glitches. The tape I originally had this ep on was old, and some faults wound up on the disc. (Come to think of it, all my GoS tapes are old. That’s why I transferred the shows to disc in the first place.) Anyway, this one was worse than most, and some of the words were hard to make out.

Pan over the city with all the buildings and cool neon stuff.

Ace-as-narrator: “When night falls over the city, things really change. People leave their offices and go home from work. Kids get out of school, and nightlife picks up in discotheques and clubs. Agatha June, one of our G-Force teammates, has a little snack bar, and one night not too long ago, she threw quite a little party for herself. Yessiree, that was quite a night, because it was also the night that we first found out about one of Galactor’s most terrible plans.”

And the scene focuses on Aggie’s snack bar.

The power goes off. As the disco ball goes out, a voice says, “Hey, Aggie, what’s going on?”

Aack! Cardboard drum backbeat!

More voices call out as the camera pans over the crowd.”Hey, what is this? Some kind of joke?” “What is this?” “C’mon! Turn the lights back on!”

Then one idiot woman gets too freaked out and screams. (I’ll be charitable here; maybe she’s been hearing about Galactor on the news and panicked. It’s still too early in the war for people to be accustomed to everything, or realize G-Force has the better win record.) Suddenly the crowd’s stampeding. “C’mon, let’s get out of here!” Stuff is knocked over. Pewee falls and is stepped on several times, protesting, “Ow! Hey, quit that!”

Aggie is still on the stage. “Pewee, get up here!” He manages to get on stage.

Pan over of the blacked-out city…

Ace-as-narrator: “What Pewee and Aggie didn’t know was that electrical power had gone out all over town. That meant no office lighting-“ panning over a car accident “-no traffic signals!”

More traffic accidents. Some cars are using headlights, but having problems regardless. Some cars are flaming.

Dirk stops short of one of the accidents. “Uh-oh, this looks bad! I’d better get an ambulance over here!” I assume he’s planning to use his wristband. And I’m having a hard time thinking of how Brighthead would protest without looking like a cold-hearted jerk.

The airport.

“PA 147 approaching Runway 5. We have no runway lights. Tower, repeat, we have no runway lights!” The plane on landing crashes into another, both bursting into flame.

The pilot on the plane wasn’t being foolish; once a plane hits a certain point in its landing approach, it must land. It has gone too far to pull out. (I’m not going into the physics of it; I’m sure there are several pilots who could do better than me, anyway.)

Control Tower: “This is International Airport Control Tower. We have a complete loss of electrical power.” (What about the batteries in that radio? Just saying.) “All runways are temporarily closed. All aircraft continue in your current holding patterns!” (Under these circumstances, the airplanes would be diverted to other, working, airports as quickly as possible.)

Ace is flying in his plane over the airport. “Nothing like this has ever gone wrong at the airport!” Get used to it.

Control Tower (over Ace’s airplane radio): “Unexplained difficulty at the nuclear power plant!”

Overview of the plant.

More cardboard boxes.

The ants go marching two by two. Hurrah, hurrah!
The ants go marching two by two. Hurrah, hurrah!
The ants go marching two by two,
The little one stops to chew right through,
And they all go marching down beneath the earth.

And the ants go marching over and thru the plant.

They’re acid-spraying ants. And that acid eats right through metal and concrete. Down the pipes, tunnels, and conduits they go. Some ants crawl over a flashing red light as an alarm sounds.

Some of the ants destroy a transformer tower while others break into the reactor buildings.

At the airport: “Ace, this is Dr. Brighthead. Big emergency. [We guessed that.] Get G-Force together at once for a briefing!”

Ace: “Yes, sir.” Switching to a shot of Dirk in his car. In the same position as we left him. I guess he just finished calling for the ambulance. “Dirk, this is Ace. Rendezvous in the Phoenix in thirty minutes!” I’m guessing that an ‘emergency briefing’ automatically means on the Phoenix.

Dirk: “On my way!” He turns the G-2 and hits the gas.

At Aggie’s Snack: “Dr. Brighthead wants us for emergency briefing on the Phoenix!”

Both Aggie and Pewee are listening to Aggie’s communicator, and it must be hard for them to hear over the yelling of the freaked-out patrons.

Aggie jumps on her bike. “C’mon, Pewee, you’d better hop aboard.”

“I’m hoppiiiiinnnnnggggg!”

I’m guessing that since Pewee took off alone chasing the Sea Anemone Mech two episodes ago, Aggie grounded him and made him leave his vehicle on the Phoenix.

Hootie wasn’t summoned on-screen. Hopefully, he was called first, since he’s the Phoenix’s pilot.

Stock footage, G-1 docking.

Brighthead on-(small)screen: “We found out that the nuclear power plant was invaded by an army of ants. If G-Force doesn’t stop them from reaching the reactor, radioactivity will leak into the atmosphere. Without electrical power, the entire metropolitan area has been thrown a state of chaos.” (Shown on other small screen.) “You have less than two hours to destroy the ant army, so don’t waste any time! Over!”

Ace: “Over and out!”

I’d say the two-hour limit has to do with a combination of generator capability, especially at hospitals and such, and how long before the plant goes boom.

Now one of the small screens the team sees the power plant area in flames. The scene moves to the actual area. (Who’s taking these pictures?)

Deep, dark, scary music. Than more –gag!- cardboard drums.

The ants go marching three by three. Hurrah, hurrah!
The ants go marching three by three. Hurrah, hurrah!
The ants go marching three by three,
The little one stops to climb a tree,
And they all go marching down beneath the earth.

Another alarm at the plant goes off. Ants are all over the place. A hand reaches up. “Got to get to the speaker.” This poor worker is just covered in ants. (And I hate to think of what their acid is doing to him.) It’s the first really good indication of just how big the bugs are. The worker manages to activate the speaker: “Send a team to Level 3! We’ve been invaded by an army of ants!” He screams and falls.

Explosion at the plant, and the Phoenix appears in the sky.

Bridge of Phoenix:

Ace: “I just don’t get it. What would cause such a massive invasion of insects at a nuclear power station?”

Aggie: “For such little tiny insects they sure pack a wallop when they get together in a gang.”

Hootie: “And I don’t think we have any weapons tiny enough to be of any use against these little guys.” Not to mention a bird missile in the reactor would spread the uranium all over the landscape. And that really wouldn’t be good.

Dirk (with a sly grin): “Instead of us taking care of them why don’t we leave it nature?”

Pewee’s confused. “Huh? What do you mean?”

Dirk points to one of the Phoenix’s small screens. “Well, there’s a lot of strength in that river if we only know how to use it right. Just think of the flood we could make by destroying that dam!”

Ace’s eyes widen. “I get it! We’ll let the flooding river carry all those ants away!”

And I have to say that the Guardians of Space world (and possibly the Gatch world) must have some major league radiation clean-up ability, considering the amount of mechas, bases and whatnot that get blown up on a regular basis and toss radiation around. Apparently, though, radiation in the air is still a concern. And it would explain how fast things got cleaned up after the Van Allen Plan.

Ace contacts Dr. Brighthead. “Dr., we have an idea how we can get rid of the ants, but we’ll have to fire the bird missile.”

Yes, G-Force has to ask permission, too. And later on, mysteriously, they don’t have to anymore.

Brighthead sounds tired. “Go ahead, Ace.”

Ace: “Take aim. Point the missile at the center of the dam.”

Dirk: “Roger.”

The dam is in the Phoenix’s sights.

Ace: “Fire!”

And one blasted dam.

The ants go swimming four by four. Hurrah, hurrah!
The ants go swimming four by four. Hurrah, hurrah!
The ants go swimming four by four,
The little one stops to splash by the door,
And they all go swimming down beneath the earth.


And all the ants go swimming.

Hootie: “Those ants need a raft!”

Aggie: “I think we did it, guys!”

More swimming ants.

Commercial break!

Next morning…

Dramatic music. Cardboard boxes. Pan of ruined plant.

And I’m guessing that the Birdstyles acts as radiation suits if the level’s not too high.

Ace: “We got rid of the ants, but the power plant’s destroyed.” To the others: “Remember, there’s a chance of radioactive leakage, so be careful, team. Besides, there might still be some of those ants around.”

Pause to think about how walking through a radiation-contaminated area is not like walking through the backyard of your neighbor who never picks up after his dog.

And… Aggie gasps. Cue the Swan hugging the Condor.

Dirk (more shocked than pleased): “Hey!” As Ace reaches for his boomerang, Dirk asks: “What is it, Aggie? You’re never scared of anything!” Interesting assessment by G-2.

“Maybe not, but that’s the biggest ant I’ve ever seen!”

Ace picks up the ant. It’s nearly long enough to cover his hands. “It is a big one.” Looking at it closer: “Look! It’s extraordinary!”

Everyone comes in for a close look.

Aggie’s apparently over her fright. “What is it?”

Ace: “It’s mechanical!”

Scene fades from the ant in Ace’s hands to the same ant being examined and all its innards being shown.

Dr. Brighthead voice over: “I’ve never seen anything like the delicate mechanical precision of these ant robots. Just look for yourselves at this specimen!”

Aggie voice over: “Amazing!”

(The GoS writers really liked the voice over. It did give them some interesting opportunities.)

Dr. Brighthead shows pictures on a projector. “I suspect that these almost indestructible little fellows were created just to invade and destroy places like that nuclear power plant.”

Close-up of Ace: “Then it’s Galactor’s plan.”

That’s right. Unusual mechs, incredible destruction, evil intentions, or spilled grape juice, it’s Galactor’s plan.

Brighthead: “No one else would use his scientific knowledge for such evil purposes!” (I’d debate this, since I’d think it’s also a matter of access to resources, but I’ve got a review to finish.) “I want you to ffind the base where these ant robots are made.”

Pewee: “But… do you think they bite like regular ants?”

Hootie: “Yeah, and underground navigation has never been my great strength.” Wait… the G-Force team’s learned how to navigate underground? And most Galactor bases are underground…

Dirk has a small smile on his face and his head cocked to one side. (I love this shot of him and the look on his face!) “Hmm. Well, what if there’s a way we can use Galactor’s ants against him?”

Pewee: “What kind of crazy idea is that?”

Brighthead smiles and nods. “It’s a very good idea.”

Switch a very arid area.

Ace puts the ant on the ground. “Okay, little guy, we’re counting on you.” Shot of looking up at the civvie-geared team, minus Hootie. “If Dr. Brighthead’s figures are right, we can follow this ant all the way to its home.”

Aggie admires the ant while looking at Ace. “For such a small robot, it’s an extremely sophisticated device.” (The ant is kind of cute.)

“Yep,” Ace replies. “Dr. Brighthead says that a small radio wave receptor hidden behind its antennae.” (That’s how he pronounced it, the plural of ‘antenna’. The writers were paying attention in English class.) “So if all goes according to plan, we’ll just follow him until he takes us straight to Galactor’s hiding place.”

As Ace says this, the ant’s antennae go Sproing!

Pewee rubs his nose with a finger. “Wow! I think he’s getting the radio waves!”

Ace: “Yep. This could be a long walk.”

Aggie: “Let’s go!”

They walk after the ant, the Phoenix following. (And I hope it’s well stocked with water bottles and snacks!)

And they walk and walk and walk. The sun goes from high in the sky to beginning to set.

“We’re not made of mechanical parts like that little guy!” Ace sound out of breath.

Dirk notices Pewee sitting. “We got a breakdown over on this side, Ace.” G-2 sounds slightly amused.

Ace reassures Pewee. “It can’t be much farther, Pewee.”

“Anyone would think you didn’t win the physical fitness award in school this year,” Aggie gently teases.

I can see this. The team’s only two or three months into this war, so Pewee could easily have been attending school. And anyone training to beat up soldiers twice his size would excel at normal Phys. Ed., even without using special abilities. Incidentally, this G-Force doesn’t have cerebonics or other ‘enhancements’ anymore than the Science Ninja Team does.

Pewee whines, “Oh, come on Aggie give me a break. The million-mile trudge wasn’t an event I got tested on.”

“We’ve lost the ant!” ace exclaims.

Pewee looks around. “You’re right. It’s gone!”

The team runs in the direction the ant was last headed in.

Upon the Phoenix, Hootie’s bored. Yawning, he says, “They always leave me the most boring job. Huh?”

There are two tall earthen pillars in sight.

And the Phoenix is real subtle, just hovering there.

“Hey,” says Pewee, “If we can’t find the ant, does that mean we can go back in the air-conditioned ship?”

“Not yet,” says Ace. “I think there’s something unusual about those two towers.”

Dirk grins. “Let’s break into ‘em and investigate.”

Ace holds up his hand. “Not yet, Dirk. I think it’s too risky while the sun is still up. It’s just a few hours till nightfall.” The sun’s actually touching the horizon, but if you’re talking about the afterglow –yeah, that can take a while to fade.

But waiting until the full moon has risen doesn’t help the ‘sneaking in’ part much.

The ants go marching five by five. Hurrah, hurrah!
The ants go marching five by five. Hurrah, hurrah!
The ants go marching five by five,
The little one stops to take a dive,
And they all go marching down beneath the earth.


The ants are coming out of the base of the two tall towers. They make a really weird noise.

Ace is peering over the cliff. “What a lucky break!” he whispers. “We stumbled upon the robot ant base!”

Dirk (also whispering): “I say the sooner we investigate, the sooner we can eliminate those pests!”

The team rushes over to the base of the towers.

Whispering, Ace wonders, “Now how are we going to find an entrance large enough for us?”

Never ask something like that.

Cue… The ant-lion trap!

“Hey, what’s happening?” Ace yells.

Pewee: “The ground’s caving in!”

Aggie: “Oh no!”

Ace: “Look out!”

Screams and yells as they get whirled around.

Dirk: “Look out, Ace!”

Aggie’s holding onto Pewee.

Ace: “Get ready to transform, now!” Choking on sand, “All right, everybody!”

“G-Force Transform!”

G-1: Dramatic landing.

G-3: Dramatic landing.

G-2: Dramatic landing.

G-4: On his face.

A voice speaks.

“Well now, if it isn’t G-Force.” Patented Evil Laughter™.

Yep, it’s Galactor’s voice. And it’s the Evil Elizabethan Ant Costume for the wanna-be Shakespearean actor. “We’ve been waiting for you.” No duh, with the Phoenix hanging around earlier. “I regret that you will not be able to visit any other parts of my underground anthill!” Evil laughter (that sounds a bit like Red Impulse…)

Excuse me while I get the ringing out of my ears. My son just got an eyeful of the Ant Costume, and his shriek of laughter was pretty loud.

A goon pulls a switch to summon a plastic dome. And of course G-Force was just standing there…

Ace: “Hey!”

Dirk tries to break out of the dome.

Galactor: “You might as well give up, G-Force. No amount of power can put a crack in that dome! The more you struggle, the more quickly you’ll run out of oxygen, so I suggest that you give up! Sweet dreams.” He bows. “I’m sorry you won’t be around to see my ants rule the world!” Evil Villain Laughter™. And yes, he actually said, “ants rule the world”.

Ace bangs futilely on the dome.

Commercial break!

 A far view of the dome. It has a base in this shot, but as the camera comes closer, the dome’s walls change to go straight into the floor.

The team is clearly running low on oxygen.

“Have to get out.” Ace pulls out his boomerang and tries to cut the dome. Although it makes a ‘chunk’ sound, there is no mark on what seems to be a tough plastic. “All my strength’s gone.”

Pewee gets an idea. “Maybe I can do it, with my handy gunpowder.” He starts putting it into his bolas.

Aggie: “You’re going to blow us all up, Pewee.”

“It’s the only thing that could work,” declares Dirk.

Aggie: “Right.”

“Now let’s all cover up and wait for my magical concoction to work,” says Pewee.



Pewee: “Hey! Will you look at that? It worked!”

Pieces of dome fall with a click and clink.

“And it was my idea! Do I get a promotion for this?”

Cue a very obvious cut, and Red Impulse jets are firing missiles at lots of robot ants.

The ants go marching six by six. Hurrah, hurrah!
The ants go marching six by six. Hurrah, hurrah!
The ants go marching six by six,
The little one stops to chew up bricks,
And they all go marching down beneath the earth.
Red Impulse speaks to his men over the radio. “Remember, men, the orders from headquarters are to use every weapon at our disposal to stop those ants from taking over the city.” The red jets fire more missiles. (Wonder what ‘headquarters’ is?)Lots of explosions and burning ants.Galactor is watching all this on a telescreen. “Those cursed Red Impulse jets. I’ll have to teach them a lesson!” His buck teeth wiggle as he continues, “Those Earthlings will be helpless when I set loose the rather large surprise I’ve been hiding in my lab.”And my daughter’s laughing at the ant costume. What was Galactor thinking?Cut to blue boots (and the rest of G-1) sneaking down a hall.They come to a doorway and see a really really big pupa. There is an ant-shaped silhouette within it.“A giant queen ant!” Aggie exclaims softly.The bridge of the Phoenix:Hootie’s worried: “I haven’t heard from them for so long.” Not that worried, though: “I wonder if I have time to get myself a little snack?” Apparently this Phoenix does have a galley, or at least carries rations. “Hey, what’s going on down there!”“What’s going on” is a very big pupa coming to the surface and a very big ant breaking free of it.“Whoa, that’s weird. Biggest ant I’ve ever seen!” Hootie ducks the Phoenix out of the way as the Queen Ant spits at him. Then the Ant crawls off. “I sure am glad it’s going the other way.”So if the mecha’s the Queen Ant, does that mean Galactor’s the King?Hootie’s communicator sounds. “This is G-1. Come in G-5.”Hootie: “You okay?”Scene switches to G-1: “We’re all fine. I hope you didn’t engage the Queen Ant Robot, though.”Hootie (over communicator): “Are you kidding? No way!”As Hootie is speaking, the scene with the base pans over Aggie (playing with her yo-yo), Dirk, and Pewee –and a lot of green goons on the floor.Ace is speaking. “We’ve disabled” [is that what you call it?] “Galactor’s base down here. Now help us back up.”Hootie: “Right.”The Phoenix raises the four members on a rope. I wonder if Hootie didn’t land in case there were more ant-lion traps around?On the bridge of the Phoenix, Dr. Brighthead is addressing the team. “Thanks to your efforts” [I bet they raided the base’s info files] “I think I’ve been able to discover where those ants are vulnerable. They seem not to mind being attacked by weapons, but they cannot survive prolonged exposure to heat. That explains why they avoid coming out in the sun.”Ace (getting it): “The thing to do is to hit them with high heat levels, right, Doctor?”Dr. Brighthead clears his throat. “That’s right, Ace. Red Impulse Squadron has had good results using flame-throwing missiles.” (Or flaming missiles; the disc was particularly glitchy here.)Ace: “That’s great! Then we should send Red Impulse after the Queen Ant Robot, too.”Dr. B: “No, Ace.” Yes, it’s time for that bright idea. “We’re going to have to harness the power of sunlight to fight that particular creature.”Aggie: “The sun?”Pewee: “But the sun won’t rise for an hour.” True. The sky was just getting light when the Queen emerged.“Dr. Brighthead, we don’t have that much time to spare!” Ace says insistently.Brighthead: “I know it’s difficult, but in this case it’s our only choice.”The ants go marching seven by seven. Hurrah, hurrah!
The ants go marching seven by seven. Hurrah, hurrah!
The ants go marching seven by seven,
The little one sets his acid to eleven,
And they all go marching down beneath the earth.
Switch to the Queen Ant breaking upwards through the street. Random havoc. And that acid it spits seems to be highly flammable.Red Impulse shows up again, the jets firing more flame missiles.Queen Ant’s Bridge:Galactor’s spazzing. “There’s a tunnel not far away where the robot can hid from the heat. Hurry!”Red Impulse jets fire even more missiles. (How many can they carry, anyway?)The Ant enters the tunnel.Red Impulse is not happy. “Tough luck. We can’t get to that Ant if it hides in there!!”Dr. Brighthead: “The Ant Robot has done exactly what we want it to, taken refuge in a tunnel that goes underneath the bay. G-Force, I want you to proceed to the end of the tunnel and wait there for further instructions.” Always fun.Ace: “All right, Doctor. Right away.” The Phoenix zooms off.Hootie: “That big pest is just about to get exterminated.”Pewee alerts the team to the sun rising.Ace: “There has to be something else we can do.”Hootie: “We could step on it, but I don’t think that would help.”Ace asks Pewee for a report from the weather satellite. “A 40% chance of precipitation,” answers Pewee, “And that means a lot of clouds.”Looking grim, Ace says, “Come on out for us, sun. We’re going to need you today.”There’s a view of clouds partially obscuring the sun. (Which has risen pretty darn far for such a short time.)Dr. Brighthead is waiting in a control tower at the end of the river tunnel. An approaching light can be seen within.Bridge of the Phoenix:“All right,” Ace says. “It looks like that Ant’s coming out.”Hootie: “Okay.” He pushes some buttons.Ace: “Hit the light reflector antenna.”It looks like the G-2’s been regulated to the Phoenix’s hold. (Where, on occasion, snowmobiles, ‘escaping’ prisoners, and water purifier will be stored.) In its place is a chunk of equipment that forms a big satellite dish.A wait to raise the dramatic tension…The ants go marching eight by eight. Hurrah, hurrah!
The ants go marching eight by eight. Hurrah, hurrah!
The ants go marching eight by eight,
The little one stops to shut the gate,
And they all go marching down beneath the earth.
Dr. Brighthead looks tense…The Ant…As Ace looks tense, Hootie says, “Here she comes. She doesn’t look happy.”The Ant…Dr. Brighthead: “Now, Ace!”“Reflector in position!” G-1 orders.Zap the Ant! (Weird sound effects.)Inside the Ant, Galactor writhes and screams, “Ahhh! The heat!” Guess he should have installed that air conditioner.Seeing the amount of damage the Ant’s taken, Aggie asks, “Should I turn the reflector off?”“Keep it on!” Ace says grimly.The Ant takes more damage.“Hey, Ace,” says Pewee, “a cloudbank’s on its way!”“Oh, no!” Ace is not happy.Commercial break!The ants go marching nine by nine. Hurrah, hurrah!
The ants go marching nine by nine. Hurrah, hurrah!
The ants go marching nine by nine,
The little one stops to check the time,
And they all go marching down beneath the earth.
On the bridge of the Ant, Galactor orders: “Prepare to lift off at my command!”The Ant grows wings. (Why didn’t they use those before?) And attacks the Phoenix.Bridge of Phoenix:“It’s airborne!” Ace doesn’t sound as surprised as you’d think he be.Here comes the acid. The Phoenix dodges, but the reflector dish on the nose is causing problems.“The air pressure from that reflector panel keeps us from gaining velocity!” Hootie reports.Brighthead: “Get out of there!”The Ant is gaining on the Phoenix. But three jets approach.Hootie: “It looks Red Impulse is going to rescue us!”The Red Impulse jets fire more missiles at the Ant.Red Impulse radios: “Don’t worry, G-Force. We’ve got that Ant under control.”“We read you loud and clear,” Ace answers. “Thanks a lot for helping.”Apparently Dirk’s in a good mood today. He says, “Ace, I suggest deploying the bird missile.”Ace answers: “Dr. Brighthead wants us to wait for the sun to come out.” (And this conversation took place when? Off-screen or something.)Pewee: “And that time… is now!”Triumphant trumpets as the reflector dish kicks back into gear.The Ant fries again. On the bridge of the mech, Galactor snarls: “Curse you, G-Force!” (Galactor should have deployed that thing in Washington State in the winter. Sun would not have been a problem.)All right, sun, this is it, Ace thinks.Dr. Brighthead looks tense.One sun-dried Ant.And one escape ship. On board, Galactor has a hissy fit as his teeth wiggle. “You may think you’ve destroyed me, G-Force, but Galactor doesn’t give up! I’ll get you yet!” He’ll still be saying that 70 eps from now.One exploding sun-dried Ant.Ace cheers: “We did it!”Hootie: “Hooray!”Dr. Brighthead wipes his forehead using his white handkerchief.Red Impulse radios his partners. “All right. We’re going to fall back into formation and head back off to our base.” To the team: “It was nice working with you, G-Force.” He salutes. (Even though they can’t see him.)As the reflector dish is put away, Aggie radios back: “And it was nice working with you, Red Impulse.”Ace sighs in relief. “I don’t think I ever appreciated the sunlight as much as I did today!”Aggie and Hootie shake hands. “We’ve done it again,” he says as Aggie laughs, “And you make working a pleasure!” (Awww, it’s nice to see an Owl appreciated.) JPewee chimes in: “Next time I think we ought to try and get the creature on our own!”“Don’t get ideas!” Dirk would be ruffling Pewee’s hair if it weren’t for the helmet.Dr. Brighthead weighs in his opinion. (And he must be talking over some kind of radio because the team can hear him. “I’d say we owe this victory to cooperation between Red Impulse and G-Force.”Aggie: “True. But don’t forget, there’s somebody else out there -“She’s not going to say it…“-who helped us a lot.”Tell me she’s not going to say it… “Good ol’ Mr. Sun!”She said it. *sigh*The ants go marching ten by ten. Hurrah, hurrah!
The ants go marching ten by ten. Hurrah, hurrah!
The ants go marching ten by ten,
The little one stops to say "THE END"
And they all go marching down beneath the earth.

Pull back to shot of city as the Phoenix flies away, and fade to black.

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