Who Am I by Garnet
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Who Am I?

Keyop looked at the sealed envelope in his hand. He knew that the contents of it could possibly change his life forever, if he dared to open it.

Chief Anderson had given it to him three days ago, and each day since he'd picked it up and looked long at it before laying it back on his desk and finding other things to do. He had not told Garnet about it. He didn't want her curiosity added to his own driving him to do something he really didn't want to and that could cause more harm than good.

Now, here he was again, staring at the this 81/2"X11", brown envelope. What do I do? he asked himself. Part of me wants to know, but part of me is scared that this will change everything. Will knowing what's in here change who I am?

Finally, he could stand the suspense and uncertainty no more. He tore open the envelope and pulled several sheets of paper from within it.

He read through the pages once and then again to make sure he was understanding what they said fully. He then laid them aside and buried his face in his hands.

He didn't know whether to cry, laugh, shout for joy or in anger. All he knew was there, in black and white, on those sheets of paper, was the answer that many had been asking for over 26 years, and that he had been asking since he was old enough to understand that he had not been conceived by two people but created by many. There was the answer to the question that had plagued his entire existence: Who is Keyop Anderson?

When Garnet had finally gotten the twins down for their nap, she had gone looking for her husband. He'd been holed up in their shared office most of the day.

She found him sitting, staring at nothing. "Are you okay?" she asked.

He didn't say anything. He simply handed her the papers. "What's this?" she asked.

"Read it," was his blunt, emotionless answer.

She carefully read through the first page.

Results of genetic testing on subject 00116CM. Name: Keyop Anderson. Age: 25 years, 18 days. Sex: Male.

Subject was believed to be fully human. However, testing has revealed that this is not the case. Subject is 75% human, 12.5% Rigan, 6.5% Spectran and 6.5% various other known Federation races.

This denies all claims by any Federation personnel that this individual is human. What the reasons for this combining genetic material from most of our allies as well as our enemy was or is is unknown at this time.

Once the source races for the subject's DNA was established, it was then possible to match it with the DNA of any Galaxy Security, Inert-galactic Science Organization personnel as well as any DNA currently recorded in any criminal database within the Federation.

The following pages list the matches with all databases. These matches may give some indication of the donors to the creation of this individual or their relatives.

Garnet flipped through the remaining pages. They were lists of names, hundreds of them that had anything from a 99.99999% match to Keyop to those who had as small as a 0.00001% match. She noticed that among those with extremely high matches were Chief Anderson, President Kane and all the members of the Prime team. Also showing a high matching percentage were Cronus and Shai'Kan of Riga. The Spectran DNA had apparently come from a sample from Zoltar himself that had been smuggled out by a Federation under-cover agent.

"So, the secret's out," she said, putting the pages down in her lap.

"...Could say that," keyop answered her dejectedly.

"What's the matter. Aren't you glad to finally know the truth?"

"...Don't know," he answered. "What will everyone think?"

"What do you mean?" she asked in return.

"...Won't they think less of me?"


"...Part Spectran. Part Zoltar's."

"So," she said. "You're not the only part Spectran to become involved with G-Force, and you won't be the last probably. As for the rest, I don't think anyone's going to be surprised by any of it. I know I'm not. The Rigan part doesn't surprise me at all. You have a Rigan Soul, trust me, and we have a Rigan bond. I've talked to Lee and Maddy and I know that what we have is very much like what they have with Cronus and Vo.

"Really, I don't think this document is going to change anyone's opinion of you. All it means is you now know you have more of a family than you'd ever dreamed of, and while some of them are pretty vile, most are wonderful people who would be proud to call you Son, Brother or Nephew just as I'm proud to call you Husband.

"These papers may say what you are, but the don't change one bit of who you are. You were, are and always will be a caring person willing to sacrifice all to save the universe and a good friend and devoted lover and fantastic parent. None of us who know you need a document to tell us who you are."

There were tears in his eyes as he wrapped his arms around her. "...Thank you," he breathed as they held tightly to each other.
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