Gatchaman Episode 37 - Renzilla, the Electric Monster by TransmuteJun
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The dragon's eyes emit beams, and the beams incinerate nearby peaceful mountaintop towns. It looks to me like Katse is trying to obliterate Heidi.

"The legend of Mountaintop Lake has come true, thanks to Galactor's electric monster, Renzilla!" Katse cackles. "However, we are dissatisfied with our creation. It just takes too long to conquer the Earth with nuclear power. Therefore, I'm afraid that we must usurp your research, Doctor."


Katse wants Miwa to supply Renzilla with solar energy. The Galactor can begin a path of destruction that will terrify the entire world!

"You're crazy..." Miwa mutters.


"Say what you may, but soon the world will grovel before Renzilla and Galactor!" Katse promises. "The day has come where Galactor will finally be able to rule the entire Earth!"


"No!" screams Miwa, before a goon knocks him out with a rifle butt to the back of the head. The Doctor slumps to the floor.

Back at Crescent Base, Nambu sums up the moral for the episode, nay, the entire serie. If scientific research can be used to help the Earth, then that is wonderful. However, it can also be used for evil.

Nambu orders the Team to rescue Dr. Miwa immediately. The fate of the world depends on it!


"Besides, that's the least I can do for such a dear old friend." the Doctor adds. Nepotism, thy name is Nambu.

Ken is so moved by this speech that he stands up, offering Nambu his hand as he accepts the mission on behalf of the Team. Nambu is so shocked that he forgets to make his usual prayers for their success, and just shakes Ken's hand.


Cue stock footage of the God Phoenix launching from the Crescent Coral Base.

It seems only a second or two before the God Phoenix is flying over Lake Mountaintop. Ken gasps in awe.


Ryu brings the God Phoenix down to take a closer look. Something glimmers on the lake as they set down, and a goon helicopter passes by the viewscreen.


Completely ignoring the goon in the helicopter, Joe comments that this must be an entrance to Galactor's base.

Ken stands up, telling everyone that the God Phoenix can't get any closer, so they'll have to make their approach in their individual vehicles. And since Ryu's vehicle is the God Phoenix... well, we all know what that means.


Joe agrees, and comments that Dr. Nambu 'improved' the vehicles to accommodate the snow.

"Listen, Ryu, once we land, I want you to cover the God Phoenix with snow." Ken says to the Owl.

"What kind of superhero shovels snow?" Ryu moans.


And Ryu is right to complain. For on this mission, he has less action than... the dog. Yep, that's right. Taro has come along, and is going with the rest of the Science Ninja Team! Ken tells Taro that he has to be their guide.


And the Team is off, going through the snow! And... oh my.... Joe said that Dr. Nambu made 'improvements' to the vehicles, but he has completely redesigned the G-1! Instead of a jet, it is now a snowmobile!



Taro is one fast dog. He is managing to run ahead of the Ninja Team vehicles, and they don't seem to be going extra slow.

Ooh, Ken has a sidecar! Holy Passenger-Carrying-Capacity, Gatchaman!


Everyone speeds through the snow.


And Taro is still in the lead, guiding them on their way!


The Team spots a huge hole in the ground, through which goon helicopters are exiting.


They hide in the snow, and as the hole begins to close, they leap out one by one, Taro in the lead.




Taro is some super St. Bernard! He's flying through the air like a ninja!


Everyone jumps through the hole and into the base.


Taro jumps right onto a goon and viciously kills him.


See? Jinpei was right to be afraid of this dog!

Not content with killing one goon, Taro goes for a second.


Not to be outdone by a dog (even if that dog is the 'special guest star of the week') Ken throws his boomerang and takes out the rest of the goons.


Meanwhile, Miwa is being forced, literally at gunpoint, to draft plans for his solar energy invention.


But he suddenly stops, refusing to construct a prism for such evil! The goons press their guns closer, and Miwa dares them to go ahead and kill him.

But Katse (who can apparently hear everything that goes on in the base) appears on a small monitor on Miwa's desk. He says that Miwa should reconsider, because...

The monitor shows Taro moving through the base, and the Science Ninja Team as well.


"The fate of their lives is in your hands now." Katse threatens.

Meanwhile, unaware that they are being observed, the Team runs down the hall. Ken stops cold and gasps!


He sees Taro reuniting with Dr. Miwa. Jun wonders if it could truly be happening.


Jinpei thinks it could. He rushes forward in excitement... and right into a glass wall.


"No!" Ken screams, running up to the wall.


"Hello, Caped Canaries!" Katse laughs as another glass wall closes behind the Team. The Galactor Leader's voice is coming over some kind of speaker. Joe tries to break down the glass door, to no avail.


"Behold the power of Galactor!" Katse smirks. "We dispose of anything that gets in our way. That goes for your little dog, too!" The last is said in a very 'Wicked Witch of the West' kind of way.

The lights come on from behind the other glass panel, and we see that the Miwa Taro is 'reuniting' with is actually a projection in a glass bubble.

"It's just reflecting the Doctor's image!" Jinpei says.


"Hey, let's see if Slobchops can swim!" Katse says gleefully, as lake water begins to pour into the chamber housing Taro.

It turns out that Taro can swim, but he swirls around as the water gets higher and higher.

Jun is horrified as the water rises.


Ken can't watch as Taro is swept away.


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