Gatchaman Episode 47 - The Devil's Airline by TransmuteJun
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Story Notes:

This is a Gatchamania Episode review. Opinions expressed are those of the author.

This episode review is image intensive.

Gatchaman Episode 47 – The Devil’s Airline



Yep. Leader X is berating Berg Katse.

“What disturbs you this time, Sire?” Katse asks meekly. I guess this is a conversation they’ve had many, many times before…


“Katse, you are the Lord of Galactor, so I will share this with you.” X says, narrowing his eyes.


So what’s the big to-do? Well, X has received word that the ISO is ‘close to perfecting a supercomputer’. Apparently it is capable of storing and processing a thousand times the data of a normal computer. Oooh… so this one can upload videos to Pandora and Youtube while playing online MMORPGs and zipping and unzipping jpeg files? Cool… Big Grin

But it isn’t the idea that the ISO can do this that bothers Leader X. Oh no.

“How can they achieve this before us?” X rants. Yep, he’s jealous. Apparently this war with the ISO is just some bizarre kind of alien one-upmanship competition with Nambu.

“Your anger is understandable, Great Leader!” Katse babbles. Hey, he pretty much has to say whatever X wants him to say, so I don’t blame the guy.

X goes on to tell Katse that this new supercomputer could analyze even the smallest clue Galactor might leave behind. It might discover many of their secret bases!

“Leave this to me, Sire.” Katse says.


Suddenly, we switch to inspection day at the Galactor Barracks.


Oops, no, it’s a briefing from Katse. He tells the goons that Director Anderson will be personally transporting the core device for the supercomputer to the ‘fortified and heavily guarded ISO research center facility’ on the Jetol Plateau.

“Even with all of our power, it will be difficult to infiltrate.” Katse warns.


“So you want us to attack Director Anderson, seize the computer’s core device, and bring it back to you.” a goon repeats. Wow, he got it on the first try! He must have been top of his class at Galactor University.


Katse tells him that he’s correct, and warns the men that the attack must be carried out while Director Anderson is airborne.


Without the core device, the ISO supercomputer is nothing more than scrap metal. Interestingly enough, no one worries that the ISO might have blueprints, or a copy, or a prototype, or could just build it again…

Katse yells at his men, telling them to steal the device.


Meanwhile, it’s the Daily Fish Parade at the Crescent Base, but instead of the usual peaceful music, we have the ‘something exciting is about to happen’ music. And sure enough, Dr. Nambu has called the Science Ninja Team to the Control Room of the Crescent Coral Base.


Yep, one mighty big (and empty) control room, isn’t it?

And this oh-so-high-tech room projects an image onto the screen that looks suspiciously like a slideshow. But I digress. Dr. Nambu is briefing the Team on their latest mission.

Dr. Nambu isn’t showing them a slideshow, it’s a flickering movie! It’s video of the supercomputer ‘that you’ve heard so much about’. And then Dr. Nambu shows them the core device for the computer.


Wow. That sucker is HUGE! I think I’ve seen entire laptops that are smaller than this!

Dr. Nambu explains that the core device is ‘kind of like its brain’. It’s capable of a ‘million times the work of a human brain’.

“A million times? You mean that little thing is a million times smarter than me?” Ryu wants to know. “Fhugeddaboud it!” (Yep, a vague NY accent coming through. Or is that NJ?)


“It’s small because everything on the computer has to be compact.” Nambu explains. “So you can only see details through a microscope.”

Okay, I admit it, Nambu just lost me. You see details on the computer’s core device through a microscope? Since when did microscopes become major parts of computer hardware? And oh yeah, that thing’s not small!

Apparently Jinpei is as confused as I am.


But he bluffs anyway, saying that he ‘gets it’, when it’s clear he doesn’t. And he’s never done that before. Wink

Jinpei asks if Director Anderson is going to transport the device himself.

Nambu confirms this, and repeats the information Berg Katse had: that the core device is being taken to the ISO research facility on the Jetol Plateau. The facility appears to be in the middle of a rocky desert, based on the flickering movie footage Nambu is showing the Team. An overhead shot shows how high tech this building is.


Oh look! They have outdoor picnic tables with umbrellas out front, in case the ISO researchers want to enjoy the hot desert air. Isn’t that nice? Wink

Nambu tells us that in the past this facility was used to produce nuclear weapons, but he assures us that now it’s only used for peaceful purposes. The ISO has put everything into this facility, to ensure that its technology is state of the art.

Even as we watch the footage, a small butterfly passes in front of one of the security monitors. A laser beam comes out… and the butterfly drops. Awwww….

But apparently this has been a demonstration of the power of the facility against intruders. Now if only Katse would attack with butterflies…

Nambu tells the Team that security at the research facility is not a concern. But he is worried about the device’s transport to the facility.

So… why didn’t they just develop this darn thing at the facility to begin with? Why don’t they make a second one and have them both be transported separately, albeit at the same time?

“You’re worried about Galactor.” Ken says, stating the obvious.


“There’s no way Galactor can pass up stealing a computer this important, Ken.” the Doctor confirms. He’s certain that when Galactor does strike, they will attack Director Anderson’s plane.

So here’s another question… why is Director Anderson escorting the core device? Why doesn’t the SNT do it on the God Phoenix?

But Nambu hasn’t apparently thought of this idea.

“So you’re saying that the Science Ninja Team’s mission is to guard that plane and that device at all costs.” Joe guesses.


“This is the stupidest mission that I’ve ever heard of!” Jinpei whines.


Okay, I want to smack this kid. There’s pretty much a guaranteed Galactor attack happening, and he thinks it’s stupid?

Jun gets belts him one for me.


“What’s wrong with you, Jinpei?” she lectures. “This is a really important mission this time. Don’t you get it?”


“Guess you didn’t!” Jinpei mocks, and Ryu laughs.


For some reason, no one backs up Jun. I’m not sure why Ken and Joe aren’t weighing in on this. Nambu ignores the whole thing, repeating that their mission is to guard the core device. He goes on to show them footage of the jet that they have custom built for Director Anderson’s flight.

“Wow, coolness!” Jinpei exclaims. “I wanna fly in that plane!”


Dr. Nambu shows the Team the interior of the plane. It looks like a private jet, but the Doctor tells them that it has been equipped with a ‘number of useful gadgets’. This is sounding more and more like a James Bond Q-briefing.

Nambu shows them a picture of Director Anderson’s seat. It’s equipped with a catapulting device that can eject the director from the plane. Um… are you sure this isn’t James Bond’s Aston Martin?

The seat also has a built-in radio that can transmit directly to the Science Ninja Team’s bracelets, using Morse Code. Seems a little strange… why couldn’t he just transmit normally?

Nambu informs the Team that to eject the seat, Anderson must press a button on the floor and pull a level on his left. It will them eject and land via parachute.

Ryu is mightily impressed.


Nambu remarks that it follows the same design as ‘the president’s’ private jet. Which president? I don’t know, but he/she must be someone impressive.

Nambu orders everyone to escort Director Anderson, and the Team cheers. Even Jinpei, who thought this mission was stupid.


Insert stock footage of the God Phoenix launching from the Crescent Coral Base.

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