Gatchaman Episode 77 - The Successful Berg Katse by TransmuteJun
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Story Notes:

This is a Gatchamania Episode review. Opinions expressed are those of the author.

This episode review is image intensive.

Gatchaman Episode 77- The Successful Berg Katse


We begin with the Daily Fish Parade. Dr. Nambu is briefing the Team..

“This is Dokoaru. It’s the country I was telling you about.” he says. “As you can see, it’s a small country. Its president has contacted the ISO to ask for our help.”


“Dokoaru is rich in underground resources such as diamonds, gold, and silver.” Dr. Nambu goes on, much to Jinpei’s astonishment.


“So I’ll bet that’s why Galactor’s after it.” Jun surmises. “That makes sense.”

“Recently, the president refused to cave in, and give Galactor financial assistance.” Nambu says. “So now they’ve put him on their hit list.”

“The Prez is a brave man! I think I like him!” Jinpei makes a snap judgment.


“He would have to be brave, if he’s the President.” Joe states.

“You’ve got to admit, for such a small country to stand up to Galactor, I’d say that’s pretty impressive!” adds Ryu.

“This is Dokoaru’s President.” Nambu tells them, displaying a picture of the man on his monitor.


“Hey, he has a cane!” Jinpei, the eagle-eyed ninja, notes. “Is there something wrong with him?”


“Obviously the President suffers from a nagging leg injury.” I can’t actually see Nambu rolling his eyes, but I can hear it in his tone of voice. “What’s important is that we do everything within our power. They must not fall to Galactor!”

“Got you on that, Doc!” Ken replies. “And we’ll make certain that Dokoaru and its brave President are safe.”


And as Dr. Nambu prays for their success, the Team salutes!



Cue stock footage of the God Phoenix launching from the Crescent Coral Base. We get the rainbow effect as the ship shoots out of the water.

“We’ll be coming up on Dokoaru any minute.” Ryu reports.


“Groovy. Put it up onscreen, Ryu.” Ken says.

And what do they see? Why, at the airport, people have assembled to greet the Science Ninja Team! And they’re waving Phoenix flags!


“What a great welcome!” Jun is touched. “Do you think all those people are here just to greet us?”

“Most likely. Check out their flags, Jun!” Ken says, pointing.


And sure enough, we can see again that they’re all waving Phoenix flags. Hey, where can I get one?


“Well…” Ken says, smiling.


Then he sees a special, glass-enclosed box with important-looking men inside. How do they look important? They’re in fancy suits and tuxedoes, with medals around their necks.

“Dig it! Even the government elite came to greet us!” Ken notes. “I’m impressed! Ryu, change our landing site.”

“But… don’t you think, after the trouble they made to come greet us, that would be rude?” Ryu asks.


“We don’t’ want what happened in Inderia to happen here too.” Ken replies. “Who knows what Galactor traps might be waiting?” In case you don’t recall, in Inderia, they switched the landing site of the God Phoenix, and it turned out that the runway of the original landing site was booby-trapped with mines.

“You see?” Joe asks in disgust. “All this hoopla just gives Galactor a heads up that we’re here.”


“I see.” Ryu understands.

And now we see that the God Phoenix did indeed find an alternate parking space… under the water. They’re parked on the ocean’s floor!


I’m just wondering if they’re going to use their scuba gear to get to the surface, or all squish into the G4?

“The Science Ninja Team, requested by the President of Dokoaru, did not appear before the people after all,” the narrator explains, “but later, in the President’s residence.”

Now we see a man in a nice suit and a medal. He must be ‘government elite’!

“But what in the world is the meaning of this?” the man asks. “I caught a glimpse of a plane that looked like the God Phoenix, but then it flew off somewhere, and the President has been waiting for quite awhile!”

The man he’s speaking too just screams ‘evil henchman’ by his appearance.


“Mr. Secretary, they’re making fun of our country!” Mr. Evil Henchman states.

“I certainly hope that’s not the case.” the secretary replies. “But is there any way we can contact the Science Ninja Team?” He looks at his watch, as if it might turn into a Science Ninja bracelet.


Is it just me, or is his chin about twice as wide as it needs to be? And that mustache isn’t exactly proclaiming him to be a ‘good guy’ either… I know, perhaps I’m just biased.

“There’s no need for that!” says Ken. Sure enough, the Team is stationed up at the ceiling!



“Where’d you come from?” the Secretary asks.

“Like this country, we’re being targeted by Galactor.” Ken explains. “We must avoid anything that would draw attention. Please forgive us for our tardiness, Mr. Secretary.” Ooh, seems like Ken has been paying attention during his International Diplomacy 101 course!

“That’s very impressive.” the Secretary says with a nasty smile. “I’ve heard rumors about you, but I had no idea you were this cautious.”

“I understand the President is eager to see us.” Ken says.


“Yes, he has been anxious for awhile.” the Secretary admits. He turns to his evil henchman, who is eagerly rubbing his hands in anticipation.

“Now then, please show them to the President’s room.” the Secretary orders.

“Yes, Sir, This way, please!” says Igor.

Now we see the Team walking through the ornate palace.


It would be just fine, except that the ‘creepy’ music is playing. You just know that something’s up!

And sure enough, Jun screams!


A massive chandelier is falling! Everyone jumps out of the way.


“Whoa!” Jinpei yells. He and Ken land on the balustrade above.


But then Ken leaps off, and it breaks!


Jinpei isn’t too happy when he hits the ground.


Now a stone bust comes toppling down toward him!


But of course Jinpei leaps away just in time.

“That was really close! That thing almost squashed me like a pancake!” Jinpei declares.


“My humblest apologies!” Igor says smoothly, in his best ‘evil henchman’ voice. “This is the oldest mansion in Dokoaru, after all, and in need of repair.”

“Why haven’t we reached the President’s room yet, huh?” Ken asks, all International Diplomacy 101 forgotten.


“It’s this way! Please follow.” Igor says.

“Sis, something feels really creepy about this, don’t you think?” Jinpei whispers as Jun passes by.


“What’s the prob, ‘fraidy cat?” Jun asks, as the ADV scriptwriters get high on 70s slang again. She punches Jinpei on the helmet.


Sigh… and here I like to think of the Swan as being intelligent… but she’s clearly not picking up the clues. Didn’t Igor and the ominous music clue her in?

“What’s worse, being here, or with her?” Jinpei grumbles.

“Come along, you big baby! Move it!” Ryu says, and he punches Jinpei’s helmet as well.


Now we’re back to creepy music as everyone ascends the stairs. Jinpei’s picking up that vibe…

Joe looks suspicious too.


And sure enough, a panel in the wall moves slightly, and guns appear, shooting at the Team!

“Watch out!” Ken calls.


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