Gatchaman Episode 105 - Earth's Destruction! 0002 by TransmuteJun
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Story Notes:

This is a Gatchamania Episode review. Opinions expressed are those of the author.

This episode review is image intensive.

Gatchaman Episode 105 – Earth’s Destruction! 0002


We are briefly reminded of the previous episode, where Joe threw a feather shuriken at Katse and missed… causing it to fall into the machinery of the Black Hole device.

“Oh, dear Joe, don’t fight the inevitable!” Katse mocks.


Meanwhile, we witness the numerous natural disasters plaguing the planet, as a result of the Black Hole Plan. Volcanoes, tidal waves and earthquakes ravage the Earth.

“Galactor’s final operation, designed by Leader X, is a horrific scheme designed to blow the Earth into oblivion!” the narrator tells us. “The main computer at Galactor Headquarters has been programmed to drop nuclear bombs at regular intervals towards the Earth’s core, in order to start a devastating neutron chain reaction!”

We see the counter on the machine, set at ‘4321’.


We witness a nuclear bomb dropping into the Earth’s core.

And through the grey clouds, the Science Ninja Team arrives at Cross Karakorum.


“Listen, we’ve got to find this base’s entrance, and find Joe, even if it means risking our lives.” Ken says.


Everyone is ready to do as he has asked.



Is it just me, or does Jinpei look more mature, here? I’m wondering if that was purposely done on the part of the animators.

“This could also very well be the last time we ever lay eyes on each other.” Ken is clearly optimistic about the coming battle.


“No!” Jun gasps in horror.


“No!” Jinpei shouts.


“Ken!” Ryu exclaims.

“Use communicators only if you must, and sparingly.” Ken orders. “Remember, Jun, they’re trying to find us by scanning the airwaves.”


Why is Ken reminding Jun of this? Is he presuming that she’s most likely to break orders? She’s so indignant that her helmet has gone completely white.

“Move!” Ken shouts, and everyone runs off in different directions, searching for Joe, and for the entrance to Galactor Headquarters.


Meanwhile, inside Galactor HQ, Katse is making demands to the world at large.

“People of this planet, the fate of the world now lies in the hands of Galactor! Once I have seized control and become your sovereign ruler, you will worship me!”


Ah yes, we have discovered that at the core of it all, Katse just wants to be loved.

“Ehhh…. I don’t think that really sounds regal enough.” Oops, seems he’s just practicing his speech. “If I’m going to be ruler of the world, I need to act the part.”

“People of the world…” he begins again, but he is interrupted by the arrival of two goons.

“Sire, emergency!”

“We have an emergency!” Katse announces in his regal tone, before he realizes what has just been said.


“An emergency? What? This better be a good one!” he says, annoyed. “Go on…”

And the two goons stand there, amazed. One is in a Ken-sized uniform, and one in a Ryu sized uniform. Could it be…?


But no. These are actual goons.

“Joe, the Condor, of the Science Ninja Team, has escaped from us!” says the Ryu-shaped goon.

“How the hell could he?” Katse snarls.


Now we see why Katse is doubtful. Joe is weak and trembling, but managing to drag himself up a flight of stairs.


“The God Phoenix is here!” he thinks. “I have to somehow show Ken how to find his way in here.”


Joe hears the sound of footsteps, and indeed, a group of goons is coming down the stairs. Joe is about to be discovered!

But no. Even in his weakened state, Joe manages to pull himself underneath the stairs and hold on.


Unfortunately, when he gets out of his hiding place, he falls down more stairs. He is clearly in pain, and this is taking the last of his strength.


“Look, you have got to capture Joe before he contacts the Science Ninja Team!” Katse is attempting to explain the situation to the two goons.

“We’re having trouble, because of the fog!” one of the goons explains.

“Wasn’t the fog there to help us?” Katse reminds them. “Just get out there, hunt him down, and kill him!”

Meanwhile, another nuclear bomb drops deep into the Earth and detonates.

We see more scenes of destruction.

“The Earth is already undergoing the early stages of the neutron reaction.” the narrator explains. “Magma pushes to the surface as its crust collapses inward. Cities are now bombarded with contaminants that now fall from the upper atmosphere. But the people are not aware of the cause of these phenomenon, because the ISO has yet to announce the truth.” Okay, grammar nitpick… the plural of ‘phenomenon’ is ‘phenomena’.

We see scenes of destruction, natural and urban areas, all over the world.

“Magma has erupted around Thunder Reef!” one scientist in a control center exclaims. In front of him is a map of the world showing the damage. It looks like northern California got hit. I’m amazed my computer is still working, and I’m even able to type at this moment, seeing as I’m apparently being shaken by earthquakes and eruptions and tidal waves…


“Oh, it’s bigger than the computer’s estimated!” another scientist replies. “The whole Earth may be engulfed in flames sooner than we expected!”

Elsewhere, Director Anderson comes to consult with Dr. Nambu.


“Dr. Nambu.”

“Ah, hello, Director.” Nambu casually strolls over, as if Anderson has simply come for tea.

“Don’t you think it will be rather difficult to continue hiding the truth?” Anderson asks, as the two men walk down a corridor. “We are plagued with inquiries from the world’s nations.”

“I’ll ask you not to announce the truth of the situation, to avoid a panic.” Nambu says.


“Yes, but even if we remain silent, I’m sure Galactor will soon be demanding Earth’s surrender.” the Director points out. “And what will the people of the world think of that?”

“We’ll lose all credibility, and the Earth will fall under Galactor’s control.” Nambu admits.

“Terrifying!” Anderson shudders. “And they have the means to destroy the world!”

“They are a truly terrifying opponent, and even though research by our team of scientists and experts was able to confirm the theoretical possibility of a neutron reaction, we did not understand what particle could be the cause of it.” Nambu says. “Yet, that is something which Galactor knows.”

“The moment the neutron reaction causes the Earth’s crust to shift inwards, toward the core, the Earth will be annihilated.” Nambu goes on. “But the Earth is exactly what they want! There’s no reason for them to destroy it! So before Katse can make any decisive move, the Science Ninja Team, now in Galactor’s base, should be able to find some means to stop him. We must have faith in them, and give them more time!”

Now we cut back to Cross Karakorum, where goons are searching the outside of the base in the fog.

“Did you find them?” one goon asks another.

“Man, it’s no use!” the other goon replies. “It looks like they’re also on the alert, and they’ve stopped using their bracelets to communicate! We can’t get a trace on their signal right now, man!”


The earth shakes, and the goons are startled.

“Another one!” the first goon wipes his face in relief as the quake subsides.

“What if it’s going to be all right? We’re the only ones who are going to be saved, right?” the second goon points out.

“All we can do is trust Lord Katse.” the first goon replies. “But to be honest… I’ve been getting kind of nervous about this myself.”

“Over here!” someone shouts, and the two goons go running.

A bunch of goons are now running toward the scene, but a grey winged shape appears through the fog. It takes out the goons.

It’s Ken!


And he’s more than a little frustrated.


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