Red Petals by Ebonyswanne
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Exhausted beyond words, that's how I feel right at this second all I want to do is flop down onto my bed and sleep for hours on end. But after walking into my bedroom and seeing the red rose on my pillow has dissipated some of my drowsiness.

Who put it there? I question.

With all the focus on Galactor this last week it had totally slipped my mind that today is Valentines Day.

I gently bring it to my lips wondering what the identity of my mysterious admirer could be. It can't be one of the boys I reasoned, none of them had time to slip into my bedroom and leave it there since we haven't been out of each others sight until I left them all at the base... Doubt lingers in my thoughts and a glimmer hope sparks in my heart.

Could it be him? Could it be the one man I have longed for to show me some sign of his affection beyond a simple touch of my hand once in a while or me throwing my self into his arms just to celebrate the end of a mission so I can feel his warmth, and touch even for a split second.

I pick up the thornless flower and study its beauty, no card, no plastic wrap, no baby's breath, just the single rose with no embellishment. I drink in its perfume, and walk over to the window I observe it's been opened recently.

 My gaze sweeps the empty alley below for clues of my admirer. I lift my gaze in time to see a flicker of a distinctive head of unruly brown hair and white jeans vanishing around the corner joining the throng of people on the footpath passing by. My heart swells with a secret ache, and for those precious unspoken words I long to hear. If only I could be sure, it was really Ken who left the rose.

Then I see the small white card with a red heart printed on it sitting on my desk. I pick it up and walk back to my bed with the fatigue returning I lay down on cool soft covers. I place the rose over my heart and read the words four words on the card over and over until sleep takes me to dream with Ken saying it just before his lips touch mine.

I'll love you... forever...

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