Words by Ebonyswanne
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I'm sitting here at the bar of my favourite place in the whole world. The Snack J watching Jun robotically cleaning the counter moving the damp wash cloth over and over in a circular motion in the same spot like our world and the life we live, one long motion with no ending or beginning, just mission after mission.

This isn't the Jun I know...

The Jun I know is full of life, not wooden and quiet like she is now. Lost in her private memories of Koji, and I haven't faintest idea on how to bring her out of her melancholy state or heal her wounds.

Looking down at the crumbs on plate I try to find some words of comfort. Nothing comes to mind and I feel hopeless in her time of need. I shuffle over closer and gently place my hand over hers to stop the repeated motion. Her hand is petite and cold under mine. I feel her tremble, and I lift my gaze to stare into her emerald eyes and allow her to see I care. A rare moment between us. The sorrow and unshed tears in her eyes tear at my heart. I long to take her into my arms, and tell it's going to be okay, run my hands through her silky dark hair so she can grieve.  

But how can I tell a lie? I don't know the future and the outcome of the war with Galactor. Could I trust myself not to go further if I got that close in private?

Quickly she pulled her hand away, picking up the empty plate and muttering something about dishes and Jinpei evading his duties as usual- breaking the tender moment between us Jun runs out the back into the dark store room. I stand up, hesitating at first. Should I go out the back to the storeroom and comfort her? No, I felt her need to be alone and cry, or is that just my excuse to leave?

 Instead I walk with weighted feet to the door out into the bright sunshine. Gripping onto the door frame I look over my shoulder into the Snack J again wondering if I should go. I long for the blue skies above to clear my head and ease the heartache of my own longing to be with her. I glance at the skies beckoning me- slowly I walk back inside and take my place back at the bar and wait patiently for Jun to come back.

Sometimes words just aren't enough.

Someday... someday... I'll find the right ones to say.

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