A Dog's Eye View by WyldKat
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Summary: A few hours in the life a certain dog.
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Series: Galactic Federation of Planets
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Published: 04/17/2011 Updated: 04/17/2011
Story Notes:


The story is partially based on the story challenge on Forward Motion.  “Nearly all of us have, or have had, pets in our lives. What about your fictional characters? What kinds of animals are their companions on far worlds or in fantasy lands? Does your tough-guy contemporary romance hero secretly feed squirrels? Does your horror villain have a house full of parakeets?

Tell the tale from either your character's POV or from the pet's view of the world.

For this month's challenge, write a scene in which a fictional character deals with a pet of some sort.”


There are also some elements of idea stirred by a song called Familiar’s Promise.


1. Chapter 1 by WyldKat [Reviews - 1] (1286 words)