"A Critical Moment for the Science Ninja Team" A rewrite. by Dragonsbain
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Author's Chapter Notes:
Battle prep.
"Katse. Let us take advantage of the Condor's accident. When can the mole mecha attack again?"

" At sunset, sire. I have crews repairing it now." Katse was rather shocked, Sosai sounded pleased.

" Good. Go rest till you wake and smash the Science Ninja Team. Do not ruin this opportunity."

" Thank you, sire. I will not fail you." Katse said as he bowed.

Katse went to bed fairly certain that he was on Sosai's good side. That was enough to calm a fused brain.

Sosai felt Katse drift off to sleep. Katse needed his rest. Sosai could only push him so much. Sosai was impatient for his goals to come to fruition. Impatience could not lead to the destruction of his greatest creation, Katse. Katse was Sosai's greatest chance of achieving world domination. So, for today, Sosai would keep the monsters and nightmares, in Katse's brain, quiet.

" For tonight, my beautiful creation, you shall destroy the Science Ninja Team and help me achieve world conquest." Sosai said to Katse's sleeping form.

Nambu looked at the clock. It was 9:45 am. Three and a half hours since the God Phoenix had docked. Wow. What a morning. They had not found any more wounds on Joe since they pulled the metal fragments out of his thigh. Ashley had pulled three of them out. It took a total of sixty stitches to close up Joe's wounds.

Nambu hated finding flaws in the bird styles like this. He preferred to find them in the testing stage. The R&D team was already working on improvements to the teams helmets and a little more protection of his team's " soft parts".

" Too damm close." Nambu whispered as he finished wrapping Joe's head.

" What was that Dr. Nambu?" Ashley asked.

" That wound your wrapping. It is way to close."

" Yes, it is Sir." Ashley answered.

Nambu stepped back from Joe's head and addressed the room.

" Excellent work, everyone. I want to thank you all personally. From myself and the team. Everybody clean up and relax. You all deserve it."
Nambu got Joe to recovery. He wasn't sure if he should stay. He wanted to.

" Dr. Nambu. Why don't you go rest. We will call you if something happens. It will be hours before Joe even thinks of waking up."

Nambu left Joe in the very capable hands of his medical staff. He walked back through the OR room and stopped to think of how many more times this scene would play out before the war was over. Nambu walked out of the OR and across the hallway. He was sure Ken, Ryu and Jun were camping out in one of these rooms.

Nambu cracked open the door and saw three sleeping figures. No noise. No snoring. They were all in a deep sleep. They all looked positively angelic. It was at times like this that he could, almost, forget how deadly they all were. He wanted to cry but was too mad to let any tears from his eyes.

Nambu decided not to disturb them. He scratched a quick note and hung it on the inside of the door.

Hi Team,
Joe is in recovery. The surgery went well. I will fill you later. For now just sleep.

Sweet Dreams,

Nambu walked to his quarters cursing Katse, in his head, the entire way. He wanted blood. Not only for Joe and the team but for this whole bloody war. Nambu cleaned himself and put on an outfit he thought he would never wear again. Nambu went to his wall safe and pulled out the item that would allow him his revenge.

" Katse, tonight I will make you regret the day you were born."

He sat on the bed and practiced.

First attempt: passed out for 10 minutes.

Second through fifth attempts: threw up repeatedly into waste basket.

Fifth through tenth attempts: buried face in pillow to stifle cry of pain.

By the twentieth attempt Nambu could stand with no ill effects. Nambu stripped and rested.

" Katse, you are mine." Nambu whispered to himself.
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