Blast from the Past by lborgia88
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Summary: Jun has asked Dr. Nambu to help her find information about her parents. He knows far more than he's ever admitted and with Galactor's latest mecha attack stirring up the past even more, it falls to Ken to decide what truths will be revealed... For the Gift Exchange at
Rated: 13+
Categories: Gatchaman
Characters: Berg Katse, Dr. Kozaburou Nambu, Jinpei, Joe Asakura, Jun, Ken Washio, Kentaro/Red Impulse, Other Canon Character, Ryu Nakanishi
Genre: Drama
Story Warnings: Death, Violence
Timeframe: Mid-Series
Universe: Mostly Canon
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 6 Completed: Yes
Word count: 20521 Read: 8739
Published: 01/04/2012 Updated: 01/04/2012
Story Notes:
This was written for the 2011 Gift Exchange organized by Amethyst at, where participants submitted "gift" requests (for fics or art) that were then distributed anonymously among the participants. The "gift" I wrote this year turned out to be, like last year, for Springie. Thank you again, Springie, for giving me inspiration for a story I'd never have come up with otherwise!

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