Against the Odds by RIgirl
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Summary: What if Red Impulse were a woman, instead of a man? Inspired by the concept drawings of Roberto Ferrari, who envisioned Red Impulse as a woman, this story chronicles the journey of Kaori Washio from test pilot and single mother to undercover spy and her ultimate transformation into the mysterious Red Impulse.
Rated: 13+
Categories: Gatchaman
Characters: Berg Katse, Dr. Kozaburou Nambu, Goon, Jinpei, Joe Asakura, Jun, Ken Washio, Kentaro/Red Impulse, Original Character, Phoenix/God Phoenix, Ryu Nakanishi
Genre: Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama, Tragedy
Story Warnings: Adult Situations, Death, Mild Adult Situations, Mild Language, Mild Sexual References, Mild Violence, Sexual Situations, Suicide, Violence
Timeframe: Episode Rewrite, Mid-Series, Prequel
Universe: Tenuously Canon
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 4 Completed: Yes
Word count: 45763 Read: 12634
Published: 04/11/2012 Updated: 04/11/2012
Story Notes:
Many thanks go to Madilayn and Condorcandi for their initial beta-ing and for helping to set the character; to Green, for her inspiration and insight into character motivation; to ChrisW, for the suggestion for adding a little more depth in the “Jigokillers” scene; and thanks to everyone at Gatchamania who followed the story as it progressed and offered words of support and encouragement!

For me, this was a labor of love for a character I have always loved.

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