Reinstatement by jublke
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Following implant surgery and a rocky convalescence, Jason’s finally been reinstated to the G-Force team.  But is he ready for combat?   Fifth in the Fall and Rise of the Condor series.  My thanks to Springie for drawing a picture for this one.  :)

Rated: 8+
Categories: Battle of the Planets
Characters: 7-Zark-7/1-Rover-1/Susan, Chief Anderson, Goon, Jason, Keyop, Mark, Original Character, Phoenix/God Phoenix, Princess, Tiny Harper, Zoltar
Genre: Action/Adventure, Drama, Hurt/Comfort
Story Warnings: Mild Language
Timeframe: Sequel
Universe: Alternate Universe
Challenges: None
Series: Fall and Rise of the Condor
Chapters: 4 Completed: Yes
Word count: 7455 Read: 14232
Published: 05/01/2012 Updated: 05/01/2012
Story Notes:

This is a work of fan-fiction.  Battle of the Planets is the property of Sandy Frank by way of Tatsunoko.  No copyright infringement is intended.

My thanks to Becky Rock, John Kelsey and Catherine Rees Lay for beta-reading, to Cerm for giving me the idea for a new mecha, and to Springie for drawing an illustration for me.  I also appreciate the suggestions provided by several members of Bird Scramble.  Any remaining errors are mine.

This story is set roughly six months after Strike at Spectra.  In my Fall and Rise of the Condor series, it follows Rebuilding and Rock Bottom, and directly follows Revelations.

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