For the Love of the Son by Shunhades
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Story Notes:
By Shunhades aka Female Heero Yuy (on

Disclaimer: If I owned Gatchaman this would be in the anime.
He kissed her swollen belly gently as she looked down at him. Her smile made her seem all the more radiant and warm. Even has he gently trailed his hand along her belly. "Now you listen here." he spoke directly to her stomach. "This is a request from your father." he started, his wife giggles over lapping his speech. "I know this is a difficult request, but try not to give your mother a hard time when you come out. Yes I know, stuff can happen. Things beyond your control. But if you could just...make it easier on her. I'd greatly appreciate it. She is the love of my life." he held her hand and looked up at her. "And so are you." he rubbed her belly.

"Kentaro, you know very well the baby can't do what you ask."

"Even so it doesn't hurt to ask. You won't take the doctor's suggestion to have a c-section done. And..."

"And you best believe. That everything will be okay. It was my choice Kentaro. I want to give birth to our baby properly."

"I know." he kissed her belly. "I know."
In a dark room, a group of seven people sat at a round table. Some were scientists, others were obvious diplomats or a part of some military. They were in a deep discussion. With photos of Galactor symbols, other scientists, and many other people and things. "Well gentlemen, it seems we are in agreement. However there still lies one final problem." a middle aged man crossed his fingers together as he leaned in his chair.

"You mean, that spy." an elderly gentleman replied.

"Indeed. He's caused us much trouble over the years. And as long as he's around he'll cause us even more trouble."

"Why don't you leave that to me?" A scientist, who appeared to be in his early thirties, responded. "I have an idea that may keep that particular spy out of our hair. If nothing else atleast for a while."

"Oh? Do tell."

"I cannot. For you see. The less you know. The better. But trust me. It will in fact....bring us closure."

"Says the man who is in love with the spy's wife." another man replied with distain.

"My personal matters are none of your business. But you can be assured that I will succeed in my plan. In a sense it's....killing two birds with one stone."

"Very well. Do it. But if you fail, you shall be greatly punished."

"I understand." he smirked as though what the man had stated didn't phase him in the slightest.
She screamed as she pushed with all her might. Several days after her husband had left to go on a mission, she had gone into labor. It seemed their baby had decided to be born on the day he was to return. Kozaburo stood beside her, as he was their back up. Trying his best to console her and support her. But he knew he was a poor substitute in comparison to her husband. But still, she appreciated the fact he was there. She didn't have to give birth to her child alone.

"Come on Mrs. Washio. You can do it. Just a little more." the doctor encouraged. "Just give one more great big push. On three. One. Two. Three!"

She screamed and pushed with all her might. Determined to bring her child into this world. When the doctor said the baby was out, she collasped in relief. And minutes later, the cry of a newborn baby could be heard.

"It's a boy!" the doctor announced as the baby was being cleaned. Kozaburo having the honor of cutting the umbilical cord.

"I only wish Kentaro had been here to see you be born." she hugged her baby close when he was given to her.

"I'm sure he'll be here right before you know it." Kozaburo assured her. Feeling rather proud to see his best friends child be born. Looking at the newborn baby he couldn't help but feel a sense of satisfaction and relief. After speaking with the doctor for a moment, he went to check if his friend had arrive. Kentaro was pacing in front of the room. Obviously anxious as he'd been told to wait. "Kentaro." he greeted his friend and hugged him.

"Kozaburo..." he panted and appearing as though he'd just run a marathon. He looked as though he wanted to say more, but Kozaburo beat him to it.

"They are fine." he assured his friend. "I'm having the doctor run some tests. But from what i've just seen, i'd have to say you have a healthy baby. Kentaro. Congradulations. Your the father of a baby boy."

"A boy...." he practically stuttered with glee. "I have a boy." he gripped his friend's shoulders.

Kozaburo nodded. And when the doors turned both men faced the nurse and doctor that had exited the room with the newborn baby. Stepping back a few paces away from his dear friend. The doctor nodded in understanding. "Do you want to hold him?"

In a moment he found himself holding his son for the first time. Feeling several emotions at once. "He's so tiny." he touched his son's tiny hand with his fingers. "And he has his mother's eyes."

"And hopefully won't have his fathers two left feet." Kozaburo teased.

"Oie." he gave him a funny look. Five minutes of being a father, and already the insults were coming in. He didn't know if he would ever be truly ready. But one thing he was certain of. He was happy to see the tiny bundle in his arms. And ready to take the challenge.
A couple of days had passed, and mother and child had yet to be released. His wife's health had declined. And the doctors were still running tests on his child. There were just so many ailments that he could of inherited. Possible diseases that were hereditary. But so far all the tests that had been done had come back negative. His wife was not able to breast feed their baby as she'd wished. But just the same she did her best, and bottle fed him even in her weakened condition. "Ken...." she cooed at him. " little Ken. You're going to grow big and strong. Just like your father." she stated as a nurse came into the room.

"Mrs. Washio. My apologies, but it's time for your medicine." she stated as she held her arms out. Indicating she was going to take the baby.

"Alright." she passed her newborn to her. Obviously not wishing to let go, but having no choice.

"Don't worry, we'll bring him back tomorrow." she assured her just as another nurse came in with a tray. "Say bye bye to mommy." she spoke softly to the baby, who gurgled and cooed.

"Bye bye." she waved, as they left. The door closing with a single click.
The nurse was just about to enter the nursery when a man grabbed her. Startling her as she was engrossed with the baby. "My apologies." the man stated. On closer inspection to the nurse he was a doctor. "I didn't mean to startle you."

"Not at all." she smiled.

"My name is Dr. Barthas. I'm here to run some tests on the Washio baby."

"Oh, I see." her eyes grew wide. Then she smiled. "Well your in luck. I have him in my arms."

"Awww this little guy?" he looked down at the baby in her arms.

"Yes, I was about to lay him down for a nap."

"Awww i'm sorry little fella. But your nap will have to wait for a little bit." he spoke to the baby. Then took the baby in his arms. Leaving the nurse confused for a brief moment. "Don't worry. It's just a few standard tests. And i'll bring him back right away."

"Are you sure you don't want me to accompany you doctor?" she asked. The usual proceedure was that it was the nurses job to carry the infants where they needed to go for their exams. This was done so the infants were given full attention, and do things the doctors may not have time for during exams.

"No, no. It's quite alright." he shook his head. "It's won't take very long. Just a brief moment. Go attend to the other infants in the ward. I assure you he will be quite safe."

"But sir I...." she didn't get to finish before she was knocked out from behind. And the last thing she saw, was the man's smirk as he walked away.
When Kentaro got the call. He dropped everything he was doing and raced to the hospital like a mad man. He swung open the door to his wifes room where a nurse was with her, as a few doctors and Kozaburo.

"Kentaro." Kozaburo stepped up to his friend. Clearly just as distressed as he was. "It's him..." he held out a piece of paper to him.

Kentaro snatched the paper without a second thought and skimmed it's contents. Then he crushed it in his fist. "Dr. Barthas." he growled.
His wife's health had greatly declined. She just simply could not take the loss of their newborn baby. Whenever Kentaro went on a mission, he'd search for Dr. Barthas with all his might. It'd been a year since then. And other than finding out that Dr. Barthas had left Galactor, he had not found any sign of him. One think keep him assured that his searching was not in vain. The fact that his baby was surely alive. In the past, Dr. Barthas had made it known he'd loved his wife. Even before she was his wife. But he did not swoon her. And it left him envious. When their ideals clashed, he'd left. And no one had seen him since. Even in their younger days they had been at odds with one another. But to go as far as to take his child was the last straw. He made it point to vow he would have the man in the tightest holding cell. And would torment him for hurting his wife so much. And daring to kidnap his baby.

Right now he was on a mission. Doing his best to keep alert while remaining hidden. Dropping to the floor, he went for the desk, searching it for what he was looking for. When someone walked past the office he ducked to hide himself in the shadows.

"Ken." came the feminine voice. This made Kentaro's stomach drop. And soon he found himself taking a peek into the brightly lit hallway. Where a woman with long flowing blonde hair was reaching out. And a moment later a toddler had wandered to her. And grasping her hand in his. "That's a good boy." she told the child as she knelt down and picked him up. "Come on, it's time for your bath." she stated lovingly. Turning to reveal her face.

This made Kentaro gasp, as he recognized the woman. And taking a look at the child, his breath stopped. He could tell. Just by looking at the childs eyes. That he was his son. Shaking in anger, he stopped hiding and pulled out his gun at the woman. "Freeze!" he ordered.

"My, my, my." she seemed unphased. "It seems a stray has broken in."

"Cut the crap Aiko! And give me back my son!" he demanded.

"Your son?" she hugged the child closer to herself. "You are mistaken. This is my son." she smirked.

Kentaro hated this woman. She was exceedingly selfish. Though very beautiful. She was once his wife's very best friend. But then she betrayed her. Becoming exceedingly greedy and cruel. Without thinking, he attacked. Kicking her in her head and sending her flying down the hall. After that there were wails, as his son had become scared. How could one blame the child? He didn't know what was going on. And as far as he could tell, someone he cared for had just been sent across the room. Turning as he regained his senses, Kentaro was at a loss. Picking up the child he tried to calm him. And could clearly hear guards coming.

"Bastard!" the woman threw a punch at him. But stopped when she saw the child in his arms. This seemed to make her more angry, as she shifted and punched the wall instead, even when he dodged.

As disgusted as it made him. It seemed his own child was a sort of shield. Clearly the woman would not attack him so long as he was holding his son. Something he was grateful for. But he didn't like it. Running into the room he'd come from, he leaped from the window and to the ground. A few bullets flying past him and over his head.

"STOP SHOOTING YOUR FOOLS!" the woman slapped around several guards. Making many others stop what they were doing. "YOU'LL HIT MY BABY!" she punched a commanding officer who was taking aim. Right when she was about to leap from the building her arm was grabbed. Turning, she prepared to punish the person who dared to stop her. And was suddenly shocked. "Uh...Barthas...."

He smiled at her pleasantly. As if nothing of what transpired affected him in the slightest. "Now, now my dear. Don't be too hasty. We must think of the child after all."

"But..." her voice trembled as she was clearly strickened with grief.

"It will be difficult for you. That much I am aware of. But do not fret. Even if it takes several years. We'll get him back. After all, nothing has been complete." he pulled her close and wrapped his long coat about her. "Kentaro may have won this round. But there are still many moves to make. Be patient."

"Yes darling." she sighed in remorse. Turning to watch the speeding vehicle leave with haste.
There were so many emotions overwhelming him. He didn't know what to do. He was happy, angry, shocked, and disappointed all at once. But he had his son back. And for all it was worth he seemed rather well. It rather surprised him to find his son had been well cared for. Apart of him had started to give up hope he'd ever see him again. And that he was perhaps dead. It was a small thought that always lingered in the back of his mind. Even in his determination to find him. And here he was, in his lap. Crying up a storm and calling for his "mommy". He also couldn't help but think he'd lost a whole year of his son's life. He was already walking, starting to talk. And by the feel of it, already potty trained. Those little things he'd never get back. And he'd wanted so much to be there for them. After an hour, the car pulled up to an awaiting airfield. And his son had long since tired himself out and was simply making low whimpers of being displeased.

"Oie, commander! What's going on?" Masaki looked exceedingly confused when he saw the child in his commander's arms.

"Long story short. Mission failed." Kentaro stated as he tried to calm his son.

"Who's the kid?!" Masaki couldn't believe his commander had failed a mission.

"My son."
Chapter End Notes:
This is a fic i've been working on for a long time. It is not finished. But I figured in the very least you'd enjoy a chapter to get started instead of it sitting on my harddrive. Hope you guys are enjoying it. Reviews and comments appreciated.
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