For the Love of the Son by Shunhades
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After explaining what happened in full detail, Kentaro had Ken on his lap, lightly rocking him in hopes he'd calm down. His men surrounded him. Some confused. Others showing looks of suprise. And others not being shocked in the slightest at all.

"So this little guy is your kid who'd been kidnapped a year ago by the guy who used to be your best friend?" Masaki tried to wrap his head around everything he'd just been told.

"That's the gist of it yes." he started to rub Ken's back.

"Oie vie!!" Masaki put a hand to his head. "You really know how to keep people on their toes don't you?!"

"Now my problem is calming him down." he tried rocking him again. But Ken seemed intent on crying the whole night.

"Well don't look at me! I don't know anything about babies!" Masaki looked at him in horror when he actually offered the child to him. "Plus he's your kid! You deal with him!"

"Maybe the kids got a dirty diaper?" someone offered.

"I doubt it. He's potty trained." Kentaro replied.

"Maybe he's scared of your ugly mug." another offered. "I know I would be if I was in his position!" he added. Making several men laugh.

"Not funny!" Kentaro growled. Which turned out to be a mistake as it made Ken cry loudly again. After a few minutes Oniishi came up to him. Holding out his arms. Hesitantly Kentaro handed his son over. Oniishi held the boy close, and rubbed his back. Then craddled him in his arms and offered him a glass of juice he'd apparently gotten moment before. After a minute Ken started drinking the offered beverage. Still whimpering every so often.

"I guess that means the kid was hungry." Masaki stated as he watched. Several other men were surprised at how fast Oniishi had gotten the child to calm down.

"So late at night?" Kentaro looked on in surprise.

"Well he is a baby after all." someone stated as though it were the most common sense thing in the world. "He's probably starting to eat solid foods though. Or he was just really thursty from all the crying he'd been doing."

After several moments passed by, Ken was fast asleep in Oniishi's arms. Apparently content with his new caregiver.

"So what are you gonna do now Commander?" someone asked.

Kentaro watched as his son was taken in by the sandman. Then pulled down his hat a little, "Take him to see the best lady in the world." he smiled.
Days later he was back at home. His wife waiting in her bed as she was too frail to get up to greet him at the door. He knocked twice on their bedroom door and opened it to peek in to see if she was sleeping. Much to his delight she was reading a book. Opening the door a little more he made sure the toddler wasn't visible just yet. "Honey, i'm home."

"Welcome back." she closed her book and smiled. Looking exhausted, however, as her health was still declining.

"I have a suprise for you."

"Honey, you know I don't need surprises when you come home." she sighed. Her husband's surprises could be a bit....unwanted, in her opinion.

"I think this is a surprise you'd really love." he gently pulled the toddler into the room. Ken's eyes obviously looking around in curiosity at his new surroundings even as he held his new stuffed airplane toy close and suckled on his thumb. He saw her eyes go wide as she gasped. Knowing who the child was that was holding her husbands hand. Slowly he led Ken to the edge of the bed, and lifted him up to sit next to his mother. Ken looked confused as he looked at her, but didn't utter a sound as she wrapped her arms around him and started crying with joy.

It was the happiest he'd ever seen his wife, in a long, long time.
A couple of years passed. And there had been only one kidnap attempt in all that time. But since he'd been prepared unlike before, the attempt failed. Near the beginning it'd been very hard. Ken did not know them. So it took many months to get him to understand that they were his parents. It took six months for him to call his wife, mama, and a year for him to call him dada. Even as he got bigger, he could never get his son to call him daddy, or his wife, mommy. But they'd gotten somewhere and it was all that mattered. They'd even had several tests run on him, and found he was the picture of good health. He was a perfectly healthy baby boy. Much to his wife's utter delight. And her health had greatly improved. It was as if she were given a new life after their son was back. She still could not go out for very long, but she did try to go on short walks every now and then.

"You seem like a very happy family now that everything is back in it's place." Kozaburo stated as he watched Ken play in the garden amongst his mother's rose bushes.

"Indeed." he eyed his son, and careful of his surroundings.

"Is something troubling you?" Kozaburo asked, as he saw that familiar look in his friends eye.

"I didn't want to worry my wife...but.." sighed as he thought for a moment. "There was another kidnapping attempt recently."

"Was it Barthas?"

"No. Not this time. It was from another enemy of mine."

"So what are you going to do?" he asked seriously.

"I've been thinking on it for a while. And I think it's time for me to go."

"Go? Go where?"

"I mean fake my own death."

"Hmm...I can see how that would help, but wouldn't you just bring more heartache to your wife? She's still very ill."

"That's why I have intended not to tell her."

"I when you say fake it. You mean no one, besides myself will know."

"It would be for the best. I have to protect my family Kozi."

"But did you even think about what would happen to them even after?"

"I have insurance. I have no debts to speak of. In the long run, my family will be okay."

"But..." he saw that familiar look in his friends eye.

He sighed. "You know how sick my wife is. The doctors have stated she could pass at any time. As such, it was suggested to me, as I was discussing my will with my lawyer, to decided on a suitable caretaker for Ken. Even if I were to pass, my wife would still not be fully capable of caring for a small child. So..."

".....You have that look in your eye Kentaro. I see it." he replied as if knowing where this was going.

"...well you are a rather capable man." he averted his gaze.

"Capable or not, I know nothing of children!" his eyes were filled with panic.

"Please Kozi." he pleaded. "There's no one else I can trust. My family is my most valuable asset. And I can't just let anyone care for them."

"You're an asshole you know that." he sighed.

"Does that mean you'll do it?" he pretended to be hopeful, but he already knew he'd won.

"Yes, i'll do it." he caved in.

"Good." he produced a document from his coat pocket. "If you could sign on the dotted line, everything will be done."

"....You already listed me as his legal guardian in your death didn't you?!"

"Of course I did. I already knew you were gonna say yes." he watched as Kozaburo signed the thing.

"This goes back to the fact that you're an asshole."

"You should really watch your mouth. Ken's still a small child after all."

"Oh trust me, I have no intention of using foul language in front of Ken. I have plenty of stories I can use to make you look bad as revenge instead."

"You're so mean Kozi." he pouted. "After all i've done for you."

"Yeah, and i've done just as much for you. This just takes the cake." he leaned back in his seat. Obviously not upset about the situation as he was making it seem.
The deal was done, his death a complete success. It was strange to get to see ones own funeral. But brought him sorrow, as he watched his wife, cry with tears as she held their son. Kozaburo being the dutiful friend and staying by her side. For him it was farewell. But he hoped they'd be able to meet again someday. When the dangers had passed, and he could come home. He'd made it a point to have his "accident" after his son's fourth birthday. For it would be the last he would be able to celebrate with him. He'd splurged and gotten him an expensive model airplane. A cessna. It wasn't the most glamorous plane. But he wanted his son to have a love of the classics. He'd also heard from Kozaburo that in a week, they'd be moving to America. He had some business to take care of there. And he'd have to work for a few years. Taking it upon himself to find top class doctors to take care of his friends wife for their stay. Ken would be starting preschool there as well. It pained him to know he wouldn't be the one walking his son through the doors of his first day of preschool. He wouldn't be there to play sports with him. Or get to see him with his first girlfriend. He'd be missing out on so many things. Just like when he missed out on the little things. But this time it wasn't for the same reasons. This time it was for his family's safety.
Dr. Nambu stood by his cousins. Having a drink as they talked about the old days. And the shenanigans they pulled when they were younger. He was here for the week with Ken. Ken's mother in the hospital as she wasn't healthy enough to make the trip. Ken on the other hand was entertaining himself by playing with the various plants around the yard. Some of Dr. Nambu's relatives going up to him and giving him a hug.

"Come on Ken, go to dada." one of Dr. Nambu's cousins cooed at the four year old boy. Pointed to Dr. Nambu. Ken just looked at the woman utterably confused. As he did not see his daddy anywhere. Even when he looked where they pointed. Only to see Dr. Nambu instead.

Kozaburo, taking pity on the boy walked over, "Now, now, your confusing him." he waved them off.

"Don't be so modest Koza." his younger female cousin stated with a smile, and equally brushing him off. "You are his legal guardian after all. There's nothing wrong if he calls you daddy. Isn't that right Kenny?" she cooed at him.

Ken responded by suckling his thumb as he looked up at her. Dr. Nambu's cousin had been raised in america, as such she only spoke english. For Ken, who only spoke japanese, couldn't comprehend a word of what she said. He only knew a few english words, such has mama or dada. But it wasn't enough for him to have a conversation. Or to understand others.

Dr. Nambu picked the boy up, and spoke to him in japanese so he could understand. Ken simply stopped sucking his thumb and hugged the man, whimpering as he was clearly discontent. "I think it's time for Ken's nap." he stated as he saw the boy getting fussy.

"Ahh, you can use my room." his mother stated as she lead the way. He made sure to grab his carry bag of things he'd brought for Ken before proceeding to follow her. His mother opened the door to her room, and helped him set up her futon so Ken could get his nap. Dr. Nambu changed him into his little light blue pajamas that had an airplane on the chest. "He should be alright here."

"Thanks mom." he finished dressing the boy and laid him down for his nap. Making sure to give him his stuffed airplane plush that he slept with religiously. In moments the boy was asleep. Obviously too tired to cause much of a fuss. "I really wish they'd stop confusing him." he sighed as he folded Ken's clothes.

"Oh you worry too much." his mother waved him off. "Besides this is probably as close as your going to get to giving me a grandchild at any rate."

"Mom..." he whined. His parents were never very subtle at the fact that he was thirty four years old, and still was not married or had any children. Once he was legally Ken's guardian, they took it upon themselves to treat him as though he were their grandchild. Which he didn't mind. But his whole family seemed to conspire against him and confuse the boy. Trying to get him to think he was his daddy. When he obviously was not. Or atleast he thought it was obvious. Sometimes even strangers would comment on how adorable "his" boy was.

"Don't mom me. You aren't getting any younger you know." she tucked Ken in as he slept. "Though i'm fairly certain, we won't see any other children from you." she pretended to be strickened with sorrow. "Poor Ken will be all alone. With no siblings to play with."

His mom really knew how to put it on thick. He blamed american television for that. "Mom..." he rolled his eyes.

"It's such a pity." she put a head on Ken's head. "That such an adorable child has had to go through so much in such a short time." she stroked his hair. "Let us hope, he won't have to go through anymore tragedies."

He sighed as he finished folding the clothes. He really wished his mother would stop mentioning the past. It was just far too taboo for him.
Ken had started preschool. He wasn't sure if he was happy, or sad. On the one hand, Ken being in preschool meant it would make it easier for him to get his work done. On the other, he didn't feel like he was ready for Ken to grow so fast. 'Damn you Kentaro.' he cursed as he walked the boy to his class. It was a special school he'd enrolled the boy in. His decision was based on several factors. One, Ken could not speak english, so sending him to a public american school was out of the question instantly. Two, he'd had the boy tested, and his level of education was far higher than he anticipated. Perhaps having Ken around when he was working had been good for the boy in that aspect. The third reason was just far more logical than the other two. Ken needed to be protected. And the school he'd enrolled him in had specific rules that he felt were necessary. No one could pick Ken up without his authorization. Ken could not leave without being properly escorted by an adult. Even doctor appointments had to have proper notification of two weeks prior if it landed on a school day. It was a very good school. One of the top schools in the country. And one where Ken would get a proper education. "Okay now you've got your lunch, your plane..." he knelt down to the boys level. "....and your book. You should be completely fine. If someone picks on you, tell the teacher alright?"

Ken gave him a funny look as Dr. Nambu hadn't realized he'd spoke to the boy in english. But he seemed to understand, and simply stated he'd be alright, and that he was worrying too much in japanese. And if that wasn't enough, Ken had to add insult to injury by putting a hand on my shoulder, and assure Dr. Nambu that he, meaning Dr. Nambu himself, would be okay on his first day of school. And to call him if he needed anything or in an emergency.

Dr. Nambu must of looked like an idiot. Because Ken's teacher was behind him. Obviously trying to refrain from laughing in hysterics, as she's heard the conversation. Clearing his throat he introduced himself. But was greatly embarrassed at getting assurance from a five year old who still slept with a stuffed toy at night. She introduced herself in japanese, and gave assurance that the boy would be fine.

He left after staying for fifteen minutes. Deciding to go home and catch up on some work. He'd cleared my whole schedule for today just for Ken, but it seemed he wasn't needed. That confidence did make him feel a hint of pain at not being needed as much as he thought. But it also gave him closure that he was growing up just fine.

And that what happened would follow Dr. Nambu to the grave. This he swore.
Chapter End Notes:
And another chapter is out. Hope you guys enjoyed it. I personally laugh about the end of this chapter. XD Especially since I can't see Ken being scared to go to school. And Dr. Nambu is probably ten times more worried about Ken's first day than he is.

Reviews and comments appreciated. =>
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