For the Love of the Son by Shunhades
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Ken's eyes fluttered a brief moment before they opened. At first his vision was blurred. But it cleared after several minutes. Pushing himself up. He cringed as he pressed against the spot where he'd been shot last night. To top things off, he felt nauseated, and his head was swimming. Since the wound hadn't been deadly, he was able to ascertain he'd been shot with a type of tranquilizer. Climbing off the bed, he took shakey steps towards the window. Once he was there he pressed his hand against the wall for support. Using the other to cover his mouth as he felt the sudden urge to vomit. Whatever he was shot with was potent, and made his stomach twist in knots.

"Ah...You shouldn't be up." the man's voice from last night sounded behind him.

Ken turned ready to demand answers. This turned out to be a very stupid idea, since it made his vision swim. He would of hit the ground falling forward had it not been for the man catching him as he'd started to fall.

"Let's get you back in bed shall we?" the man stated as he aided Ken back into the bed and tucked him in with the comforter. "There. All comfy?" he smiled.

"" he growled.

"I know your upset. But please allow me to explain. If I hadn't tranquilized you and brought you here, I'm certain you wouldn't of listened to what I would of had to say."

"Shut up." Ken forced himself up. Though he couldn't help but wonder what was in the tranquilizer to make him feel so ill. "I don't want to hear any excuses from you." He was determined to leave. Even if he had to crawl to do so.

"Even if I told you Dr. Nambu isn't the man you think he is?" he replied. Waiting for a response, but receiving none. "Please allow me to explain Ken. I did what I had to do because I love you. What father wouldn't do what he could to get back his only son?"

"Father?" Ken was stunned. Yes. He somewhat remembered the conversation from last night. But things were a little fuzzy. He took a moment to calm down mentally. Yes, he always believed his father was alive. But it was too convinent given the circumstances. "Do you really think i'd believe something like that?"

"I know it's hard to believe. But I am your father Ken. How else would I know so much about you? I'll admit you were young when you were taken from us. But not a day went by that we didn't continue to search for you."

"We...?" He raised a curious brow.

"Yes we. Your mother and I." he clarified.

"M...mot...mother...?" his eyes grew wide as he cletched the sheets. "That's mother is dead." he averted his gaze.

"Ken..." a feminine voice called to him. Ken's eyes went wide, even as his heart skipped a beat at the call of his name. The woman embraced him. Wrapping her arms about his head and pressed him close to her chest. " little Ken....I missed you so much." she proceeded to cry.

'This voice....' Ken thought. 'This scent.....even...this embrace.....' he felt tears well up in his eyes and fall. 'Mother....' was his final thought before he fell unconcious in her arms. The last thing he heard was his name being called.

After several moments, Dr. Barthas smiled. "Well, well. It seems he remembers after all. That was easier than I thought it'd be." he stood up and walked to the window with his arms crossed behind his back. "I must admit I was surprised when you stated the leader of Gatchaman was Ken. But it turned out to be true. It certainly saved us a lot of work." He turned to see Aiko tucking Ken in and rubbing him on his arm as his slept on his side.

" little boy." she spoke softly. "Ken." Clearly in her own little world. Atleast until another person entered the room. No time was wasted before Aiko pulled out a pistol and aimed it at them. Directly at their heart. It wasn't until Dr. Barthas placed a hand over hers, that she lowered the gun.

"What is it?"

"Ah...sir. Your guests have arrived and are waiting in the foyer." the man stated in a light sweat.

"Very good." he nodded. "I take it you won't be joining us?" he looked at his wife. He was met with silence as Aiko had gone back to fawning over the sleeping Eagle. Laying her head down as she watched over him. Dr. Barthas scoffed with a smile on his face before leaving the room.

Upon entering the foyer, he looked at the men who'd been waiting for him. "Gentlemen. Please do be seated. I'm sure you're weary from your trip."

"Dr. Barthas. I have grown very impatient with you! In all these years you have failed to show results in getting that spy out of our hair!" Berg Katse slammed his fist against the sofas arm.

"Now, now my friend. Don't get yourself so riled up. I have stated this before. And i'll state it again. My plan while being effective does take time. I'm sure you'll be pleased with the results one my plan is completed."

"And what is this plan of yours? All we ever hear is the plan. The plan! I want to know what this so called plan is!" a man growled in frustration.

"Gentlemen please. You must simply trust me. If I told you my plan, there would likely be errors to come a long to foil it. It is best for you all to know the least bit of information possible in order for it to succeed. If all goes well, not only well a certain spy be out of your hair. But that pesky Dr. Nambu along with the Kagaku Ninja Tai as well."

"For your sake you better hope so." Berg Katse retorted.
Ken woke up for a second time. The woman who claimed to be his true mother sleeping at the side of the bed. Carefully he slid out from under the covers and made his way to the balcony doors. Intending to leave. As he reached for the knob a book case caught his attention. Changing directions he walked up to it and took and item from it's shelf. It was a stuffed bear. It looked as though it'd seen better days since it was missing an eye. But otherwise in tact. 'I know this bear.' he thought to himself. Even as he looked at the book case that had various toys and books on it's shelves that had been organized just right. Replacing the bear he looked over the various titles of the books. Kintaro's Adventures, Momotarou, Sarukani, Shitakirisuzume, Alice in Wonderland, The Tale of Peter Rabbit, Hachiko, Hanasakajijii, Tsurunoongaeshi, Urashimatarou. He recognized them instantly. And it brought a smile to his face. Taking Momotarou off the shelf, he flipped through it's pages before closing it and putting it back. He sucked in a breath lightly when his gloved finger came across an old photo album. Hesitantly, he removed it from the shelf and opened it. His eyes growing wide even as he stared at the photo in the first page. The words, "Ken's first day home." beneath it. As the woman who was currently sleeping was holding him in the photo as he slept in her arms.

He couldn't seem to stop himself after that. Page, after page, his mind seemed decide to flash memories he couldn't even recall before. His first bath. When he took his first steps. He stood there in silence, not sure what to make of everything. He jumped slightly when a pair of dainty arms wrapped about his shoulders as he was hugged from behind.

"You know...." Aiko started as she held him and placed her chin at his shoulder. "..The mind is a funny thing. It makes you forget things from long ago. But then those things come flooding back with something as simple as a picture." she reached around him and turned the page. It had an image of herself along with Dr. Barthas and Ken with a cake in the middle. Ken's first birthday written under it. "But of course...somethings...can never be replaced." she flipped the page again. This time it was blank. Along with every page after. For a while, they just stood there in the dark in a comfortable silence. "You don't happy i've been to know that you were okay this whole time........" she whimpered. Taking a moment to calm down before reaching for his helmet.

Ken reacted. Instantly pulling away and dropping the photo album as he hit wall with his shoulder. They just stared at one another. Aiko's face filled with surprise. Ken's filled with confusion. Slowly he lowered himself to sit on the floor as his legs were giving out from under him. Tears welling up in his eyes. "Nenneko, nenneko, nenneko yo...." Aiko started to sing. "Yurikago no uta o...." she took a step forward. "...kanari uta u yo...." she continued. Ken's mind drifting while she continued to sing. Remembering when he was just an infant, his mother singing him to sleep with a lullaby.

"Nenneko, nenneko....nenneko yo." Aiko sang to the squirming bundle in her arms. "Yurikago no uta o, kanari ya ga uta u yo. Nenneko, nenneko, nenneko yo." she finished as she gave her baby a soft kiss on his head as he went to sleep. "Oyasuminasai...Ken." the memory finished as it faded away.

Ken trembled as he curled up. Hugging himself as he proceeded to cry. He couldn't stop no matter how much he tried. Covering his face as best as he could with his helmet in the way he simply kept crying. Unsure if it was out of happiness, or sadness. Aiko hugged him again. "It's okay..." she murmured. "It's okay....mommy is here." she pulled him close and rubbed at his back. Slowly Ken lowered his arms and held her at her arm. Continuing to cry as if he'd never cried a day in his life.

Dr. Barthas came in to see them where they were. Smirking all the while. His plan working better than he'd hoped. Sure he'd always intended to use the boy to get close to a certain spy. But in a grand turn of events he could now use him to not only get the spy. But Dr. Nambu, whom he hated with every fiber of his being as well. It was like killing two birds with one stone. He looked out the window at the moon that was just outside. "Sayuri..." he smiled a genuine smile.
Chapter End Notes:

The song Aiko sings is a japanese lullaby called Yurikago no Uta. English name is Songs of the Cradle.

Translated it'd be:

Sleeping, sleeping,

Sleeping, baby!

The songs of the cradle,

The canary sings

Sleeping, sleeping,

Sleeping, baby!


Nenneko, nenneko,

Nenneko yo.

Yurikago no uta o

kanari ya ga uta u yo.

Nenneko, nenneko,

Nenneko yo.

Hope you enjoyed this chapter. Reviews and comments appreciated. =>

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