Hidden Talents by KT1972
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Story Notes:
Thanks to Chris White for all her input, including the initial idea :)
“So, who’s for dinner then?” Jun asked the two guys sat at the bar. “I’m guessing you must be famished.”

“Umm...” Ken looked awkwardly at Joe, “is Jinpei around?”

“Oh no, he’s out fishing with Ryu tonight.” Jun smiled, giving the spotless counter one more wipe. “But since we’re not busy, I’ve decided I’m going to cook something for the three of us”

“Yeah, that would be nice, Jun, but” Joe looked back at Ken, one eyebrow raised, “we’ve been planning a guy’s night at Ken’s place tonight.”

“We have?” Ken looked confused for a minute.

“Yeah, I said I’d shout you a pizza, remember?” he gave the Eagle a quick nudge on the shin with his foot.

“Oh, yeah, we are.” Ken nodded as the penny finally dropped. “Sorry Jun, another time perhaps.”

“Ok then,” Jun sighed, “But you don’t know what you’re missing.” Ignoring the boys’ sniggers, she locked the door behind them, turning the sign to ‘closed’. She looked around the now empty diner and grinned, that must be the twentieth time Joe’s bought Ken pizza. Another meal for one it is then, she thought as she made her way up to her apartment kitchen.

In less than twenty minutes, she was sat on her sofa, watching her favourite chic-flick, a steaming plate of beef stir-fry on her lap, cooked to perfection, but with enough leftover to ‘spoil’ after she had finished eating.

“One of these days,” she said to the characters on the TV screen, “those boys will trust me, and then I’ll show them what I’m really capable of. If they won't accept my bad cooking, then they don't deserve my good....”


On a short pier, in the evenings half light, Ryu cast his line out again.

“You know,” Jinpei said, baiting his hook, “Onechan was planning another of her ‘special’ dinners again tonight.”

“Oh dear,” Ryu chuckled, “we’ve dodged a bullet there then. I wonder how the other two will get out of it this time.”

“I dunno, but I’m sure Joe will think of something. Do you think it’s safe to go back yet? It’s getting a bit too dark to stay here?”

“Nah, another half an hour here, then we’ll cook up our catch. It won’t be any worse than anything Jun has to offer.”

“Yeah,” Jinpei agreed, “thank goodness we’ve caught plenty tonight, eh?” Casting their lines out once again, the Owl and Swallow sat on the hard wooden boards, shivering in the cold evening air.
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