Battle Scars by Kimu
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Battle Scars
Part 1-1

Disclaimer: This is a work done by a fan for other fans. No money is being made off of it. Gatchaman belongs to Tatsunoko. All their rights are respected.

In a quiet office a man paced in front of the window, nervously adjusting his glasses every now and then. After what seemed like hours he finally spoke to his waiting companion.

"I don't know if I can do it, Kentaro. I'm only thirty and I've never been married."

Kentaro sighed deeply. It hurt enough to do what he had to do and Kozoburo wasn't making this any easier for him. "Please do this for me. Your the only one I trust in this matter."

"Couldn't you just tell the Director that you can't go on this mission? We're talking about your wife and son here. I know Sayuri hasn't been well lately. If she dies how am I supposed to explain that to little Ken. First his father disappears then he looses his mother. He may not be able to handle it."

"No!" He said it so powerfully that Kozoburo didn't know if he was eager for this mission or if he was denying that his son would be effected by the loss of both parents. After a few moments he spoke again, this time less forcefully.

"I'm the only one qualified for this assignment. We need the information that can be gathered. I told the Director that I would take this assignment only if I could choose the guardian of my son. I chose you. You have been my best friend since we were in the service." He turned to face the window. Then spoke again in a pleading whisper. "Please take care of my son."

Kozoburo stepped forward and laid his hand on his friends shoulder, honored by the trust that Kentaro had of him. "For you my friend I will do my very best. Your son will be safe with me. I will make sure no harm comes to him."

Kentaro turned and grasped his hand, his eyes full of tears. "Thank you so very much. I will try and keep a limited contact with you so that I will know how my son is growing up. Now I'm afraid I must say goodbye. I leave tomorrow."

Kentaro turned and strode to the door and out of the room leaving Kozoburo to ponder his new responsibility.
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