Christmas Carol by jublke
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Story Notes:
This is one of the drabbles I wrote over at Gatchamania, so it's dedicated to my friends there. 

"C'mon, Jason. You must have a favorite Christmas song. Everybody does, right, Princess?"

Princess gave Keyop an affectionate smile to offset Jason's scowl as she handed the latter a plate of fries. "Not everyone celebrates Christmas," she reminded the little boy. She handed him a bottle of ketchup, which he dutifully turned over to his big brother, but not before stealing a french fry.

"But Jason does," Keyop insisted. He shoved the fry into his mouth, ignoring the increasingly foul looks that his brother was shooting at him.

Mark stood and grabbed his keys from his spot at the bar. "Let's go, Keyop. I know you wanted to get in some last-minute shopping."

Keyop frowned at Jason, who was now ignoring him, before following Mark. "Bye, Princess!" he called. "Bye, Scrooge!" He blew a raspberry at Jason.

Keyop missed the pained look that Jason gave him, but Princess did not. She sat beside her brother. "What was that all about?" she asked softly.

He shrugged. "Stupid kid, stupid questions."

The look she gave him said that she doubted that was the problem. She leaned back, Condor-style, and crossed her arms and legs as she regarded him. 

Jason started to fidget. 

Princess smiled tolerantly at him and began to hum the opening bars of Frosty the Snowman.

Jason's eyes widened like saucers.

Princess leaned over conspiratorially and grabbed a fry. "I'll never tell," she whispered, and gave him a quick hug before returning to the kitchen.

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