A Dark and Stormy Night by Cricket
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Story Notes:
Written in response to the challenge to use the concept of a dark and stormy night.
Aniki is gonna kill me.

The mech took another step towards the young man.

Yep, he is definitely gonna kill me for this one.

The search light roved, left and right, the beam clearly visible in the driving rain as it traveled the three stories between the mech's eyes and the ground.

A stroke of lightening lit up the entire scene. The actinic light showed a three-headed mechanical dog. One head had a search light. One had a laser. The third head was absent, thanks to some very good work and quick thinking by an opportunistic young ninja. At least he thought it was good work. Jun and Ken would probably think it had been a stupid stunt. But it had worked, hadn't it?

The next flash was longer; he attempted to look like one of the tree-skeletons he had been running past. It must have worked, because the mech continued to play the searchlight in the same pattern it had been using for the past hour.

Gotta love those Galactors. No imagination. Makes my job easier.

He continued his erratic running; trying to put distance between himself and the mech; trying to buy the time it would take for his team to reach the rendezvous; trying to reach the rendezvous before the laser, currently exploding trees into steam and cooked bark, connected with its intended target.

Stray thoughts from survival training surfaced. Something about what to do when in a lightening storm. Stay small and close to the ground. As if I've got any choice in the matter.


He altered course, letting the beam touch on him, just barely, in order to catch the attention of those driving it. The tree beside him exploded, and the mech turned in his direction.

He continued to run, until, finally, he paused just past the top of a hill, and sent his bolas back to explode brightly between himself and the mech. The machine hesitated at the crest. Lightening lit up the scene again, blue-white and stunning, striking the tallest item on top of the tallest hill -- in this case, something metallic. The noise continued, and the light changed color, as the mech began to sizzle and crackle and burn.

Yep, Aniki's gonna kill me for this one, if Jun doesn't do it first.

Chapter End Notes:
Disclaimer: I own nothing here but the idea.
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