Correspondence Received II by Grumpy Ghost Owl
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From: Rogerson, Amelia, Engineering and Maintenance Services, GCN
To: Anderson, David, Chief of Staff, G-Sec Executive, GHQ 


Further to the complaint received by this office, an investigation has been carried out and a report produced (full copy available on request.)

It would appear that one of the janitorial cybots underwent an unexpected change in its fundamental programming profile, due, we believe, to an accicent which took place on or before July 3rd of last year. You will recall the incident, reference number #32-07596-G0 which involved inappropriate use of the G-1 Sonic Boomerang in a confined space.

The cybot in question, designation 7-Zark-7, incurred damage to the cranial region, which was reported rectified by the contractor, Quanto Tobor Laboratories Pty Ltd, at a cost of $2,198.50. The repairs, due to the nature of the damage, were not covered under the extended warranty.

Our cybernetic programming specialists have been able to determine that cybot 7-Zark-7's programming had been corrupted to the point that its reality perception circuits had been skewed to reflect an almost exclusive self-focus and resulted in a condition which manifested itself in a manner best described, albeit anthropomorphologically, as "egocentric paranoid delusion."

Our report details the extent to which the cybot in question believed itself to be "the fantastic robot guardian of G-Force." Its janitorial duties were neglected and it was able to hack into telemetry feeds from the command ship Phoenix in order to provide itself with input supporting the skewed reality perception.

You will be pleased to note that Intel Section 2 has not been able to find any evidence of external tampering or transmission of data to any external destination. Section 2 has also concluded that the cybot's claim that it was being observed by a worldwide audience was another self-delusional fault generated within the corrupted operating software.

Cybot designation 7-Zark-7 is in the process of having its hard drives and processors reformatted and reinitialised. Its memory has been expunged and components and drivers are being replaced. The unit will be reassigned to the Catering Department where it will be utilised as a beverage dispensing device.

Mr Morgan from Intel Section 2 will be forwarding correspondence to you to finalise this matter, and should you require further information from this office, please do not hesitate to ask.

Yours sincerely

A Rogerson PhD
Engineering and Maintenance Services
Center Neptune Undersea Defence Installation

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