A Touch of Clover by Daniel Rush
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A Touch of Clover
A Jun&Ken Jinpei&Misako love fiction

Jinpei could have sworn in his sleep that someone was messing with him. He threw a wild hand around trying to find the offender while tossing and turning about the covers. He finally opened his eyes to see his sister sitting by the edge of the bed, running a finger through his locks of hair.

This was strange.....Jun usually used more dirrect and less playfull ways to get him out of bed. A swinging pillow, screaming, a quick slap to the stomach, but not this time. She sat there with a big, contented smile on her face that he hadn't seen in years. She didn't say a word to him, she just sat there on the edge of laughter, and there was good reason......

Jinpei suddenly found to his shock that he had nothing on!.....

Jun jumped back as Jinpei scrambled in a hillarious blur of sheets as he fell off the bed! " Dam it sis!" He barked as he wrapped himself up in his sheets. " Don't you ever knock when you come in here!"

Jun died right there as she closed her eyes to her now red faced little brother. " So...are you gonna give me the standard line as allways? "I hate you! Can't I sleep in for once!" That sort of thing?"

Jinpei stood there in much less revealing atire as he struggled to get his pants on. " Your the one to talk sis.....I closed your bedroom door last night." He said to her as he walked by and went down the stairs to the kitchen.

Jun caught him as he tried to open the fridge and took him by his shoulders. " About last night....." She broke as she once again played with his hair. She couldn't realy say what she wanted too. The subject of her and Ken was touchy where Jinpei was concerned. He nagged them both out of fun and also out of confusion. She knew deep inside that Jinpei was always afraid of Ken stealing Jun away from him. He pushed her hand away and walked over to the table with the milk.

"Yeah.....about last night." Jinpei said as he poured the milk. " I was happy, honest, for the both of you."

"What?" Jun said as Jinpei took her by surprize.

"Sis....seeing you like this? It's the best thing that ever happened." Jinpei said as he rubbed circles on the table with his fingers. " I haven't seen you like this in a long time."

Jun just walked away suddenly back towards her room. "Way to go Jinpei, now she's gonna ball out like mad!" He thought as he quickly followed her and did what he did best....hugged her tight.

Jun turned about and sat on the corner of the bed, pulling Jinpei over to sit beside her.

"Look...can you do me two favors?" She asked as she put an arm around his shoulders. " First...tke care of the Snack for a few days. And keep a secret for me."

Jinpei smirked..."Ken. Your going away with him somewhere arn't you? He said with a smile.

"Call it a vacation." She returned. " With this lull going on.......you know."

"Hmph...." Jinpei returned with a huff of his throat. " If it last three days, I'll be in shock. Go on....I got everything under control." He said with a confident strait up sit. "Trust the Great Swallow!"

"Trust you?.....oh there goes the whole ball of wax! I bet you'll burn the whole building down within three minutes of me leaving Mr. Swallow." Jun said back as she stood up and pulled him into a bear hug.

"Your getting bigger, funny how I never noticed that before." She said as she looked at how tall he'd gotten.

"Will you get out of here and leave me alone before I start flooding this place sis!" Jinpei said as Jun gave him a kiss on the top of his head.

"I love you......" She said as Jinpei threw her back.

"Allright.....enough of the mushy stuff! Get packed, get out of here before I tie you up and air mail you out!" He said as she bounced away.

"Love.........yuck!" He chirped as he went downstairs to check out the Snack. What a  way to start the day.


Utoland Municipal Airport 8PM July 14th

"Your letting Jinpei handle everything! Oh, your brave Jun." Ken joked as he loaded her bags into the centerline baggage "tank" of his Super Eagle racing plane.

"Hey...lay off him Ken. He's thirteen years old, he can take good care of himself. Or did the fact that he's grown older escape you?"

"No." Washio said with a smile as he took Jun in hand and hugged her close. " I'm glad he's finally letting us go like this insted of trying to tail us or cry his eyes out. You've done a good job with him Jun."

"Don't get too overconfident yet "Mr. Eagle, G-1, I'm awsome Ken Washio. Remember.... he just hit puberty and you know what that means."

Ken laughed as he and Jun climbed into the single file, two seat cockpit and strapped themselves in. "I bet you want to know where we're going." He said as he tested his head phone and mike. "Can you hear me?" He asked.

"Yes sir. Diamond head? Pearl City? Whapoo point? Helo?" She asked.

"Nope.....an island south of the Hawaians called Lonakai. It's owned by a retired couple who used to work with Doctor Nambu. I kinda ask him if he could fix it for us to be alone for a couple of days. They stocked a bungalo on the beach and everything."

Ken set his controls and watched as the powerfull spitfire Mark VII turbo prop came to life with a screaming roar. " Once we're up I'll be transmuting to the Ultra Eagle so we can cut some time off. It'll take four hours to reach Halievea Air Field on Oaho."

Ken took a glance back at Jun who gave him a coy look and a playish kiss. " Tower..this is Rebel 17 requesting taxi and takeoff info, over."

"Rebel 17?" Jun asked with a smirk. "Who do you think you are, James Dean?"

"I thought I proved that last night." Ken said as Jun smacked the back of his seat.

"Are you sure you don't want to call Jinpei just one more time?" He asked Jun as he began to taxi the plane away from his airfield home.

"No! He'll trace us for sure...let's leave him alone!" Jun said as she lowered the goggles over her eyes.

"Rebel 17..you are cleared 17 west for departure....have a nice day." Came the controler's words over the radio....

"Don't worry control.....I intend to...see you when I get back from the big islands!" Ken threw the throttle forward and the twin tailed racer jumped off it's breaks and rapidly screamed down the runway and into the air.

0900 Snack J's

Kenji was allready busy as it was when Jinpei finally decided to show up and don an apron behind the bar. He quickly took the first few order slips off the post behind him and began to throw the grill into full action.

"Morning Anikie Jinpei!" Kenji said as he poured several glasses of juice on a serving tray.

"Been heavy Kenji?" Jinpei asked as he flipped a minute steak on the large hot plate.

"Not as crouded as usual. Must be the vacation period for some of our big buisness friends. Where's Jun?"

"Oh....she up and decided to take a little vacation herself. Left me to run the whole ball of wax myself for once." Jinpei gave Kenji a quick, devilish glance.

"No way! You know what that means!" Kenji said as he placed another food plate out to a group of buisness suits.

"Of course...." Jinpei said as he leaned on the bar. " This place is gonna become party central again for the brat pack, well ......not realy party central this time."

"Now what does that mean?" Kenji said as he sat on a stool.

"Only one thing.....or one person......" Jinpei smiled as he turned back to the hotplate.

"No.....Misako? What about the pack? Your not turning freeky on us are you?"

Jinpei stopped talking as a police officer entered the Snack. " Hey Jinp? You got that order for me as usual?"

"Yep, right here Disaburo. Tell Bull he shouldn't try to eat the Snack out of budget. It's hard to feed half the police force when Bull eats all I got."

"No prob...Thanks Jinster." The officer said with a tip of the hat as he walked out.

Jinpei returned to the subject of Misako. " Around 1030, I'm going to Hiratska City to pick her up. I'm gonna ask her folks if she can stay with me for a week."

Kenji's eyes bulged with surprize. "Nooo.... Her parents would flip out and run you out of the house. No way in heck."

"Mr. and Mrs. Fukasaki know me Kenji, they trust me. Besides, I'm not gonna race every day from Utoland to Hiratska, I can't realy afford to."

"Especialy with this thing." Jinpei said as he pointed to his transmute bracelet.

"And what about the pack? You gonna dump us now for a girl?" Kenji asked as Jinpei stood with his hands on his hips..... " What do you think?"

Kenji just threw his hands up in the air and walked back onto the floor to take more orders and as usual, Jinpei didn't wait till night to play the CD Player at full blast.....

"We're gonna rock this town.......Rock it inside out......we're gonna rock this town make em scream and shout"................

Kenji looked back to see Jinpei cutting circles behind the bar. " Now why do I have a sudden idea that a bombs about to explode?"


11:00am Hiratska City

"Ok great swallow Jinpei, You can face the Gallactor with no problems...so why are you so worried over facing Misako's parents!"

Jinpei cruised down the seaside road of Hiratska's 246 roadway trying to work up a good speech to convince Misako's parents that their 14 year old daughter was in the safe hands of a 13 year old Gatchaman ninja. Of course he couldn't just come out and say "Hey, I work for Gatchaman kicking the snots out of green goonies, can your daughter stay over with me for a week? please?' Right.

Sam had done a good job with the tracker's suspension system as Jinpei swerved the car to test it out. He loved the little machine, it was fast and it was noisy as his sterio attested to that fact as he blasted it up to listen to his favorite old time classics.

"Well...there's the house. That's what Jun and me should live in insted of that cramped apartment above the snack." Jinpei said as he jumped out and walked up the cobblestone walk to the front door. He rarely wore nice clothes, especialy if they wern't soiled and stained every five minutes with some model paint, glue, or dirt from his playing around.

The door opened when he knocked on it and it was Misako's father that answered it.

"Ah...good morning Jinpei. Misako!! Your boy freinds here!"

Jinpei about jumped out of his shoes when he heard that remark. She came up behind her father and took Jinpei by the hand through the house and into the living room where her mom was busy setting up a lunch.

"Would you like something Jinpei?" Mrs. Fukasaki asked as she poured a cup of coffee for her husband.

"Uhh....no mam, thanks." Jinpei returned as he began to fidge about trying to get things out. Misako broke the ice....

"Daddy, Jinpei wants to take me to a movie tonight!" Jinpei seemed to slacken, thnking  Misako for her intervention.

"Actually.......I wanted to ask for both your permissions for Misako to stay over my house for a week." Jinpei said rather strait faced as Mr. Fukasaki removed his large eye glasses.

"Kinda dirrect, arn't we?" He said as he cleaned his glasses.

"Oh boy, here it comes. No!...get out...." "I don't see any problems, do you my dear?" Mr. Fukasaki said in reply.

"I don't see any problems in it at all." Jinpei jumped again in shock. It was that simple?

"You mean it?.....I thought you'd both say no to it!" Jinpei said as he once again played with his fingers.

"Your honesty betrays you my boy, if it had been any other boy on the block, I'd probably chase them down the street with a samuri sword. But you impress me for your age, your smart. I know Misako's in good hands right?"

"Oh yes! Yes sir! you can trust me. No problem! Jinpei said in reply as Misako ran into her room to pack.

"You ready?" He asked the long. black haired girl as she buckled into the tracker's thick seat.

"Sure, I'm surprized you didn't tell my parents that Jun isn't home to watch you." Misako said with a smirk as Jinpei answered with a very devilish grin.

"Well you trust me......right?" He said as he cranked the Tracker into gear. Misako burst out in laughter as they drove down the beach and onto the highway.


July 14th (Across the Int Date Line) Lonakai Island south of Hawaii 6pm

"Washio!" Came the familliar voice as it called to Ken from a parked jeep at the end of the long dirt runway. Ken could see a doty but very happy old gentlemen and his wife walking towards the airplane as he jumped from the cockpit and ran to embrace them.

"Shidahara san!" He said with joy as he embraced the old man and his wife in turn.

"My fine boy, let me look at you! Your certainly not the young man I once knew." Jiro Shidahara said with a smile as he also embraced Jun.

"Everything is ready for the both of you. That jeep there is yours, you just follow the dirt road to the other side of the island. I think you'll find the beach house a surprize?"

Ken couldn't have been more happier again in such a place. Lonakai was a small gem of the tropics with towering palm trees, the rich aromatic smells of coconut, papaia, and the many wild flowers who's scents could melt a man to death. The air was soft and warm in the evenings but heavy with mist as the cooling effect of night brought a condensation of the rising heat off the land.

Ken turned back to Jiro and offered him and his wife gifts in gratitude.

"Well....a fighter pilot's jacket! It reminds me of your father Ken, he would be proud of you and how you turned out as a man."

Jiro turned to Jun who was talking to Mrs. Shidahara. "Watch him my dear..he can be sly when he wants to be, I should know this well!"

"Don't worry Shidahara-san. He's realy a pussy cat in disguise." She said as Washio removed their bags and walked over to the jeep. Jun walked around to the driver's side and demanded the keys.

"You got to fly like a maniac Ken...now it's my turn!" She snickered in delight as she caught the keys and jumped into the seat.

One crazy glance was all it took, She cranked the shift and spun the tires in the dirt throwing a huge cloud of dust behind the jeep!

"Oh........shit!" Ken yelled as he quickly grabbed anything he could hold on too! The jeep began to fly through the trail like a bat out of hell!

"What's the matter Washio!" Jun yelled as her face was obscured by her long flowing flax of black hair. Ken was thrown skywards as the jeep hit a large bump in the trail and flew like a rocket into the air. It slammed home close to a sharp bend in the road and tipped on two wheels as Jun cranked the stearing wheel around and snarled her teeth in a near demon like enjoyment of cutting loose!

"Slow down Jun! Dam it your crazy!" Ken yelled as the jeep continued it's wild course through the tree infested, heavily brushed tropical jungle.

The clearly defined opening at the end of the trail was Jun's signal to throw the breaks for all they were worth. The jeep slid sideways into the beach sand and rotated a complete 180 to a knee jerking stop in front of the beach house.

Jun cleared the hair from her face and gave Ken a real wild look. "What's wrong Ken? I thought you liked a little foreplay?"

Ken hoped out of the jeep and shook his head. "I don't know who's wilder. You or your little brother." He said as he grabbed for the bags.

Jun came up behind him and threw her arms around him. "Try me." She said playfully as he shook her off and pointed a finger at her and tried to look somewhat miffed...... it didn't work.

It was later now, the darkness of the night acompanied by the dawning of the new moon's radiant light across the great Pacific with the calm breezes of soft winds blowing across Ken as he sat alone in the sand. Jun was still inside, setting up the beach house which left him to think of so many things at once.

But all that was soon lost as Jun slowly walked up and sat behind Ken's back and began to slowly rub the broad, stiff shoulders. Slowly the hands moved to massage the neck and face and it was there that Ken took her hands in his.

Slowly....Jun moved around. Bringing her lips along his cheek and over his own in a slow playfull manor. He seemed to break apart from her. Pull back only a little, to which she also did. "Give him space...." She thought as Ken rubbed her shoulders.

"This is all so strange." Ken said as he looked at Jun's face. " I don't......" Ken was trying to hold it back.

"No......" Jun said quietly. " You worry too much Washio. Is it because you still see me as a ninja and not as a woman?"

Ken just shook his head. " Jun......I ....oh God I love you. But I........" Ken lost his control as Jun stood up and smiled down on him. Slowly.....she removed her long T-shirt, allowing the fullness of her beauty to stand shaddowed by the rising moon.

"Ken.....allow this ninja to be a woman, the woman that you long to love." She slowly stepped back into the edge of the water as Ken began to slowly move towards her.

"That's it....come here." Jun thought as Ken seemed ashamed by his own modesty. Slowly they met in the water and carressed in each others arms. Their movements and utterence drowned by the slow songs of the waves washing over them.

Ken moved slowly, picking Jun up and craddling her as he walked to the water's edge along the beach and laid her down in the wet sand.

Jun was amazed at his firm chest, the smoothness and warmth of his skin and it pleased her. She allowed him to come closer, to cry in her bussom as she played with his thick hair.

"My beloved." She said as he moved his lips up her neck, around the cheek and playfully carressed her chin and soothed her soft lips.

"No...." Said Ken as he felt the warmth of her body awash around him. "You are my beloved." They joined in a union of souls  finally free of the bonds that had kept them apart.


July 15th 5pm Jun and Jinpei's Apartment

"No......give me that skillet and sit down!" Misako said with a slight scowl as she smacked Jinpei's hand and took the cooking skillet from him.

"Hey!.....I should be cooking for you. After all, your in my house now." Jinpei said as he gave Misako a wide smile.

"Your house maybe....but Jinpei, you couldn't cook a full dinner to save your life!" She said as she pushed Jinpei away from the stove. "Now leave me alone so I can get my Mom's special Katsudon going!"

Jinpei resigned himsef to losing this round with Misako. She wasn't afraid to rub the truth in his face, that was probably why he fell for her to begin with. He decided it was better to face the more grumpy Brat Pack that was down in the Snack than trying to reason with one determined 13 year old girl.

Things realy hadn't started to bust out yet as Jinpei entered the bar and quickly drew the fire from Kenji and the other members of the pack like 12 year old Ninji "Streeter" Otomo.

"Well look who's here! The famous Gatch Swallow who's in loooooove!" Streeter said as he pretended to mely before the others.

"Lay off him Street, I think it's beautifull!" Said Yumi Daita as she sat with her brother Jizo who was busy typing away on a lap top at the end of the bar.

Jinpei's basketball partner in crime, Rippy Kashihara was cutting loose in a wild break dance dribbling drill on the hardwood dance floor. " Lay off him? Misako the "Bambi bandit" has the Swallow hooked! You remember what Thumper said, " Aww...girls! He's twitterpated!"

Jinpei just stood there with his chest out in a defiant stance. These were his crew, all street kids he'd saved at one time or another through some lucky accident. They all knew he was Gatchaman, he trusted them all like family! They even helped Gatchaman nail various spy cells across the city too, Jinpei's private army of real streetwise spies.

"I guess asking you guys for help is out?" Jinpei said as he jumped onto the bar and sat crossing his legs.

"Depends?" Said Streeter. " If it's to run the Snack while your "enjoying yourself" it'll cost alot to keep us happy and quiet. We're not dumb you know."

Jinpei reached into his pocket and pulled out a roll of Yen bills. "You guys know how much I apreciate everything you do....let's say 70,000 yen and a day at Super Wave World this week?"

Rippy stopped dribbling and threw the ball to Streeter. "70,000?.........kinda steap isn't it? Just how far........."

Jinpei threw a hand up in Rippy's face. " Please guys.....do it for me?"

Streeter smirked. 'Oh Kami sakes, now we're all supposed to cry at this point and start making the wedding plans."

The pack exploded in laughter as Jinpei tried to hide his embarassed look.

"Allright......" Streeter said while he tapped Jinpei on the head. " We'll do it. But 70,000 is kinda overdoing it. 40,000 and the Water Park and you've got a deal."

Jinpei patted the grunge wearing, wild haired Streeter on the shoulder. "Thanks you guys! Your all the greatest." Jinpei said as he left the Brat Pack to run the Snack, run being the hopefull word of the day where they were concened.


The dinner was as great as Misako had promised! She could make killer Katsudon and baked Unagi better than Jun ever could, but dare Jinpei to challange his sister with that fact.

They had been watching the latest CD movie release "Unrequented Love" for the past hour and a half, more than once their hands locked together as they sat on Jinpei's bed under the big glass ceiling above their heads. The music player of the Snack J below could be faintly heard through the hardwood floor and of course the sundrious mess that Jinpei normally left his room in when Jun was out.

They lay there, side by side, looking up at the clear night and the stars that penetrated the light poisons of the city skyline. Jinpei pointed out several of the clusters, all which he knew well since he had been up in space over a hundred times now.

"And...what's that one?" He asked Misako who snuggled closely on his shoulder.

"The big dipper?" She answered as he yawned and knoded in reply.

"You ever wonder about the other things people talk about when their in bed?" Misako asked as she rolled on her side and rested her head on an upraised hand.

"Well....how about animals?" Jinpei said as he played with his fingers. " I like animals alot."

Misako reached for a big stuffed whale that sat close to Jinpei's pillow and held it on her chest. "You like whales huh?"

"Not so much as I like seals." Jinpei turned to face Misako. "Seals are cool, very friendly, they like humans alot. Especialy the one's you see at the circus or the water park. Their funny to watch."

Jinpei jumped up on the bed and pretended to be a seal with his hands clapping and the wild side to side motion seals made when they "walked". It made Misako bust out as he got closer and quickly gave her a wet smootch on the cheek!"

"Hey!" Misako said with a smile as Jinpei waddled about and gave her another kiss on the cheek. " I've never seen a seal kiss like that!" She smirked. "Why don't they kiss the right way?"

"Oh......." Jinpei said as he waddled around and placed his face against her's. "Oh but they do..." He kissed her on the lips and moved backwards over the bed only to fall flat on his back on the floor!

Misako followed him and landed on top of his stomach with a jolt. She then pushed him with a thump and looked into his eyes.....'Now, let's see if seals can realy kiss!"

She moved her face slowly, allowing their lips to meet and a wave of warmth to wash over them. Jinpei sensed the warm glowing thoughts of pleasure at first which were soon overtaken by other thoughts which caused  him to slowly roll Misako away to the side.

He lay there as she once again grabbed his hand. "Can I sleep with you tonight Jinpei?" she asked as she rubbed his arm and snuggled under his chin.

At first, he wanted to refuse her. It would be going into things Jun would get upset over if she ever found out. But then again...why not if they chose to keep away from all that.

"Ok....but I want you to wear......" Misako stopped him cold.

"Jinpei............." Misako laughed as she got up and jumped onto the bed. "Is this ok for you?" she said as she took her watch off and threw it on the floor.

"It's fine." The boy returned as he slowly joined her and started to tell her again why seals made better kissers than humans.


8am July 15  Lonakai Island

Ken anoi...

How I love thee....My love of thee more precious than all treasure provide....

How long has thou suffered and pained for me, grieved to the edge of restraint against the truth which now flys as free as the morning dove.

With you..my love...my heart and soul are complete to offer thee joys and bring thee peace to thy restless and burning soul...

When I am with you, I am again a woman in all fullness and desire. to complete thee in this life and that life which follows forever after.

I joy for thee and am yours for all eternity my darling love...my anoi Ken....

It was true, Ken thought as he lay in bed and held the letter Jun had written to him after last night. He felt new, the pains and hurt of years washed away by her love. He sat up and could see her sitting on the small veranda outside quietly eating from a bowl of mixed fruits and looking happy herself.

Putting on his morning robe, Ken slowly walked out and ran his hands softly over her shoulders and across her bosom untill he held her tightly from behind.

"Jun......" He couldn't say more, insted... he allowed his actions to do it. The soft kiss on the neck, a gentle grasping of a hand, the stroke of a lock of hair.

Jun reached for a fruit, a piece of pineapple, and slowly brought it up to Ken's snuggled head where he slowly let it slip into his mouth...

At last, he finaly moved to sit down across from her, their hands still locked in a loving embrace.

"I have a surprize for you today." Ken said as he reached for another fruit on the table. 'Something I know you'll like."

"May I ask what?" Jun said as she gave him a cool smile.

"Do you like........coral?" Ken asked as he to smiled back at Jun.

The world turned from blues and greens to pastels, soft and radiant. The light shimmered in flowing, rythmic cascades of white which complimented the underwater beauty of the coral reef of Lonakai.

Jun had been diving many times, in many places, though a great deal were in operations where time for seeing was thrust aside and shunned. Now for the first time in her life, she was held spellbound to the creation before her.

They swam amoung swarms of multi-colored fish. Ken swam close to her as they came face to face with a bat winged manta that played and moved with effortless grace about them.

The corals were magnificent glows of color, milky whites and crimson reds, sunburst yellows and cool greens all covered with the simbious pagentry of dancing schools of fish. Jun felt as if she would die if Ken were not there to hold her, to point out the wonders before her, to ease her own soul.

He brought her slowly to the surface, their fins protecting them from the sharp coral below. He removed her mask and embraced her in his strong arms again.

"If Gallactor ever ends this insane war, Jun anoi, I want to know if you'd ever care to marry me?" Ken said unashamed as he stroked her flowing hair.

"Yes......Ken anoi.......yes." Jun returned as Ken beamed brightly and kissed her with tears flowing from his eyes.

"Sometimes, I thought myself unworthy of you." He said as she held his face and wiped the flows away.

"Anoi.....you have always been worthy, a thousand times worthy. Why have you waited so long to say this?" She said softly as Ken removed her hands and sloly fell back into the water, carrying her on his chest towards the shore. He could offer no answer that would serve her justice, only acts would. He helped her up and quietly walked with her along the gentle beach, hand in hand, heart in heart.


9am July 16th Snack J's

"Whack!" "Ouch! arrr.....!" Jinpei growled as he pushed himself out from under the tracker and put his hands to his hurt head.

"My sister does that to me all the time when I'm working under there! Now you know why I'm so crazy at times Missy!"

Misako laughed as she helped Jinpei to his feet. "Oh your sucha grouch in the morning." She said as she leaned on the car. "So what's wrong with it this time?" she asked as Jinpei threw his tools in the trunk.

"Nothing realy, just tightening a few bolts on the centerline. If you haven't figured it out yet...I kinda run this thing into the ground when I drive it. Want to go for a quick spin?"

Misako walked over to the other side and jumped into the seat as Jinpei cracked his fingers and started the engine. He changed the CD in his player to something he called "less wild", if Van Hallen was ever less wild!

The tracker screeched into the street and roared off with the player at full blast....

"That's what makes us Human's being!!!! "Shine....on.............Shine.....on.........!

Misako just sat back and relaxed in the thick seat as Jinpei bobbed around to the music and sang the lyrics behind a set of sun glasses. He wasn't always like this of course, but with Jun out of his hair he felt free to let things go.

She reached for the volume control on the CD player and turned it down as Jinpei took his glasses off and gave her a weird look.

"Don't like the music?" He asked as he reached for his CD case.

"Where are we going?" She asked as he replaced the Van Hallen with something more soothing........

"Ventura highway..........in the sunshine....... where the days are longer and the nights are stronger.....than moonshine.....

"Oh....I got something to pick up at the Sogo's down town. After that.....we could hit the beach for a bit." Jinpei went back to his happy singing as Misako joined in as they drove through downtown and found a place to park near the large department store.

The Sogo was crowded as always during the weekends as Jinpei and Misako walked through the ground floor where there were various tailors and jewlers and the scents of purfumes hung heavily in the air.

Jinpei took Misako to the second floor and a small coffee shop he often went too when he and Jun came by to shop for clothes." Get us some coffee and I'll be right back." He told her as he walked out and quickly ran down a flight of stairs to a nearby jewler.

"Hi. My names Jinpei Sakura and I ordered a locket here a week ago?"

The clerk looked through his records and quickly found the necklass and wrapped it up. " Very nice...that'll be 50,000 yen." The man as Jinpei quickly threw the wad of cash on the counter and ran back upstairs to the coffee shop.

"You wanted a double mocca right?" Misako asked Jinpei as he jumped onto the stool. "Yup! He said as he yawned and looked at Misako's dress.

"You know what? I bet a new white satin dress would make you look realy cool." He said as he gave her arm a light brush with his hand.

"Gomasuri Jinpei!" Misako said as she hit him in the arm.

' Flattery? What's wrong with the truth?" He asked as she blushed. " You would look very beautifull.....to me." He said as she giggled and pushed him away.

"Comeon....." He said as he got up and paid the bill. "Let's go to the beach for a while." He took her by the hand and ran down to the tracker to once again scream off with the CD Player blasting away........

"But I still......haven't found.....what I'm lookin  for!"..........But I still......haven't found....what I'm lookin for.............

Jinpei brought the Tracker onto the stretch of beach which wasn't so crowded and quickly took his shoes and socks off. "Comeon!......let's go!" He insisted as Misako thought he was crazy.

"We didn't bring any bathing suits!" She said as Jinpei picked her up off her feet.

"Bathing suits? Were not going swimming! I just can't give you this gift I got for you unless we're in the right spot."

She shot him a glance as they waded into the water. "Have you flipped?" She asked as he let her down and turned her back to him.

"Close your eyes." He asked as she wondered what he had.

"Misako....close em?" He said again as she relented to him.

Jinpei pulled the red box from his pocket and brought the large lockett around Misako's head and screwed the two locking clasps on the chain together.

"Ok..........you can look at it now." He said.

Misako was in near shock. The heart lockett was solid gold with two diamond dolphins on both sides of it! It was big, much bigger than the normal heart locketts she'd seen on other girls at school. Inside, there was Jinpei's picture with some faint design she could hardly make out embossed over it. But it didn't matter to her at all.

"Do you like it?" Jinpei asked as he stood with an inocent looking grin on his face.

Misako took him by the shoulders and gave him a long, loving kiss. "It's just perfect......"

They stood there amoung the waves in warm embrace.


The day had been fun, even in the midst of the summer heat. The time at the beach offered a rest from the broil the apartment had become because the air conditioner wasn't working to well. But Misako didn't mind that at all, she was upstairs sleeping or so Jinpei thought as he climbed the stairs and found her lying in his bed on her stomach with a pair of flowered panties her only clothing.

"It can't be that hot up here?" He asked as she smiled at him.

"Try it....You bet it is. Certainly not cool enough for PJ's. Your not scared are you?" She asked him as he looked about and smirked. " Sort of...then again I think I'll die more from embarrassmentment than anything."

"Well........." She asked as Jinpei tried to dodge out of joining her.

Reluctantly, Jinpei gave in and slowly removed his clothes till he stood next to the bed, allowing Misako to see the embroidered sea lions on his underwear.

"Aww......isn't that cute? Where did you get the cute seal roos?" She made him break out and blush as he flopped on the bed and looked away from her.

"It's not easy to talk about. My sister took a pair from my laundry and practiced her sewing on them! She never expected me to actually wear them, lier, she knew my weakness for anything with a seal on it.

Misako grabbed the elastic waist band and snapped it hard against Jinpei's side! He flinched and rolled to grab her by the arms and pull her towards him.

"Nobody does that and get's away with it..." He said as he crept closer and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "But I'm forgiving........"

Jinpei reached for the light and turned it down as the two quietly feel to sleep in each other's arms............


Lonakai July 15 9pm

The air was once again clean and cool as Ken held Jun in his arms next to a small fire on the beach. Her mood seemed reflectant at the moment, had been this way most of the evening. He was begining to think something was wrong or that she had grown a little  melancholy.

"Jun?" Ken asked as he shook her out of her stillness. "What's wrong?"

She looked at him and laughed a little, then slowly turned her head. "I was just thinking of my little brother."

Ken raised his head. "Oh......well we could call him from here. Chances are he'd fly out so fast we couldn't pack fast enough to escape. You left him alone Jun, not me."

"I'm not worried about him handling the Snack Ken, so much as I am with him being in love."

Ken turned around and quickly took a sip of his beer. " Jun.....he's 13 years old, not five or seven, or ten. I know he gets upset when you jump his case every now and then."

Jun played a hand through the still warm beach sand and allowed it to flow from her fingers. " That's just it, he's a teenager now. I have to keep watching his back to make sure he doesn't get crazy....."

Ken took her by a hand and gently squeezed it. " Your brother's a good kid Jun. You've done a great job raising him, but it's time you start cutting the cords and letting him go his own way. I trust Jinpei to do the right thing, more so because you took care of him when he needed you."

She laughed at Ken's little speech, her brother was a good kid, all be it wild at times but sill a good kid at heart. Maybe it was time for her to let him slowly go his own course, be on his own provided she was still close by to keep him in the right lane. Time would tell.

Ken became retrospective now, sitting back on the blanket and taking in a breath of air. " Bringing your brother up Jun has me worried more about Joe." He said as she turned to look at him.

"Joe? Is it something serious?" She asked. " He's getting worse by the day Jun...more and more vindictive, consumed by anger and gult. Remember when he took on that dinomecha the day Jinpei spiked his beers? He broke down after I told him he had turned the fight with Gallactor into a personal killing vendeta that's eating him alive..........Jun I'm scared for him."

Jun did care for Joe, but an earlyer attempt to talk with him before they had planned their trip, failed. He simply became more widthdrawn to himself. She could see the tired eyes, the long face, and she could see the dead man's syndrome all to clearly.

"Jun.......If I don't or can't swey him soon, Joe will end up dead! For Kami sakes he's my best friend and it's like watching him die and you can't control that!"

Jun moved around so tha Ken could better see her as he talked. " Then restrict him? Take him off the team! Tell the Doctor to remove Joe before he gets himself killed Ken!" Jun said back with equal fear in her voice.

"You know I can't and won't do that Jun as much as I want too. Joe would just haul off on his own and freelance it against Gallactor, no. As long as he's with us he stands a good chance of living through this with us. We're all getting out of this dammed war alive."

For moments it seemed as if they would say nothing more. The fire burned itself down to nothing while they lay back to watch the stars above. It was Jun who finaly started talking more pleasing thoughts to her lover.

"What about after the war? What then?" She asked Ken as he pulled a large bottle of champaign from a bucket and passed her a glass.

"Well.....there's the matter of college for you, me, Joe, and Ryu. Jinpei will be starting High School about that time...... on second thought, I think he should go to my father's acadamy school in Dartmoth England.

"Acadamy?" Jun asked. "He'd hate it!" Ken smiled and shook his head. "Dartmoth is the most prestigious Vocational school in the world Jun. They got the best animal sciences study course around. He'd ace it in a heartbeat and I bet he'd love it."

"Oh sure...probably keep a horse or a seal in his dorm room as a pet. I can see Doctor Jinpei Dolittle troting around the campus, could you?"

Ken started to keel over from the affects of the champaign, laughing like crazy as Jun wisely hid the bottle under the blanket and helped him to his feet.

"I have a feeling though that old Ryu will go back home to start fishing again. I've tried to make him something of a city rat but of course Commander Washio leader of battles is a looser when it comes to character study."

"You are not!" Jun said as she held him up and found to her own starttled surprize that she too was affected by the champaign. " You know me, don't you?" She said as she grabbed his shirt and all but tore it as she pulled it off of him and threw it behind her.

He was surprized at her, 'Your drunk Jun? A capital offense in my book." He grabbed her shirt and likewise pulled it off! the sudden jerk sent Ken flying down onto the sand as Jun jumped on top of him and giggled.

"So.....how many kids should we have after we're married? Jinpei wants to know so he can be the popular, children spoiling uncle that makes the kids troublemakers and brats!"

Ken tried to think through his drunken haise. " Let's give him ten kids, make the little ferret earn his pay. That way he has to pay the kids all his paycheck and end up broke!"

"Ken Washio, how deviously creul thou art!" Jun said as she grabbed Ken's cheeks and pulled them apart playfully. She quickly got up and ran for the beach house with Ken right behind her. The both of them stumbled through the open screen door and crashed with a thump on the floor.

Ken soon found himself on his back, the slow feeling of Jun's body enveloping him, enclosing him with it's softness and beauty. Her face was soothing....playfull....erotic.....

"I think we should have a small house." Jun said as she lowered herself, allowing Ken to cover her in sensual kissing.

"Always the simple one.....a small house in....?" Ken asked as he rolled her over and played with her neck.

"Well.......I'm not keen on staying in Utoland or any city space that's for sure. ummm............Shinotsu?"

Ken raised his head. "Shinotsu?, now that's a small place. Practicly a farming villiage where you need a horse for getting through the Japanese Alps. You realy want that?"

She smiled." The pension plan from the ISO and Doctor Nambu will cover the whole thing! It'll be great, I've even seen the space in the hills where we could build the house."

Ken sat up with the bed as a rest and pulled Jun onto his lap, pausing to kiss her gentle lips. " And Jinpei?" He asked.

"I have his ownership papers for the Snack all set up for him if he wants it, if not, He can always have a room with us till he finds his own way."

Ken allready knew what Jinpei's way was long before Jun ever knew it herself. The time and the conditions just wern't prepaired to show themselves as of yet, but Ken knew her little brother would be long gone before he'd take the Snack over, perhaps sooner than they thought. But that was a time best left to it's own designs as the two lovers remained wrapped in their own dance of  desires.


July 17 10am.......TOKYO WAVE WORLD

"Now watch this....the master at work!" Jinpei screamed as he waited for the next large wave to come rumbling from the back of the enormous swimming tank. At Tokyo Wave World, you didn't get just "waves", the sign out front promised the word MONSTER as the proper description. And monsters they were.

Jinpei cought the undertow of a good 15 footer, his boogie board drawn high into the crest as Misako's stayed on the bottom. She watched with laughter as Jinpei was thrown ahead, wildly flailing his arms as the wave crashed right on top of him!

Up he came coughing and spitting as his Thai friend and fellow Brat Packer Zim Zim Shrei swam up to see if he'd taken in too much water.

"Way to go Great one!" Zim said as he clapped his hands in jest. "Is that how you land most of time or do you call it an art form?"

Another Packer, a young girl named Shioko Rei also joined in the teasing. "Obviously, that was a well executed ninja move. Never seen better."

Zin watched as Misako and her young friend Yumi Daita swam by them on their way to catch another wave. "Your lucky Jin, Misako's a realy nice girl. Have you told her about the G word yet?"

Jinpei shook his head. "I realy don't intend to. I rather she didn't know just yet. I don't want her getting involved with us, it's much to dangerous as it is."

Shioko frowned. "There's rumors that Tut's back in town. Possibly with Gallactor help this time around as well. Jizo told me he has some encripted files he found during a Net Dive two days ago."

Jinpei stood watching Misako as she cought a wave and flew by the group screaming with delight........

"Jin? Did you hear me?" Shioko asked as he stood still faced.

"Oh..........oh yeah, Tut. I'm sorry Shio.... I had.....other things on my mind."

"Hmph...." The girl said as she and Zin Zin walked away to catch more waves.....

Jinpei was thinking, and still thinking long into the afternoon ...about a different subject.


All was quiet and still, just what Jinpei needed after a day like today was. He was sore all over from constant swimming and the soothing salted bath offered a warm respit for him.

Behind him, came the faint footsteps and the slow opening of the sliding door. Misako slowly came up behind him and touched his shoulders lightly as she reached into the tub.

"Can I join you?" She asked. Jinpei became nervous, hesitant, but he still felt in control. "Sure..."

She sat behind him, slowly rubbing his back with a bath cloth, running her fingers though his hair. Jinpei began to feel warm, relaxed, tired as Misako began to pull him back towards her.

He resisted at first, afraid for her to see him as he was, natural modesty that soon melted before her soothing touch. He rested on her lap allowing her hands to wash over his chest.

"I've never seen so many cuts and scars on you before." She said as she rubbed a very vicious looking scar above Jinpei's left brest.

"Hmph.......I've been a wild little kid. It's a habit for me to come home witha gash every so often....Jun thinks she should keep me on a child safety leash to keep me out of trouble."

He raised his right leg to point out a very nasty series of scars on the upper thigh. "My sister's Harley. I tried to ride it when I was ten. The pavement won that stunt."

Misako laughed as Jinpei slowly rolled onto his stomach and gently kissed her stomach, he moved slowly up her body to her face where he tickled her nose with his....

'You know....there's much about me you don't know , I realy can't tell you about it all yet...."

Misako touched his face. "I'd like to know one thing.....can you love me?"

Jinpei didn't catch her at first. "I already do, so why ask?"

"No.....I mean....can you realy love me?" She gave him a long kiss as he pondered what she was asking. Slowly, he moved from the tub and took her hand......"I don't know yet, can you trust me?"

The war had started long before the moment had come. An inner war between the spirits of the young boy and the firey adolescent, the disoplined ninja and the passion born lover, the independent thinking young man and the obediant brother. Now it was coming to a boil as Jinpei slowly took Misako into his arms.

He could hear all the voices at once it seems. "You love her, prove it!" " Wait, your not ready for this yet?" " She loves you dearly, she asks you to make her happy." "Don't be a fool!"......

On and on through his head as the heat of emotions built and he could feel her slowly envelop him in waves of pleasure he'd never experianced before...

A sudden snap, a realization suddenly raced through his mind. And it all ended. Misako sat stunned as Jinpei rolled from the bed and walked from the room...

She found him sitting on the couch, shaking like a leaf untill she wrapped him in a blanket and held him steady.

'Jinpei?" She said quietly as she stroked his damp hair and ease his trembling.

"I'm sorry.....' He said. "I promised my sister, your parents,....I did a real stupid thing tonight. I wasn't ready for this, I knew it, but I tried to do it anyways. Did I hurt you?"

She smiled and shook her head. "No. But I have too be just as responsible as you. I wasn't ready either, though I wanted to be. I love you so much." She said as she began to slowly cry.

Jinpei took her gently in his arms and rubbed her smooth skin. " I know...I can't hold back loving you Missy, but It's better we wait till we're realy ready for this. And when we are? It'll be when were both married......promise me that?"

Misako said nothing, but allowed her  touch to say enough for her. Jinpei slowly rose from the couch, craddled Misako in his arms, and carried her back to his room to enjoy the stars again untill they both fell sound asleep.


July 16th 11am Lonakai Island

Jun looked at Ken's face with a touch of pleasure at it's scruffy apearence. He had allowed the stubble to grow out into a thin beard that she played with to wake him from his sleep.

"Rise and shine sleepy, or are you going to throw away our last day here by snoring me crazy?"

Ken rose up and stretched out as Jun handed him a cup of coffee off the nearby in table. " So...what's the plan for today Commander?" Jun asked as Ken climbed out of bed and rubbed his shaggy face.

"Well....there's that volcano at the end of the island we haven't seen yet. Shiro told me it's quite a view from the top and there's a path through some very beautifull bush that you might enjoy. Heck, bring your drawing pad Jun and I'll model for you when we get up there."

Jun smiled at the thought. " Nude I hope?" she said with a grin.

Ken gave her a cursed look as if she were crazy. "Not this time out...though I've never made love atop a volcano before?" He said in return.

Jun gave him a push back onto the bed as she went to get her artist kit from the duffle bag on the dresser draw. She thought about the offer, tempting......but then again, it was said to be a bad omen for a couple to "get it on." next to a steaming volcano, and Jun had always been respectfull of taboo theologies as wild as they may be.

The trip up to the summit was beautifull. the colors were so rich, to say nothing of the local birds. One that Jun had the time enough to sketch was a rare Ocampi Toucan that seemed all to nice to sit still on a branch while she sketched away with her pencils. The picture would make a nice gift to Jinpei when they went home tomorrow.

Lonakai's Mount Holimai was an active steamer volcano not as big or imposing as other famous volcanoes but still impressive to watch during the late evenings when the steam took on a radient blue hue as it escaped the superheatd rocks in the creator. Ken found a nice chunk of lava rock to sit apon as Jun began to sketch him out amidst the rising steam from the creator behind him.

"You know, your actually easier to draw than Joe? I can't get his face right for some reason. All those rock cut lines in his jaw give me a faulse sense of deformity." She said as Ken took a rest from sitting still.

"Don't tell him that, you might upset him!" Ken said back as he once again became rigid. Jun marveled at Ken's apearance, his smooth features, that look of control and strenth in his visage. It wasn't a false  apearence by any measure though at times it hid the inner pains and problems in his life very well. She thought again of Joe and his pain was all to evident when she drew his portraits. He was a man in pain, fighting pain, and showing pain ,though he wouldn't tell her, she knew it all too well.

Jun stopped to look at the scenes around her, sad that they had to return to the duties of the moment the next day, sad that she and Ken had to melt back to that obscurity of orders and disopline that placed a hated wall between them. But the job had to be done, the war they hated had to be brought to it's end if they or anyone was going to have a better future.

Ken slipped off his seat on the Lava rock to view the portrait with a smile and a touch of Jun's cheek, "Your getting better at this Jun. Say, do I realy have a scar there?" Ken asked as he pointed to a deep pencil line under his right eye at the cheek bone.

Jun erased it. "I thought a battle scar would make you look....tougher." She said as she held the pad out and examined her work. " Then again.......maybe not."


"Think it over what you just said......... "Think it over in your pritty little head......... "are you sure I'm not the one..... "Is your love real but only fun........ " Think it over.......you think it over......... "Before my heart grows old and cold...........

Ken swayed in his seat as Jun thumped away on her stratocaster guitar on the other side. She was quite a musician as well as an artist and the Buddy Holly tune sounded funny and sweet all at once. She stood up and began to swing about the floor as her fingers worked the strings...

"Think it over and let me know...... "Think it over but don't be slow........ "Just remember all birds and bees.... "Go by two's through life's mysteries....... "You think it over.......Yes think it over...... "Before my heart grows cold and old..........

Now Ken jumped from his seat began to dance carefree about the pourch, grasping Jun by her hands he swung her about as she kept singing the song without her guitar.....

"Think it over and think of me.... "Think it over and you will see....... " The happy day when you and I..... " Think as one and kiss the two's goodbye..... "Think it over........you think it over...... "Before my heart grows cold and old.......

Ken slowly dipped Jun over his left leg and held her there as he stroked her fine hair and told her how much she ment to him. As they went back to dancing and playing the rest of the night, they didn't get to see the elderly couple watching them from the distance of the beach. Shiro took Alma in his arms and pointed out the blessings of young love.


6pm July 18th Snack J

"So much for a quiet evening." Jinpei said as he handed another plate of chicken to Nanau in the now crowded Snack J. Once again the party master Minori Sendai was back with her overly large crowd of fanatical summer students who craved good cooking, good drinking, and good partying.

Jinpei was thankfull that the Brat Pack was out in force running the floor and the tables as Minori went into another of her long singing stints on the small stage.......

"Wave your hands in the air!!! "If you feel allright!!! "We're gonna party into overtime.........

"She's tearing up the floor tonight early Jin!" Rippy Kashihara said as he took another big pitcher of beer out onto the floor past a rather huge monster of a man who made a quick note of the kids age and the beer he was carrying.

"Hey you." The man said as Jinpei turned around and burried his face into a mountain of chest. " If you don't know me yet my name is John Estees, I'm an exchange police officer from New York with a certain Officer Dizaburo Ban."

Jinpei smiled as he looked up. "Oh yeah,

your Bull! I guess your hear to bust me for running the place with underage workers?"

"Nope." Said the policeman in reply. "I'm here to see a girl named Minori."

Jinpei pointed Minori out and watched as she saw Bull and flew from the stage into his big arms.

"Hey Minori. Long time no see...." Bull said as Minori got him to dance in the middle of the group of College kids. For a big guy, This New York cop was cutting the floor up like it was nothing.

Jinpei turned around to Misako who was busy cooking a pile of beef on the hot plate. "Hey...let's show that guy how to realy dance!" Jinpei grabbed Minori by the hand and ran out into the floor where he proceeded into a wild series of circles and breaks that had Bull moving out of the way to avoid hitting the wired, long haired kid.

Rippy didn't want to be left out and since he did better with a basketball than a girl, he decided to do an imprompt and wild dribbling drill that quickly pushed Jinpei and Misako from the center of the floor.....

"Come on Come on!!.......na na na na.... "Come on Comeon!!........na na na na....

"Hey rippy!! You gonna marry that thing!" Misako screamed as the Snack roared to the wild demonstration. Jinpei just held his hand to his forehead at the insanity being created before him. All he needed was for the crowd to get out of control and he could  kiss his driving privilages goodbye!

Thank Kamei of course for good fortunes. The party ended early, reducing the Snack to the quiet , summer time bar atmosphere by 10 o'clock.

"See you tomorrow Jin!" Kenji said as he left Jinpei and Misako alone together at the bar. Jinpei sellected a set of soft songs and dimmed the lights.

"Hey....I got this drink you can try with me. You'll like it." He said as he brought out a few bottles from behind the bar and a small glass from the overhead rack.

Misako watched as he slowly poured the bottles one after the other, allowing the thick liquids to stack atop each other in a rainbow of red, blue, orange, pink, and fire yellow.

"Now...I call this Skittle stripes. Very sweet, but you have to sip it slow or you'll wind up feeling realy weird." He told her as he dropped two straws into the glass and both of them slowly sipped as their noses touched.

'That was fun." Misako said as she smiled and rested her head on her folded arms.

"Too bad this had to be the last night you could stay over." Jinpei said as his finger traced about the bar top. " About last night....."

"Stop it." Misako said as she looked up. " I'm glad you were honest....that took alot of courage." She said as she stroked his chest.

Jinpei looked about the room and walked towards the front door. He locked it and just stood there thinking for a moment as he asked Misako to join him on the dance floor.

"There's something else that was bugging me till now.....it's something I realy didn't want you to know but you need too. You ever heard of Gatchaman?"

Misako knoded. "Yeah, their realy brave! They've been fighting those evil Galalctor guys for a long time haven't they?"

"We sure have." Jinpei said which brought Misako to laugh.

"We? Your a real joker sometimes Jinpei." She said as he shook his head.

"No jokes....watch this." Jinpei moved his arm and switched to birdstyle right before her eyes!

Misako just stood there, looking at the wild bird like clothing with a sense of sudden shock. "you?" She said as she touched his cape. "Well I guess it fits you well, you have the attitude for it."

"Your not scared? Your not upset?" He asked as they bgan to dance around the floor.

"Why should I be? I love Jinpei no matter what he is, bird or boy."

"I'm not a........" She cut him off and threw his hands behind her.

"Just shut up and dance Bird man.".............

"I will cross the ocean for you......... "I will go and bring you the moon........ I will be your hero........your strenth.....anything you need..... "I will be the sun in your sky........ "I will light your way for all time.........

Promise you...for you I will............

Promise you........for you I will..................   


July 17  7am Lonakai

Shiro embraced Ken and Jun tightly as he said his final goodbyes to them both. The news that they were planing to marry brought him and his wife joy.

"I can't wait to see you two together after all you've been through. Specialy you Washio, your father would be so proud."

Ken gave Shiro a hard shake by the shoulders as he wished him and the wife all the best. "You ready to go Jun?" He asked as Jun climbed into the rear seat and gave Ken the thumbs up sign with her hand.

"Well.......Ken said as he took one last look about Lonakai. "Time to get back into the thick of things isn't it Jun?"

"You bet Commander....." She said as he looked back at her. "Jun, from now on when were off duty, it's Ken...." He blew her a kiss as the engine of his plane leaped to life and slowly pulled the super eagle onto the runway and into the air for the return trip home.

6pm July 19 The beach near Misako's house.

The two young lovers rolled happily in the sand as the sun slowly dipped below the watered horrizen of the Pacific. Jinpei stopped to give another long kiss to Misako before taking her back to her home.

They walked together, hand in hand, to the front door, stopping to hug and kiss again before finally letting go and laughing as they both thought about their days together.

"I bet if I talk to Jun, she'd probably let you stay over after this week. Let me ask her?"

Misako replied warmly. "Sure, If you get called in.....be carefull."

Jinpei knoded, " The Great Swallow Jinpei is allways carefull, you know that."

Misako couldn't help herself, she took him back in her arms once more and whispered "Lier......." She gave him one more kiss before leaving him to go back home alone.

And so it ends, this quiet time of love for these young people caught up in a time of war......which would start again all too soon. But for a small, bright moment. Love had won this time around.........

the end
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