Pee Wee's lessons by Daniel Rush
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Pee Wee's lessons
A G-Force short fic told by Pee Wee about being a bonehead! Ouch, that hurts, I'm talking about the knot in my head as I sit here writing this.

Ace and I were walking around in Pattya Beach Thailand on assignment today looking for a bunch of stupid goons running what Dirk calls "a money pit", but Ace decided to take a break at this open air bar called "Marry lynns"

I realy liked this place because of the realy neat kickboxers! There's two rings in this place where you can watch them fight and I thought it was cool to see kids my age doing some cool martial arts!

Well you know me, I told ace I could get up there and beat those kids with no problem. He just looks at me with the usual "I don't know about that Pee Wee." look he uses to tell me "no, don't even think about it pal."

I needled him, "Comeon Ace! This looks too easy! It's just like karate, I can beat that kid that's up there now!"

Me and my big mouth. They heard me talking! , the kickboxer's that is, and that same kid walked to the side of the ring and waved at me, invited me to get in the ring!

"Pee Wee!" Ace shouted as I walked up to the stairs. "Ace, just sit back and watch the show, this will be realy quick!"

Well here I was, my shirt and shoes off with this bandana tied around my head and these realy big gloves on my hands! Oh this kid was a shrimp! skinny as a rail! It wouldn't even be a good fight!

Here came this weird flute music to start things off, yeah these guys dance to this stuff so I can dance too, a little bit but I can dance.

I came right up to this kid and "THRACK!"

Next thing I knew, I was on the floor holding the side of my head! "Hey!" I got up and came in again!


Oh man! Where did everything go! I could hear Ace yelling "Get out of there Pee Wee!" Get out my foot! This kid was just lucky!

By this time I was becoming a little angry.


Never saw that kick till I felt my side cave in! Had the bell not rung, my clock would have gotten cleaned!!

Ace was a bit upset of course, My right eye was bruised, I had a bloody nose, and......that little creep knocked one of my teeth out!!

"That does it Ace! I'm cleaning the floor with that little jerk!" I yelled as Ace gave me a real mean look.

" You can forget that! I'm taking you out of here before he kills you!"

Stubborn me......I rolled around Ace's shoulder as the bell rang and came at this little kid looking to make him.........


I didn't see a thing after that kick, except stars, and I think I heard Ace calling for Hootie but I'm not sure.....


I woke up all bruised and sore with that kid sitting by the bed and Ace on the other side holding an ice pack to my realy smarting jaw.

"Are you ok?" The kid asked me with a smile as I tried not to look at him. I was ten and he had to be at least eight or nine. I was ashamed and a bit upset.

Ace pointed to him. " Pee Wee, meet the reining champion of Pattya's Mui Tai light division, Ashree Khan of the Temple of Wisdom.

Ashree seemed more concerned with me feeling lousy and hurt than anything. "I'm sorry Pee Wee, Your not the first person to try and do something their not ready for. I get sailors coming into Marry Lynns all the time trying to fight me, they walk out just as bad as you did."

" I feel like a jerk." I said to him. "I never thought a kid younger than me could beat me up like that."

" You didn't know that Mui Tai's the national sport and the national defense of my country? Every Thai person is taught this. That's why foreigners have such a tough time invading our country."

Ace was curious. "What about Gallactor?"

"Gallactor?.........they were here for about a day......untill the national army caught up with them.....they wisely left."

Boy was that an experiance! I've learned alot since then about shooting my stupid mouth off about things I didn't know time I get in the ring.....I'll clean.......

There I go again!
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