As time goes by by Ebonyswanne
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Story Notes:
This is my very first attempt at writing a story...

You must remember this a kiss is still a kiss a sigh is just a sigh it’s still the same old story a fight for love and glory as time goes by…..

The words of a song that belonged another war and time went through the old mans mind as he sat on the front verandah with his wife watching the sun slowly setting in the distance.

It had been a beautiful autumn day, so crisp and clear from rain the previous day.

The grassy hills reflected the same bright green colour of his wife’s beautiful eyes.

His arm was resting around her shoulders. Then he felt her head drop softly onto his chest. He held her hand in his hand more tightly, as he had done many times over the last 60 years of their marriage, today was their 60th year wedding anniversary, their love for each other never fading, with the passing of time.

How the years seemed to pass so quickly, they had four children, three boys and girl, nine grandchildren and five great grandchildren.

He turned his clear blue eyes sky ward as he watched the setting sun, eyes that reflected the colour of the blue sky that he had often in his youth called his home.

He had not flow there in a plane on his own for 15 years but his youngest son often took him up in his light plane for time together. It bought a small sad smile to his face at the memories.

Memories of days that felt like they were yesterday laughter, pain, joy and sorrow, of friends and family who had long since left the Earth for a better place.

Of a war that he had fought long ago, and of enemies that had been defeated to bring peace to the world. The days of the wars he fought still vivid in his mind.

The stories of Gatchaman and the Science Ninja Team, who were still a mystery to many, had faded into legend for the historians to debate over and his grandchildren’s school assignments. Who better to tell the story than the grandparents who had lived it!

Was it worth it? Yes was his answer yes it was.

His heart saddened at the memory of his 12 year daughter who died in his arms of leukemia, and he remembered how his brothers and their families came to support them through those difficult days that followed.

She was so brave asking her father and mother not to cry. He still felt pain at her memory even now; she was so much like him.

Those three brothers who he had fought along side him and had faced many enemies in battle together, were now gone. His youngest brother finally succumbed to cancer only a few months before.

He missed them so much.

His arm tightened around her pulling her closer to him as his breath caught in his throat, not wanting to let her go, but knowing that eventually he must, it was her time. The sun had begun to sink lower in the sky.

Suddenly he saw something there…. it took him a moment to realize what it was because he never seen it, only experienced it from within its belly.

A fire bird!

The clouds had blackened to the colour that her hair once was. They had formed in such a way that the last rays of the deep bright red, orange sunset perfectly reflected the shape of the fiery phoenix, it seemed to make its way across the sky and he could hear its cry in distance.

“Jun,” he whispered into her hair. ”Jun they have come for us my love...”

But as he looked down at her sleeping form he knew she did not hear him, her hand was growing cold in his. He blinked back the tears that were forming in his eyes.

She had gone to join them, as he soon would, he was ready.

Before he closed his eyes for the final time they fell on a faded picture in her lap, five young people four teenage boys and girl sitting on a park bench, laughter and full of life ready to take on whatever was thrown at them, with their mentor standing behind them.
Ken knew then that he had lived an amazing life with no regrets. “Goodnight my lovely Swan, I love you.” he whispered as the light faded and darkness took him home…

Friends will become lovers as time goes by…..

The words of the song are not my own they belong to a song from WW2 called “As time goes by.”

Chapter End Notes:

There have been covers by other artists such as Artist: Durante, Jimmy Lyrics featured in “Sleepless in Seattle.”

Disclaimer: This story is written for fans of Gatchaman/BOTP. No profit it made from these stories, and all rights and characters belong to Tatsunoko.

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