Inheritance by Candi Gomez
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Author's Chapter Notes:
 This is part of my "The Eagle's cousin" line.   It occurs in the Turner-verse, with Dr.   Brighthead and his team.  I hope this is good,  since GoS and ER are versions of Gatch I've  seen.

Tatsunoko owns Gatch.
Turner owns G-Force:  GoS
I own Emily and Mary.

And remember that what's true in one world  >may< not be true in another.


by Candi Gomez

"Dr. Brighthead?"The doctor looked up at his secretary. "Yes?"

"There's a Mr. Hansen Snowbers here to see you. He's a lawyer -here's his card- and he says he's looking for the cousin of an Emily Pureheart."

"Pure-" Dr. B. cleared his throat. "Please, send him in." He ignored her surpised look.


Dr. Brighthead rose and greeted Mr. Snowbers. "I'm Dr. Benjamin Brighthead. Please, sit down. How may I help you?"

Mr. Snowbers pulled out a file. "This is the file on Emily Pureheart. Her mother died when she was four, and she was adopted and raised by Andrew Wilson. Perhaps you've heard of him?"

"One of the richest men on the planet. If the industry exists, he's got a factory, office, or station for it. He's also a very kind and generous donor to the ISO and the G-Force program. His loss grieved us all." Brighthead frowned. "He had a granddaughter, didn't he?"

Mr. Snowbers nodded. "Mary Wilson, the only child of Mr. Wilson's only child and one of the heirs to all his fortunes. Emily is the other."

"And how does this concern me? Besides the funding."

"Both girls are eleven, with Mary being younger by four months. Whoever becomes their legal guardian has control of the Wilson fortunes until Emily comes of age.

"Now, Mary has no living relatives; her mother died at her birth and her father poisoned himself a year later. Emily's birth certificate states that her father is 'Unknown' and I've already told you about her mother. But a sworn statement by the twins' mother Marissa Pureheart says that it was a 'one-night stand'. However, Marissa does have other-"

"And just what-wait just one MINUTE! Twins!?!"

"Oh, yes." Snowbers shifted uncomfortably. "Emily has a fraternal twin sister. However, I didn't want to mention her because she was quite weak at her birth and still requires special care. There is a trust fund set up for her, but…I'm afraid you won't tell me how to find Marissa's cousin now."

"And why would I know where this cousin is in the first place?"

"Well, look at this family tree. Marissa's mother had an older sister who married a man named Goodheart. That couple had a son, whom is the one I'm looking for. If he is worthy, as the old catch-phrase goes, he can become the three girls' legal guardians."

"And control the fortune, eh? Again, what does that have to do with me?"

"Well, we were only able to trace Mr. Goodheart as far as his flight school. However, there were records that you attended there, and that you, sir, and Mr. Goodheart were very close friends. We were hoping you could help us find him."

"Mr. Goodheart died 15 years ago."

"Oh, my. Well than-"

"But his son is now almost nineteen."


"We may be able to work something out."

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