#1 Introduction by WyldKat
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Author's Chapter Notes:
This is an alternate universe in every sense of the word. For those looking for G Force to figure prominantly in stories, this universe is NOT for you. Currently they have secondary reoccuring roles, however there are a couple of pieces in progress that could change that.   Thank you for your interest in my work.

Ladies, Gentlemen, and others, before you begin traveling through my reality, you may wish to familiarize yourself with some aspects of that reality.

This is an alternate universe series loosely based on a “theater of the mind” style RGP I have played off and on since 1979 set in a universe similar to BOTP, however, it tends to be more violent then the TV show. People do get injured or killed and the language can be a little on the rough side. (When you have someone shooting at you, determined to deprive you of your life, I am not going to believe that “Oh, golly, gee” is what you are going to say. More likely you would be using more then a few oaths.) Most of the stories involve a second team a few years younger the G-Force. Oh, btw 7-Zark-7 and 1-Rover-1 do not appear. (Mycroft never says “Oh Dear” or any other such things.)

The characters of G-Force, Chief Anderson, Zoltar and Spectra belong to Tansunaku studios and Sandy Frank. TC and Tanna belong to Tina Wabler. Paul belongs to Sharon Alvarado. The rest are mine.


The Organizations:

Galactic Federation of Planets: In Battle it was know as the Federation of Peaceful Planets. Same basic concept.

Galactic Federation Security: Department entrusted with maintaining the safety and security of the Federation. The foundation of which is a group of 18 Operatives, two fully trained teams, and a handful of auxiliary members backing them, plus support staff.

G-Force: Federation Security Alpha Strike team. Command ship: Phoenix. 7 standing members.


Force-7: Federation Security Beta Strike team. Command ship: Falcon. 7 standing members.

Galactic Federation Intelligence: Department responsible for gathering data on opponents of the Federation and getting it into the hands of either the military or security.

Spectra: Planet that attacked Terra and her allies numerous times. Claim they were trying to establish colony worlds, their planet was dying. Have not been a serious threat since Zoltar disappeared during a attack by Federation Security Strike Teams G-Force and Force-7

Alliance: Organization that apparently took over for Spectra. They appeared on the scene about a year after Zoltar's disappearance. Believed to be a puppet organization, their true name is unknown. Possible that Spectra was just one small part of this galactic wide group. Federation Intelligence has not been able to gain access to more then the first few levels. Objective appears to be galactic domination through what ever means necessary.


The Characters:

Chief Neal Anderson: Head of Galactic Federation Security. Entrusted with maintaining the safety of the Galactic Federation. [6’3”, Brown hair, brown eyes.]

Amanda Graves-Anderson: Chief Anderson's assistant and wife, head of the Psychology Dept. [5'7", Brown, silvering, hair, hazel eyes. Basically, your typical matronly type. All but adopted most of the kids in the department. Her position in the Psych department is not commonly known.]

Jun Ishito-Anderson: Terran- Japanese/American. Call sign: Swan. Position: Navigation’s officer for Phoenix, electronics expert. Married to Mark. Adopted Key when he was about 3 years old. [5’8”, black hair, green eyes]

Markel Allen Dacanrus-Anderson (Mark): Rigan. Call sign: Eagle. Position: Commanding officer of G-Force. Co-pilot of Phoenix. Adopted son of Neal and Amanda Anderson. Son of Dacan Allen Filanro, AKA Col. Kronus, leader Rigan Special Forces. [6’1”, dark brown hair, blue eyes]

Michael Briggs:  Former Deputy Director of National Intelligence.  Semi-retired.  Helped Neal set up the project that became the strike unit.  Neal’s maternal uncle.  [6’2”, graying sandy blonde hair, brown eyes]

Elisha Cyne: Terran – British. Call sign: Gazelle. Position: Navigation’s officer for Falcon, and paramedic for Force-7. Foster parents still live in Great Britian. Telepathic [5'5", dark brown hair, brown eyes. Actually does not care for violence too much. She is studying medicine.]

Flash: Regalian bred and born.  Position:  Kris’s dog.  Not officially part of the team, but has been known to accompany Kris on missions.  Descended from a line of dogs selected for their intelligence, agility and ability to work with livestock ranging from barnyard fowl up to cattle.  Unusually large for his breed.  [Approx. 30” at the shoulder, sable and white short hair coat.]  (as many times as he has appeared, I think he’s earned an entry)

Randolf Tyrone Harper (Tiny): Terran- Pacific Islander. Call sign: Kodiak. Position: Pilot of Phoenix. Only member of G-Force to still have members of birth family alive. [5’10”]

Key Ishito: Terran – Nationality Unknown. Call sign: Tora. Position: Engineer for Phoenix and paramedic for G-Force. G-Force's youngest member. Jun's adopted little brother. Not too much know about his past. [5’9”]

Janaritanke (Pet): ?? Call sign: Greyhound. Position: Engineer for Falcon. History is almost completely unknown. Was found and "adopted" by Dr. Lief Thomas and his wife and raised as a younger brother to their son, Yale. Metamorph - capable of assuming most male or gender neutral biological forms.

Mathew Allen Kentrel: Rigan. Call sign: Wolf. Position: Commanding officer of Force-7. Communications officer of the Falcon. Mark's younger cousin. His father, Kenton, was Dacan's twin brother. [6'1", black hair, green eyes. In many ways a less intense version of Mark.]

Mycroft: The Virtual Intelligence (highly sophisticated computer program) that operates Alpha base. (The name is “borrowed” from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Robert Heinlein) The program was written by Jun and Pet. It is self adapting to a degree.

Kristen Kimpel: Regalian. Call sign: Hawk. Position: 2nd in command of Force-7, co-pilot for Falcon. Born and raised partially on Regalia, in the Capellan system. Parents killed in Spectran attack. Joined Federation Security initially to settle score. [5'4", light brown hair, hazel eyes. Very protective of her family, biological and adopted.]

Paulas Kimpel: Regalian. Call sign: Mustang. Position: Weapons officer for Falcon. Demolitions officer. Kristen's twin brother. Joined with his sister. [5'11", light brown hair, hazel eyes. Serves as counter balance to his sister. Tries his best to keep her from getting herself killed]

Benjamin Masters: Terran – Canadian. Call sign: Panther. Position: Electronic Counter Measures for Falcon. Youngest of Force-7, parents were killed in a car accident. [5'8", reddish brown hair, brown eyes. The single most skilled fighter in the department. Holds a second degree brown or higher in 5 different forms of Martial Arts. Make-up artist.]

Jessie Munro: Terran – Scots. Call sign: coyote. Position: Communications officer for the Phoenix. [5’5”, red hair, blue eye]

Yale Thomas: Terran – American. Call sign: Fox. Position: Pilot of Falcon. Parents were scientists with the Federation. They were killed in Spectran attack. [6' 0", blond hair, blue/grey eyes. Nordic Adonis, unfortunately he knows it. Somewhat conceited. Has a new girl every few months. And probably a kid or two somewhere.]

Tatiana Vossilnova (Tanna): Head of Galactic Federation Intelligence. Married to Neal Anderson's uncle.

Jason Assidi: Terran – Sicilian. Call sign: Cobra. Position: 2nd in command of G-Force, weapons officer for Phoenix. Italian orphan fostered by the Anderson's. [6’2”, brown hair, dark blue eyes]

T.C. Assidi: Terran – American. Call sign: Mongoose. Position: Electronic Counter Measures for Phoenix - also member of Federation Intelligence. Married to Jason. [5'3", Red hair, green eyes. Frequently rude and socially unacceptable. Difficult for most people to work with.]

Locations of interest:

Alpha Base: Main headquarters of Federation Security. Located in the Colorado Rockies: under Pagoda Peak. Access is gained via one of several entrances by id codes that changed as frequently as the seasons. There are miles of corridor inside the complex, some of which seemed to lead nowhere, and no correct maps.

Intell. H.Q.: Outskirts of Munich Germany.

Riga: Homeworld of Kronous, Mark and Matt. 10.7 light-years away, orbits the Epsilon star in the constellation Eridanus.

Regalia: Homeworld of Kimpel twins. 46 light-years away, orbits the binary star Cappella, alpha star in the constellation Aurgia.

Aukreha is Regalia sister world / colony. (akin to mars)

Wright Patterson AFB: Primary location of the Falcon when not being used. ((What did you think was really in that mysterious underground facility? – For any Non-American readers: Hanger 18 at Wright Patterson Air Force Base supposedly houses a flying saucer and bodies of little green men.))



Well, that's the basic cast and information. Any of the characters may or may not appear in any given story.

~ Table of Contents ~
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