When Enlightening Strikes by Ebonyswanne
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Story Notes:

The Leader of Galactor stood on the bridge of his supreme being’s latest invention and observed the crew as they went about their business of flying the new Storm Mecha.

The Storm Mecha as Leader X had named it was designed to create very powerful artificial storms in Earths atmosphere, extremely powerful and could be controlled and solely concentrated to one area by the Mecha, the lightning had the ability to be controlled and shaped to destroy its targets. It was similar to the Aurora Mecha, but much more powerful.

The Mecha had an invisibility device; the dark grey purple green clouds provided the mecha with more cover to ensure it was completely unseen by it’s victims.

Berg Katse thought the weapon was a brilliant plan to defeat the Science Ninja Team with, since he had discovered they had survived the destruction of Crescent Coral base.

His current mecha Captain walked over to report to him, the Captains uniform comprised of a skin tight black Lycra suit and black boots with silver stripes up the sides, the suit was covered in white lightning Zig Zags and a silver mask with purple covered eyes. His silver cape matched the mask; he had the over all look of a Galactor Mecha Captain.

“Lord Katse we are ready to run the test.” Captain Sorro saluted his thick British accent that was a real mixture from all over the Isle, making him hard for Katse to understand.

Was it British? Is that what they called it? Katse was not so sure he would have to follow up on it sometime just out of Curiosity.he thought.


“Yes, yes…” he waved away the Captains formal stance, “Just get on with it…Have you found a pilot to test the full power of the storm on?” Katse finally turned and looked at him.

“Yes my Lord…We have spotted a small plane that has been doing mail deliveries, it may not be Gatchaman, but I think it will serve our purpose for the test…All we now have to do is lure the pilot into the cloud.” Captain Sorro indicted to the large view screen that showed the small plane.

“Well let’s see how this works…proceed.” Katse’s pink lips curled into a snicker as he watched the small plane fly into the cloud, the pilot had taken the bait.

The storm began to bring on its full force with the rain and lightening obviously blinding the pilot, the turbulence was throwing the small plane around like it was made of paper.

“This is working well so far, increase the lightning voltage and the static to shut down this fool pilots instruments and engine.” Katse’s face had broken into an excited grin as he clapped his hands together as the plane lost its power, and looked like it may even break apart, the lightning had wrapped around one wing of the small plane.

Then something very strange happened, a bright white light surrounded the plane as it began to leave the cloud, and it suddenly vanished into thin air.

“What happened?” Katse demanded. “Did it blow up?”

“No my Lord,” Captain Sorro responded. “It has just vanished of our radars.”

“Well go find it then…I need to know if this weapon is powerful enough to take down the Science Ninja Team.”

Katse turned to leave the bridge, his red lined purple cape swirling behind him as he began to depart; he had enough testing for one day.

“Let me know when the Science Ninja Team decide to show up.” He let out a laugh at his anticipated victory as he marched to his quarters on board the Storm Mecha.

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