Zoltar's New Pet by Stardust
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Story Notes:
While Zoltar is not an original character, his dog, Perun is. I hope you all enjoy this little twist on Zoltar's life.

   I came into his life a little over three months ago, and he hasn’t stopped talking to me since. I know his


deepest secrets and his darkest fears. I can only guess that the reason he shares all these things with me is


because I can’t talk. You see, I am a dog, and as a dog, it’s always been our kinds job to listen and never


tell. Sometimes I wish I could answer him, and let him know that our lives have many similarities. Being


 the observant master that he is, he has found the scars and evidence of broken bones on my body. It


 suggests that I have not lived a very charmed life


   Fourth born out of a six-pup litter, I was taken from my mother at too young an age. It was what some


 humans referred to as a backyard breeder and they were only interested in money. Nor did they care about


 my littermate’s welfare or mine. I was sold to a home where the children were abused and broken as much


 as I was. The parents tried to make money off of me by using me as a stud dog. It could have been fun, but


 the bitches always were nasty, and as for how they prepared me, let’s just say bath time is not one of my


 favorite things to do.  They soon discovered that a female would make them more money. Sensing my


 usefulness was over; I managed to run away before they had a chance to abandon me.


   My life since has been a series of masters, only to discover that life as a wanderer was much more


suitable to me. That is until I wandered into him. 

   I was busy scavenging for food and avoiding people like always, when I came across a new and different


scent. There was a metallic smell at first and I followed my nose to it. Maybe there would be food. The


entry of whatever this big metal thing was was opened. No sooner had I entered, the door slid down and


 shut behind me. At first I was gripped with fear, trapped in a strange place with smells I didn’t recognize.


 As I slowly came out of my paralysis, I decided to accept the situation for what it was and allowed my big


black nose to lead me.


   After the initial scent of machinery, I picked up a familiar scent. It smelled like human, but not quite.


There was one scent that stood out constantly. It was all over everything. I decided to follow it - I don’t


 know why but for some reason it was comforting.


   I finally wound up in what seemed like some sort of shelter. A shelter within a shelter. I entered much to


my instincts protests about that human, but not quite human scent. But this shelter was warm and I was


tired. I found myself a corner, rolled into a ball, and let sleep win.



   I don’t know how long I had been sleeping there but suddenly I was jolted awake. Someone had entered the area.


   Cautiously I raised my long slender muzzle and sniffed the air. It was him. I recognized the scent


immediately and realized he was here.


   From where I sat I could not get a good view of him. He was seated and cursing at the controls in front of


him. It looked as if he had ears coming out of the top of his head. I stood back in my corner and wondered


to myself what sort of animal was this.


   As I tried to make myself very small, the shelter, which had started moving, shook with such a force it  


sent me careening across the floor into the waiting wall. I couldn’t help myself and let out a yelp.


   “Who’s there?” cried the pointy-eared being. “Come out and show yourself, or you will wish you did if I


find you first.”


   I didn’t know which terrified me more, his towering height or, deadly voice. Either way I thought it best


to show myself.


   With my tail between my legs and belly scraping the floor, I crawled out of my hiding place to his feet.


   “What on earth are you? Looks like some sort of animal” he said placing his hands on his hip and rising


to his full height, which was taller than any human I had known.


   This was my first good look at him. He was tall and lean, most of his height in his legs. His movements


were quick and confident and he carried a regal air about him. He wore a purple cape and I realized those


weren’t his real ears at all. In fact, looking up at him I could see it was some kind of covering for his real


face. The only exposed parts were his nose and mouth. The mouth was interesting and showed expression.


He was definitely human like. Going on that alone, I tried a gesture that always works on humans. I flicked


my tail back and forth a little. That did it; I got the response I needed. I saw his body shift position and his


mouth soften. He knelt down on his knees to get a closer look. He talked to me-


   “I’ve seen animals like you on earth before. Hmmmm, let me see if I remember. Wolf? No that’s not it,


although you are as a big as one. Ah , now I remember - dog!”


   I licked his gloved hand to agree. At first he pulled back surprised at my action. Then he cautiously


reciprocated by patting my head. I wagged my tail again and he softened a little more. “Well,” he said


rising, “ stand and let me have a better look at you.”


   I recognized the word stand and did so.


   “Hmmm, long, lithe, lean, reminds me of my own build. We have animals similar to dogs on Spectra. But


if I have studied earth species correctly, you have a different relationship with humans.


   He looked down at me and remarked, “What is the ruler of Spectra supposed to do with a dog and how


will I explain you to the Luminous One? You are here now and when we reach Spectra I will do more


research on your species. Perhaps there is a way I can use it against Earth.”


   With that he turned on his heels and sat back at the controls. I cautiously crept up to him to see where we


were going. Seeing the unending blackness in front of me, I trembled with fear.



   It’s interesting what fear can do to a body and soul. For one thing it makes me sleep, and sleep I did. I am


not sure when I finally dozed off, but I awoke with a start when I felt a hand on my head. It was he and he


was talking to me, telling me that we finally arrived home. Maybe it was home for him, but me, I wasn’t


too sure about that prospect.


   We hit the ground with a thud and I heard the sound of many feet running towards us. I began to tremble


and the Purple One talked to me in soothing tones. He explained to me how it would be okay and that he


 wouldn’t allow any harm to come to me because he was in charge.  As the entry door to this flying shelter


opened up I sensed a change in his body language and for some unexplainable reason I had an urge to


protect him. Green garbed and masked men (hmm, like him) entered the doorway and a low growl


emanated from deep within my throat. The men startled and stood a step back. This amused the Purple One


and he laughed at the situation.


   “I am amazed that in such a short time of knowing me you would feel protective,” he said with a smile,


and then turning towards the green men “do not let him frighten you. He somehow wandered onto my ship


as a stowaway. Being that he is here now I wish to study him, he might provide me with an insight to these


earthling emotions.”


   His words sounded aloof towards me but I knew better. His body and demeanor told me he was becoming


attached to me, and oddly enough I was beginning to warm to him.


   The Purple One waved a hand and said “ take him to the infirmary and have him thoroughly checked,


and,” he said with a sniff, “give him a bath. Then bring him to my quarters and I will decide what to do


with him”

   “Yes sire, right away Lord Zoltar” they all said with bows. One of them reached towards me and again I


began to growl.  The Purple One, or Zoltar, (at least I think that is his name) looked at me and said it is


okay they will not hurt you. With that, I reluctantly went with the Green Men.


   What seemed like an eternity later I was brought back to a room. The Purple One appeared and began to


laugh at his men.

   “What the hell happened to all of you?” Zoltar said through mild laughter, “you look like you have been


with G-Force.”

   “G-Force would have been a welcomed sight after what this mutt just put us through” mumbled one of


the green men.

   I must admit I put up quite a nasty fight over the bath and grooming job they did. I didn’t mean to bite the


guards but I really do hate getting wet. Come to think of it I think I got more water on them then they did


on me.

   “ You would be interested to know soldier that what you are holding is nowhere near a mutt. If I did my


research right, this is a borzoi from the group of dogs the earthlings call hounds. In fact royalty in a region


known as Russia used them. So soldier mind your manners.” The Purple One then removed me from the


hands of the green man by the rope around my neck, “and what the hell is this piece of crap?”


  “Well sire, we had to restrain him with something.”


   “And you thought a rope would be good idea? I have half a mind to hang you with this rope!”


   “He’s just a dog, an earthling one at that.”


   “A dog? Just a dog? Don’t you think something you are bringing to me and my quarters deserves a little


something better than a rope!?   Now get out of my sight, I have research to do.”


  “Uh, sire?”


  “What is it now, soldier?”


  “What are you going to tell the Luminous One?”


  Suddenly the Purple One closed the gap between him and the Stupid One so quickly that my eyes could


hardly follow him. He grabbed him by the throat and lifted him to his eye level.


   “Who do you think you are soldier”, he said through gritted teeth, “to come in here, first insult my


research and then inquire about affairs that are none of your business?”


   “No one sire”, the soldier managed through struggled breath, “I am very sorry Lord Zoltar, I meant no




   “Then let this be your lesson, now get out” and with that the Purple One threw the Stupid One across the


threshold of the doorway and his body slammed against the wall. The Purple One then slammed his own


door and approached me.


   Who was this person I have hooked up with? I was suddenly very scared of him and wondered if he


would ever turn on me like that. As he came near me my ears went back and I tucked my tail between my


legs. He talked to me in soothing tones.


  “ Do not let my display of anger scare you”, he said, “but these men are stupid and sometimes I have to


put them in their place. You will see in time what I am talking about.”  He petted my head and still I pulled


back, what if he hit me? I couldn’t handle being owned by another abusive owner. Seeming to sense this in


me he stroked my head again and said, “I could never do harm to one such as yourself. It appears”, as he


ran his gloved fingers across my rib cage, “someone else has done enough of that to you already. I merely


wish to study you,” he lifted my head up with his other hand and looked into my dark almond eyes, “yes,”


he stammered, “ that is all, only study.”


   I realized that what I stumbled into was a great and powerful man who had at the same time had great


conflicts within him.  He was holding back his affections for me. I knew if I didn’t seal the deal right there


I would lose what could possibly be one of the greatest masters a dog could ever have. So before he could


pull his face away from mine I licked the exposed part of it and felt his faux icy exterior melt. At that


precise moment he sighed the sigh of one who had finally given in to his emotions, and that’s when I began


to call him Master.



   For the next few weeks I continued to watch and learn about my new master and he did the same about


me. He studied my body, felt my bones and muscles, at times he found the scars of abuse that I had


suffered in the past. When he discovered these marks he seemed to linger a little longer over them, shaking


his head and muttering to himself with displeasure. He looked at my teeth, examined my paws, and felt the


texture of my fur. It was one of the rare occasions when he took his gloves off to feel my coat. It was a


different feeling from the gloves, his touch was gentle, and it surprised me how much I enjoyed the


sensation of his bare hands against my body. It had been a long time since anyone had touched me in a kind


manner. Yet, I still had not seen what lay underneath the mask. I did not understand why, I knew he took it


off at night for when he retired he would put me in another room. In the morning when I greeted him he


would be fully dressed. The only thing he felt comfortable enough to take off in front of me was his cape. Either way I was grateful for a warm bed and full stomach, my job was not one to question but to accept




   Remember when I said in the beginning he had talked to me non-stop. Well that wasn’t quite how it


happened. In fact it took some time for him to warm up to me. Seems his face wasn’t the only thing he was


hiding behind that mask. The first few days of our life together he spent getting me adjusted and studying


me, then one morning he mumbled to me something about work to do and I was to stay here and be a good


dog. I cocked my head at him as I watched his purple cape exit through the doorway as he said, did I just


talk to a dog? I settled down and took a nap, I was used to being left alone.


   After what seemed like an eternity he came home and gave me a token pat on the head. Then he fed me,


let me out his back door, giving me the quiet signal as usual, and came back in and I watched him slump


into a chair. He sighed long and sad. Something was wrong, so I walked over to him and nudged his hand.


   “What is it dog?” he asked as I lay my muzzle on his lap and looked into those fish lens covered eyes.


   He patted my head and looked at me. “What is it about you that makes me feel compelled to tell you


everything? Maybe it’s because you can’t talk. At least there is nothing about you that proves you can, can



   With that I sat on my haunches and barked once as in answer.


   “Is it possible you understand me but cannot answer?” I barked again in reply. “This is amazing, no


wonder the earthlings fall so hard for you creatures. You can understand but can’t tell anyone!” I stood up


barked some more and wagged my tail in agreement. He finally got it! The relief washed over me. Then


suddenly a new idea occurred to him.


  “Well if you can’t talk, then you can’t tell anybody what I look like. I can finally take this accursed mask


off in front of you.”


   Was it true? Was he really going to reveal his face to me? Suddenly I felt like a stupid human as I held


my breath in anticipation. I watched as he made a few adjustments to the back of his mask. With a few


flicks of his wrist the mask fell off and in its place long blond hair came tumbling down past his shoulders.


Was my master a mistress? No, my nose said male and it is never wrong. Then he shook his head and sent


the golden tresses cascading down his back to reveal an androgynous looking face, but nonetheless, my


instincts knew it was male.


   He knelt down to my level and looked into my eyes. I looked back into a pair of blue-green ones framed with long pale lashes. His face had high cheekbones with a straight noble nose, and the lips that I have


grown accustomed to only seeing, fit right in with the rest of his face.


   “Well dog,” he said quietly, “do you like what you see?”


   I stepped back and looked again at my master’s face, into those blue-green eyes and searched for any


traces of what I had seen in master’s past. I saw none of it and it gave my heart peace.  To show him I was


pleased I gave him a kiss with my pink tongue.


   That night started a new chapter in our relationship. For the first time in the month I had known him I


slept in his room at the foot of his bed.



   So it went on, he would come home in the evening and share his day with me. I wasn’t always sure what


he was talking about but the two biggest things he mentioned were the Luminous One and G-Force. Both


subjects seemed to give him a lot of grief.


   One day he came in and just collapsed on his bed and lay there. I jumped up next to him and lay by his


side. Finally he managed to groan out my name. (Oh yes, I didn’t mention he finally gave me a name,


Perun. He insisted on researching a proper and noble name for me. Apparently, Perun is a Russian warrior


god of thunder. Only he could come up with a name like that. Don’t get me wrong I do like it. It’s better


than dog. )

   “Perun,” he managed, “come closer so I can pet you.” He stroked my fur and continued, “ I don’t know


how much longer I can take the Spirit’s mind torture. I am so afraid he will find out about you and do you


harm. The only way to keep you safe is to defeat G-Force once and for all.” With that he stroked my head a


few more times and fell into a fitful sleep. All the while I stayed by his side, my heart aching for him, and


wondered whom this Spirit was. He sounded like one of my old masters from the past. As I fell asleep next


to him I subconsciously made a decision to find out about this Spirit.


   When morning came and Master prepared to leave I decided I would follow him. I had not been off the


streets that long to have forgotten how to blend in and not be noticed. Not always an easy feat for a big


black dog.


   Master gave me a pat on the head, told me to be good and headed out his door. Just before it clicked into


place I managed to slip out behind him. I stayed a safe distance and no one seemed to notice me. They were


too busy getting out of his way anyway, all the while bowing and saluting to him. He acknowledged them

and continued on his path of destination. Finally he reached it. Looking around he walked up to a keypad


and punched something into it. A door opened and he went in with me close on his heels. Once inside he


paused, and looked around, as if he sensed me. Then with a wave of his hand, as if to dismiss his feelings


he went on his way. I located a good hiding spot and settled in for a good listen or whatever was in store


this day. Suddenly a voice, not my Master’s spoke,


   “Zoltar I have been waiting for you too long”.


   “I am sorry O Luminous One, I came as quickly as I could.”


   “ I am not accustomed to being kept waiting. I lose my patience with you daily and these little


annoyances only increase my frustration with your incompetence.”


  What did he just say to my Master? I didn’t know anyone could talk to him like that and live. Who is this


luminous one? Somehow I have got to see who this is.


   My curiosity grew along with the irritation in their voices as words were exchanged. Finally this


luminous whatever got completely agitated with my Master and yelled for silence. A blinding hot light that


caused me to put paws over my eyes followed that. I heard my Master scream in agony. This whatever hit


him again and I heard my Master fall to the floor.


   Instinct told me, screamed at me to stay hidden, but my heart told me otherwise. This person who had


saved me from a life on the streets, that had given me a warm bed and meal, and lately the companionship I


craved, was in danger.


  So with hackles raised and teeth bared I leapt from my hiding spot and came to face to face with the


scariest thing I had ever seen in my life. The first thing that hit me was the blinding light that caused me to


lower my head and take a few steps back. The next thing was the noise and the constant glow it seemed to


emit. I suddenly realized why some dogs felt a need to pee all over themselves because at the moment that


is exactly what I felt like doing. But upon turning at the strangled sound of my name I saw my master


crumpled in a heap on the floor, reaching out towards me with his gloved hand. I became filled with rage at


this whatever it was, and ran in front of my master to protect him. I growled and snarled at this being of


light and dared it to try to hurt my master again. And then it spoke,


“Zoltar, what is the meaning of this beast?”


“O Luminous One,” Zoltar choked out,  “please do not …”


“Insolence! How dare you plead with me? I demand to know what manner of creature this is!”


“It is a dog.” Zoltar said quietly as he struggled to rise to his feet again. He leaned on me for support as he



“A dog? Why is it here and most importantly why does it threaten me?”


Zoltar finally managed a standing position without holding on to anything. I sat beside him and continued


to growl at It. With a deep sigh of regret Zoltar said,


“He wandered onto my ship and I decided to study him. Humans have great affections for these animals


 and I thought I could find a way to use it against them.”


“That is understood Zoltar, but that still doesn’t explain its hostility. I have half a mind to destroy it right


here!” The thing grew brighter and louder hurting my eyes and ears. Zoltar jumped in front of me and


opened his cape.


“NO! Please spare his life Great Spirit, he was only trying to protect me.”


The Spirit retreated from his attack and regarded the selfless move that Zoltar had just performed. It


seemed to be thinking before it said,


“I am unsure of how I feel about you having affections for something other than me.”


“That is not true O Luminous One, I only care for you.”


“Zoltar that is a lie! It is obvious your study of this animal has caused a change in you. I am just not sure if


it is for the better or worse.  Therefore I will allow you to study it a little longer.”


“Thank you Sire.” I heard relief in my master’s voice as he bowed down before this being.


“ You may go now Zoltar and return this dog back to wherever it is you are keeping him. Which is where?”


“I thought it best to keep him with me, to allow me to study him more closely.”


“Very well, you are dismissed.”


Zoltar turned to leave as quickly as he could, grabbing me by the collar.


“Oh, Zoltar, one more thing…”


“Yes sire?” He replied quickly while turning around.


“It’s name is…”

 “Perun, sire.”


Again Zoltar made haste to the door with me in tow. Once the door closed behind him he grabbed me by


the scruff and said harshly,

“Just what did you think you were doing back there? It would have killed you for sure had I not intervened.


And another thing, how did you follow me undetected? What am I going to do with you Perun?”


I shivered in his grip. Upon seeing this he slackened his hold. Then said more softly,


“The good part is I no longer need to hide you from the Spirit. I can now take you anywhere freely. But not


until tomorrow, as punishment for your adventure you will stay in my quarters for the rest of the day.”


With that he gave me a pat on the head and I flicked my tail. We both stood up and headed down the hall.


Deep in the chambers of the Great Spirit, it mused to itself. Perun, it thought, he named it Perun. Ah Zoltar,


you have affections for it as I have for you. Maybe my allowing you to keep it will help you understand me.


After all, how could I put to death something that showed no fear towards me? Even you Zoltar cannot do


that, not even you.


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