Snowbound, Condor Style by G2girl
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Story Notes:

These wonderful characters are by no regards mine. I'm just trying to have some fun creating my story lines from childhood. Hope you enjoy.


Also thanks to my cowriters for giving my the extra pushes to finish this one, now if they can relocate their whips maybe I'll finish the other three I've started.

Author's Chapter Notes:
may start off a little drawn out, but I tried to pick up the pace later.
I had just grabbed my leather coat and was about to head out of Jills place when two of my fellow comrades entered into the building. Tiny and Keyop seemed to be having some form of discussion about the up and coming week.
As they brushed past me, I caught the tail end of their conversation and it really grabbed my attention. Not wanting to sound overly interested I approached them with a casual calmness." So what your both are saying is that Mark said no. That certainly doesn't sound like him. Heck, it's a week with Princess, I figured that he would jump on it with both feet."

Keyop chirped right up with an animated broop. "Know what you mean big bro, I thought that once I said something to him, he would have no problem. Says he's too busy with work, but I left the ticket with him just in case."

Tiny, being known for his many spaceburger indulgences, seemed to find it odd that anyone should chose work over play. "Thats Mark for ya, always thinking about his job. Sometimes he should just try and relax. Maybe take his mind off of his "duties" for once."

Even though I had planned a weeks full of racing for myself. I couldn't help but to want to jump upon this chance to prove something to Princess, and a week alone with her would be just the chance. So I double checked my facts with the others and then began to figure out a way to invite myself. " Did I hear the two of you correctly? Our Prin is going on a skiing trip by herself, and Mark turned down Keyops offer to take his place? Where is Marks head at? Oh well too bad. Sounds like it might be a little lonely up on the beautiful ski slopes of Frozatica, I'm thinking that maybe she shouldn't go. Who knows what could happen to her so far away from home."

I saw Keyops eyes wince, and I knew that I had just gave him a guilty conscience. He knew that it was him that she had planned the trip with so it would also be his "fault" so to speak if something went wrong. Not wanting to leave him in despair too long but still not wanting to sound overly interested I made two more suggestions.

"Hey big guy, you could take the lady skiing and Keyop could go to the convention on his own."

Tiny seemed to turn many shades of red with that suggestion. " Ah jeez Jas, you know I would love to escort the Swan skiing and all. It's just that I'm really not that great on skis, besides I had allready promised Keyop that I would go with him."

Still wanting them to come up with the idea that I want, I continued on with my plan " Your forgetting one thing my big Owl, didn't our little friend the Swallow allready have a previous engagement? Not that it's any of my business." I glanced over just in time to see Keyops head shrink down a couple of inches before I continued. " I do have another suggestion for a replacement. We could see if the Chief wants to go skiing, I'm sure Princess would love his companionship."

Knowing that I had really hit a nerve with the little guy, he mumbled something about needing to use the mens room and stormed off. Tiny just watched him stalk away and said.

" I wonder what crawled up inside of him. It's not like him to act that way."

I felt as if I was circling above just waiting for the exact moment to swoop in. Finally it opened right up in front of my eyes.

" I don't know Jas, I think that Prin might get a little upset about the Chief going, but you on the other hand would be a different story."

Feeling that my plan had finally paid off, I went in for the landing. " You sure about this Tiny? I wouldn't want to upset Mark or Keyop! You know how they both feel about her."

Really at this point their feelings meant little when it came to Princess, finally I was going to get my chance to show her just what kind of a gentalman I can be.

Tiny gave his best reassurance, and even stated that they had both been given their own chances. He was also relieved that she wouldn't be going alone. Neither one of us were sure how we would approach Mark about getting the tickets from him so we planned the trip via the Phoenix. I told Tiny that I had money for the lifts and a room but I knew in my own mind that I planned to bunk in her room. What they didn't know wouldn't hurt them one bit.

I had just opened the door to leave Jills to pack when Keyop came back out.

" Where's he running off to, his first race?"

Tiny took a long drink from the soda that he had been guzzling down before he spoke. " Nope, Jas is going home to pack and we are dropping him off at the ski resort. So if your about ready to go, I think we should finish packing ourselves."

He placed his drink on the counter rather loudly and turned to leave. Somehow he never noticed the look of panic and anger in Keyops stance.
Chapter End Notes:
  This story is complete.
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