A Christmas Wish by G2girl
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The three of them talked far into the night, till finally young CJ could barely keep his eyes open. Once the cobwebs filled my brain, there wasn't much time before the two adults felt the same calling. Evalene tried to wake up me up, so I could walk to the bedroom, but all attempts had failed rather miserably.

Jerry walked over to where the young boy had fallen asleep and motioned to Evalene. " Here, why don't I carry the lad up to the room and you could follow us."

Evalene agreed, and the trio made their way up the winding stairwell. Once the guest were settled into the cozy room, Jerry made his exit towards his own room.

Lights dark and the room quiet, mother snuggled close to her child and thanked God that the immediate future looked bright.

The morning sun broke through the drawn curtains and woke up both of us. Amazingly we awoke with a smile, for this was the first day, in a long time, that the night had been upon a dry soft bed. Suddenly we heard a voice from the hallway.

" Breakfast will be in an hour, feel free to use any of the facilities that you need to."

Mother and child got themselves ready for breakfast and the rest of the day to come.

During their morning meal Jerry spoke up " I would like to take the two of you shopping today for whatever items that you might need."

My eyes lit up while mothers looked a little strange. " I really don't want to be a burden to you Jerry, my son and I could get by with everything that we have."

Jerry saw the look of pride in Evalenes eyes and tried to assure her that there was nothing to be ashamed about. " I'm sure that you and CJ would do just fine with all that you have. It's just that I was hoping that if I could do this one thing for you, then you might be able to help me decorate this old house of mine. It is almost Christmas, and this house is to hard to finish without help. "

After his comment, he saw Evalenes look ease up, and a smile appeared across her face. The rest of the day, and days to come, was filled with laughter and joy. Finally it was Christmas Eve. Soon the truth of who their great friend, and provider, would be revealed.
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