A Christmas Wish by G2girl
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The house smelled of all the good things that I had remembered from my early years, before my father had left. Even the gingerbread and fudge wafted up to my room. Running downstairs I had forgotten that I was only a guest here and quickly grabbed for a setting piece of chocolate fudge. I heard my mother gasp, and the next sound was from Netty the maid. A smile played on her lips as she expertly pulled the plate out of reach. " Not now my young CJ, first you must eat your breakfast, then we shall discuss the fudge."

Sitting at the table there was a slew of food in front of us. There was sausage, eggs, bacon, pancakes, and even hot coffee cake. I found it hard to control myself.

Jerry sure new all the best ways of passing the day by. We went Christmas caroling and sipped on hot cider till our fingers thawed from the extended time spent out in the cool crisp air. Only once did he take some time out to go on his own trip. Something about placing items at his families grave site. I had tried to get momma to ask if we could go, but she said that it wouldn't be right. So we went shopping in town, hoping to find a special gift for our new friend.

As the night sky began to make it's presence known, the three of us settled down in the living area. I chose my now special place by the crackling fire. It wasn't too long before all the servants came into the living quarters. Settling down, they too took a spot amongst us. It was a rather calm and joyous time.

Close to ten pm , my mother suggested that I take myself up to bed. I only felt a little saddened as I took my tired body upstairs in anticipation for the following day.

When I awoke on Christmas morning, I eagerly ran down the flight of stairs. The presents below the tree were the most that I had ever seen. Yeah I know that most modern kids would laugh at the size of the "loot" , but to me it was a treasure.

When my momma and Jerry entered the living room the ripping began. I couldn't believe my eyes. I saw things from the auction that I had only hoped of ever seeing, let alone owning. Now I had both. What I wasn't expecting was what would happen even later that day.

It wasn't till after the three of us had Christmas dinner with the staff that Jerry said he had a few more gifts for me. Smiling wide I couldn't help but to plead with him on their whereabouts. After a quick chastising from my mother at being a little too "greedy", Jerry began to take us to a different part of the house then we had even known existed. When he removed a picture from the wall, and punched a secret code into the security pad below it, I couldn't believe my eyes. Just what type of gifts would be held in such secrecy?

On the other side of the moving wall was a short hallway that lead to another door, tightly locked. In a few moments Jerry had the last door opened and I saw a faint light emitting from the room. Once we three entered, and the door was shut behind us, a brighter light was turned on . In front of me was the greatest items I would ever lay my eyes upon. For the room was filled with items from the mighty Gatchaman team.

After the drool slowed from the corners of my mouth, and my mothers gasp and verbal words like "Oh My" quieted, we turned towards Jerry wide eyed.

His eyes were laughing in an almost Santa type of way. When he spoke up his words caught us even more off guard. " Please forgive me, on this massive of a surprise but I needed to be sure of your character. For you see my full name is Jerry Kenzaburo Nambu. The last living relative of the Gatchaman family. I will tell you more of my story in a bit but first I want you, CJ, to pick two items from this vast display. They shall be your special Christmas present from me.

Tears had began to form in my eyes as I stared at the greatest treasures in all the world. " How can this be, I know I had seen some of these things at the auction."

"Now , now, young CJ. I said I would tell you more , but first I want you to chose your two most treasured things."

Hearing Jerry's words, I slowly looked over all the items. Picking up a few things here and there I found the two things I wanted most. In my left hand I held one of the famous feather shurikens and in my right I held the sonic boomer rang. I felt almost powerful holding these items. When Jerry asked if these were the two things I had wanted I could only find the ability to nod.

So the three of us, began our return to the comfy living room with a blazing fire.
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