A Fitting Punishment by Firebird
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She woke him up early so that he could attend this surprise she had arranged.  He hated surprises, especially this one given all the hints she dropped.  There had been its something you will like Jinpei and the something you are really good at Jinpei hints.


Knowing her it was cleaning up at some restaurant twice the size after all he had recently played a joke on her that got her so mad she had to  think about the appropriate punishment.


He slowly got up and got ready throwing on his clothes before heading downstairs.  She shoved a piece of paper at him with an address on and ushered him quickly out the door saying how he did not want to be late.


It was nearby so he could walk there and he did as slowly as he could manage. On the way he passed the zoo and stopped to gaze at the animals inside, he would rather spend the day there but he did not want Jun to be any madder than she no doubt already was.


He turned the corner and walked down until he came to the right number.  There was a nondescript door and small bell which he pulled.


The door was opened by a girl about his age with blonde hair that was tied back in a pony tail.  She smiled at him and waved him in as she shouted.


“Mum he’s here!”


A female who looked very similar to the girl appeared and smiled at him offering him her hand.


“You must be Jinpei, I was expecting you!”


He shook her hand, bewildered as he took a quick look around.  This certainly did not look like a restaurant.  The woman was still speaking and he only just caught the end of it.


“..with the clearing out”


He looked at her mumbling an apology while cursing, he knew it involved cleaning, The woman repeated herself.


“Jun said you would be willing to help look after the animals as well as assisting with the clearing out”


At the mention of animals Jinpei grinned and nodded vigorously.


The woman and girl smiled as they brought him to the rear of the house which happened to lead into a private section of the zoo.  The woman showed him around pointing at different cages.


“These are the new arrivals, the enclosures are being built for them but in the meantime they need health checks.  Over here are the young that need handrearing and are due for a feed.  I can’t tell you how much it means that you are willing to help out.  Jun said you were so trustworthy” 


Jinpei just nodded as his mind rushed through all the animals he was going to spend time with.


“Jun asked me to give you this before we started”


He was handed a small envelope which he opened inside was a letter in his sisters handwriting.




I realised while pondering a punishment after your latest prank that maybe you were just frustrated.  You spend so long helping my run the J and when your fun weekend with Ryu was cancelled it must have seemed like I was an ogre  You are the best brother anyone could every want and I hope you do not mind that I offered your help to Niko.  If you want to help out more there after today, we can come to some arrangement.




He folded the letter and smiled as he placed it in his pocket.  She really was the greatest sister even if she nagged him at times.


He looked up at Niko and with a big grin


“Shall we get started?”

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