Christmas Spirit by Firebird
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It was Christmas Eve and they had all decided to get together for a quiet meal and to share Christmas day together.   There were no decorations or tree. No Christmas carols from the juke box.  Shutters covered the windows and a simple closed sign was all that was visible from the once popular café.


He looked sadly at the scene and shook his head, they were so sad and had been through so much considering their young age.  This was not how it should be for them.  He looked at the scene upstairs, the beautiful emerald eyed girl and the small boy sitting quietly barely saying a word.  Both of them had no life in their eyes.  


He then went to visit the other three all told a similar story. The war was over, these should be happy times for them but instead they had descended into a deep despair.  He had to leave now but he resolved he would do something about this and return before morning.  He went on with his business visiting all those he had to and in between visits put out a call for help for the five young people.


He returned just before dawn and with his helpers set about improving the scene.  A turkey and vegetables were set on roasting with simple instructions when to take it out.  Decorations were hung brightening up the room and the finishing touch a large tree with presents underneath.


He smiled at the scene; yes this was much better and so much more deserving of the five young heroes.  He left with his helpers a soft sound of sleigh bells signalling their exit.


Keyop had smelt the food and heard the sound rubbing his eyes he sat up and looked around.  At the bottom of his bed was hung a soft red stocking trimmed with white fur. He scratched his head puzzled before cautiously moving towards it.   He tried to work out what had happened after all they had all agreed that there was no cause for celebrations this year and decided to swap small, simple gifts over a quiet dinner.


Princess awoke to a similar scene and across the city Mark, Jason and Tiny did likewise.  There were no labels on the stockings and each cautiously looked inside to find an array of small gifts for each of them.


They made their way to the café to find Princess and Keyop standing in the middle of a brightly decorated room staring at a tree.  Both looked round at the three new arrivals showing their confusion but not a word was said for a while.  It was Tiny that broke the silence, “Something smells good”


Princess and Keyop nodded and explained what they had found on getting up that morning a story almost echoed by the others.  The decision was made that  they would continue with the meal and as the afternoon progressed they started talking a little more until at the end of the meal there was some laughter once more in the café.


They moved to the tree and opened the variety of unsigned presents until they got to one last one that was addressed to all five of them. Keyop opened it to find a letter and the others gathered round to read it.


To the wonderful young people from G-Force.


For years you fought a war, giving up your childhood for the hope that you would give peace and save the Earth.  You paid high prices for this task and did so willingly and without complaint.  The war is now over and you are free to live your lives as you choose, yet on visiting last night I found sadness instead of joy, despair instead of hope.  I resolved that this could not be so after so much sacrifice so I decorated this room and gave you gifts that each of your loved ones wanted you to have.  


Chief Anderson wanted you all to know that he is proud of you all and honoured that he had the opportunity to be your father.  He is sorry he can’t be with you at this special time of year but he hopes that you will enjoy all the presents and that you will remember Christmas’s past at the mansion.


I now have one last gift for each of you, if you are willing.

Tiny,..  If you search in the old cabinet that belonged to your parents you will find a small draw, taped to the bottom is the deeds to the fishing business and a key to a safe deposit box in the bank where they held their account.  It holds the funds to pay off the mortgage and allow you to repair the boat so you can continue with your dream.  May you enjoy all that the future brings to you.


Keyop… You need to contact Jenson’s solicitors, they have been looking for you in order to pass on a small chest.  Inside this is some information about you and your birthright.  It gives the identity of the woman who was your mother and the man who was your father.  For although you were genetically made they provided the base material from which you came.


Jason… All your family were not lost to Spectra, you have a grandmother, There is a chest for you waiting in the safe deposit box you were given by Chief Anderson.  For years you wanted to avoid delving deeper after finding out about your parents but there is so much more for you to know.  Inside this small chest all your questions are answered.  Be brave and find the truth.


Mark… There is no need to try to keep your secret all of them already know about your illness but did not mention it because you choose not to.  Doctor Matheson of the Nirvana Clinic on Hawaii has the solution for you, Go there and all will be right and you can finally live the dream you wanted but do not go alone.


Princess…  Your dream has always been to be with Mark and be open about your feelings that time is now.  He will need your strength and you need him, go with him and help him through the next few months.  Jill will run the café for you so that you will have your business when you return.  Remember that love shared grows and now is the time for you and Mark to give into that love.


You have been brave beyond words and now it is time for you to have the lives you once dreamed off.


Merry Christmas.  Santa”


They looked from one to the other and none of them could find the words.  Confusions went through their minds, Surely this was a joke, someone taking one last dig at them.  It was Mark who spoke first.


“Do you really all know?”


He looked around at their faces seeing the truth and sighed with relief.


The conversation grew from there and each one got more excited, they sat talking into the night before falling asleep together.


The silent figure returned and looked in at the scene pleased with his work.  Finally they would have a tomorrow they deserved.  He smiled once more before turning to walk away, only to be interrupted by a voice 


“You have done well”


He shrugged “It is no more than they deserved”


The voice spoke again, “This is your last good deed, you may now rest safe in the knowledge that you are free”


He smiled once more and softly said “Thank you but may I request a favour?”


There was silence so he continued.


“I would like to continue this role every year, I enjoy seeing the smiles it brings”


The voice spoke again, softly “As you wish, you have done so much good and deserve to have this wish granted but if at any time you wish to be released, call on me and it shall be granted”


The man spoke once more “Thank you”


He walked away, happy with his work and the decision he had made.  It was a lifetime away from his previous life and he enjoyed it so much more.


Something else looked on at the departing figure and smiled before speaking very softly.


“Go in peace Zoltar”

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