Enemy Within - Traitor by Firebird
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Taken from the diary of Princess Anderson.


May 1st.2054


I have never written a diary before. I never had the time or felt the need to. So why may you ask am I writing one now. Well…



Where do I start?

My reason for writing this diary is that I am currently in a high security military facility awaiting a decision on whether I will get the death sentence or not.




Because I was tried for treason and found guilty.



How did this happen?

For this we need to go back.


It initially started about 6 months ago. Important data started going missing from the ISO computer files. The information was Confidential and only Chief and Mark had access to.  Danny Bogamill was put in charge of the investigation.


We were all aware of the investigation and the need to be extra careful. There was a spy in our midst. Someone had got into Centre Neptune itself and had hacked their way into the system. It was me who initially put Danny on to this being an expert hacker myself.   The person responsible was good I had only one a cursory check on the system but found no trace. This was a mark of an expert.


Anyway Danny continued with the investigation and no more was mentioned on it. They wanted to avoid the person finding out that an investigation was taking place. So we carried on business as usual.


A few months later we were on a mission. We had received Intel about the location of a Spectra base but more important than that was the fact this base had files that if retrieved could bring about an end to the war sooner rather than later. So off the team went myself and Keyop went after the files while Jason and Mark created the diversion. Everything appeared to go well but when Keyop and I got to the control room there was a squad of soldiers waiting for us.  They had been expecting us all along.


Needless to say we did not get the files. We barely escaped with our lives. Chief was quiet during debrief. I thought at the time it was disappointment. We were all down after that mission. 


Two weeks later while I was at the Snack J Danny Bogamill came in with a couple of his men. This in itself was not unusual as he regularly came in although on this occasion I had shut up and it was just Keyop there. Mark and Jason had gone on a guy’s night out with Tiny. I offered him a drink and asked what brought him here. He looked at me he was sadder than usual and just said, “I’m sorry Princess.”


I asked what he meant it was at that point he pulled out a pair of handcuffs and said I was being arrested. I asked what the charge was. What have I done?


The charge is treason!


Treason! You can’t be serious Danny. You know me.


He told me not to make the matter any worse. I looked round at Keyop who appeared to be in shock. He soon recovered and took a step forward towards Danny and his security personnel. I shook my head at him telling Keyop it was all a big mistake and it would be sorted out.  The guys with Danny then pulled guns and told me to go quietly. Danny then put the handcuffs on and I walked out to the waiting van.


I didn’t have to wait long for the trial if you can call it that. I found out that whilst investigating they had found traces on the computer files like a fingerprint. They matched codes that I had used in the past. I don’t remember all of the trial it passed like a blur. What I do remember is being told that the Snack J was searched and they had found confidential files on my computer. Someone anonymous had also supplied the court with pictures of me meeting with a known Spectran collaborator.  All this added to the fact I could not tell them where I was that day in question added to the evidence against me. The final nail in the coffin so to speak was a tape showing me entering the secure computer room on Centre Neptune and coming out a while later during the time I was in the room a radio message warning of an impending G-force mission to obtain data from a Spectran computer bank was intercepted it’s destination you guessed it the spectran base we had been sent to infiltrate.


In the end I was found guilty but as I was only 16 they were reluctant to give the death penalty it had to go to a panel for a final decision. In the meantime I was placed in a high security facility to be let out one hour a day in chains for some exercise. I was to have no contact with anyone. No one was to talk to me.  The only concession was that I could write a letter to my brothers and to chief. My usual communicator was exchanged for a solid metal band prison tag. I was in civilian clothing and no one knew who I was. It was to be kept secret to avoid embarrassment and to protect the identities of the other team members.  I also found out from overhearing the guards talking that when Jason, Mark and Tiny had returned from their night out Keyop had told them what had happened. Jason apparently completely lost it and threw one of the chairs through the window of the Snack J.  Keyop just kept saying he should have done more to stop them taking me. Mark and Tiny apparently went see Chief who filled them in on what had been found. They were not allowed to be at the trial as far as I know they were not even told where it was held.


I was transported to this facility, which is where I have been for the last week. Apparently the panel are having trouble with the idea of executing a juvenile, which I still legally am. I had been going out of my mind in here.


They gave me the paper to write a letter today so I guess they are close to a decision. I have been ordered not to write anything about the trial or about the charge that I have been convicted of. If I do the letter will not be given to them. I can’t even write individual letters only one letter that can be a maximum of 3 pages.  I asked about writing a diary and it was after 24 hours of discussing it they said I could.


Which is how I started this.


Well I guess I better try to write this letter I don’t know how much time I have.


I have been told I can write you a letter but I can’t write individual ones it has to be just the one for all of you. There is a lot I can’t write about so I can’t answer the questions I know you all want the answers to. I don’t even know how to start it or what I should write to you. This is so hard that I cannot even describe how much so.


Chief, thank you for taking me in and for raising me and giving me a future that I would probably not have had without you. You gave me a family something I doubted I would have again. You taught me about life and so much more and I love you more than I can tell you. You are everything I always imagined a father would be. I am glad you shared your life with me. I don’t regret a moment of it. Stay well and keep safe.


Keyop you are my little brother I know you have always hated it when I say that but you are.  Only in age though Keyop in experience you are wiser than many kids your age. I sometimes wish I could have protected you from all that we have seen and been through but I couldn’t. This is our destiny. Try not to listen to Jason too much when it comes to dating and definitely pay no mind to Mark. Ask Tiny he will steer you right.  Please stay safe.


  Jason you are my eldest brother when I had problems I found difficult to talk about you were there and you listened. When I ran away you brought me back. True you have had lousy luck with the girls you chose to date but you will find someone I am sure. You need the stability of family more than any of us. Try not to ride Mark too hard even though I know you enjoy it. Give him a break every now and then but keep him honest he needs it even if he won’t admit it.


Tiny, you are the quietest and strongest member, our very own gentle giant. I want you to know that I appreciate your strength, your constancy and your optimism. Now I am no longer on the team you will have to keep the peace. Try to help the others understand that they need each other not just during missions but after as well. I have one more favour to ask although you probably think I don’t have the right to ask but I will anyway. Please try to get chief to remember to take a break sometimes he works too hard sometimes and I worry about him.


Mark, what can I say to you? I have loved you longer than I can remember. I can’t even remember when those feelings started. I know we discussed it and you told me you did not return my feelings and I’m ok with that. Thank you for our friendship it has helped me through more tough times than I can recall. Keep them alive Mark they are our family. You should also get around to asking Sarah out I know you like her and she likes you too.


Please all of you take care of yourselves and each other. I am sorry not only for what has happened but for what is to come.


Yours always

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