Blast From the Past by Springie
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Blast from the Past

"Stay close. We don't want to get separated in this place." Ken whispered to the Condor and the Owl. They had infiltrated yet another Gallactor base, crawling with goons, agents, spies and scientists.

Meandering through endless dark corridors, they slipped unseen into what appeared to be the heart of the base, filled to the brim with various machines and computers.

Ryu crouched low, examined the equipment and murmured to his Commander.

"Why didn't we bring Jun with us, Ken? She could've helped us out in here..."

Ken shook his head and answered briefly, "Too dangerous."

Joe's head cocked toward the door as he noticed the sound of footsteps approaching. He immediately signaled to the others to lay low. Several goons and their nefarious Captain appeared in the doorway.

"Ready for phase one. Begin contamination." The Captain ordered.

The goons nodded and took hold of the controls.

I don't know what their plans are, but this doesn't sound good. Ken eyed his comrades and signaled the strike. Three bodies abruptly leapt from the shadows, landing on top of the goons.

Using only his weight, Ryu crushed one goon into the ground, while simultaneously grabbing another one by the head, snapping his neck, and throwing him down.

Joe managed to sling several feather shuriken into his enemies, killing a handful of goons before he ever reached the ground. He landed gracefully, eyes constricted as he raged onward to take on more of Gallactor's minions.

Ken targeted the goons at the controls, who were about to carry out their mysterious, sinister plan.

They didn't know what hit them as a double edged blade sliced through their necks. The boomerang then turned back, connecting with more goons on its return trip, and landed effortlessly in Ken's hand.

The Eagle took it upon himself to chase down the Captain, who had immediately turned tail and zipped back down the winding corridors. While running, Ken called Jun and gave orders for her to be ready in case the plan went awry.

"Let us come and help you, Ken!"

"Negative. Stay there and wait for further orders. I'm chasing down the Captain now. If we don't return or call in an hour, send in the Calvary!"

The tone of his voice terrified her. She sat on board the Phoenix, wondering what action to take. Her Commander had forbidden her and Jinpei to come on this mission, for fear that this was, indeed, Gallactor's main base.

They had found out during their debriefing that Katse's new Captain enjoyed torturing women and children, in particular. This Captain also had an unusual interest in meeting the Swan.

She stared at the view screen for a few moments, contemplating her next move. We have to go and help them; I've never heard Ken's voice sound like that...they must be in terrible danger!

She then landed the Phoenix several yards away, jumped out of her seat, and motioned to her little brother. "Come on, Jinpei! Let's go help Ken!"

After taking out the rest of the minions, Joe and Ryu followed their Commander through the twisted halls, and found themselves in a dimly lit room.

The three teammates were suddenly blinded by spotlights, which were beaming in at them from all directions. As their eyes adjusted to the sudden brightness, they found that they were surrounded by hordes of soldiers, all aiming their weapons directly at them. They stood in the middle of it all, back-to-back with their hands raised in the air. There was no way out. They had no choice but to admit defeat.

The Captain had the three ninjas thrown into a cell, and enclosed in some type of force field barrier. He was confident that there was no way for them to escape, but he stationed a guard nearby just in case. He retreated down the hallway to inform Katse of his good fortune.

Joe, Ryu and Ken watched the Captain leave and examined the guard, who stood defiantly nearby, clutching his weapon to his chest.

"Let's try the tornado fighter..." Ryu suggested.

The other two stared at him as though he had a piece of spinach in his teeth.

"Well, why not? It worked before, didn't it?" The owl shrugged meekly.

"Ok, big guy...I guess it wouldn't hurt..." Ken agreed. They needed to try every trick in the book to get out quickly.

The three ninjas stacked themselves into position and created and impressive, turbulent gust. However, it did nothing against the force field. They fell out of formation onto the cold, hard floor. The guard laughed heartily at the captives' futile attempts to escape.

Joe sighed and leaned against the wall. He was immediately zapped by an electric current. "Ow! What the hell is this?" He scowled at Ken. "So, Commander, what do we do now?"

"Your sarcastic tone isn't helping right now, Joe." Ken returned Joe's scowl with an equally dark look. He tried calling Jun on the bracelet, but had no luck. Shaking his head, he mumbled to himself, "I talked to Jun right before we were captured. Surely she'll realize that something's gone wrong!"

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