Ice castles by Ebonyswanne
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Princess had never in her life felt so cold and miserable, and angry all at the same time. Her numb fingers couldn't throw a yo-yo at that moment even if it was to save her own life!

She tried to look up but the icy wind was chilling her right through her Birdstyle to her bones. She stumbled just a little in the snow and almost lost her footing even in snow that almost reached the top of her boots.

 "Arrggghhh, that damn bloody Condor!" She cursed under her breath as she held her arms close to her body to keep them from freezing, she never spoke like that in her life but it made her feel a little better just to let it out.

"Prin, there has to somewhere around here that we can find some shelter until the morning, the sun has to be setting about now." Jason yelled out over the icy wind.

She stole a glance into the sky that seemed to blend into the icy wasteland making it neither dark nor light - it was just murky and miserable.

How could tell she wondered as she tried to pull her mantle in closer but it wouldn't move.

She heard Jason stumble and curse very loud, she cringe internally and felt a small twang of guilt that she should have warned him about that spot.

But really it was his entire fault they were stuck in this wasteland to start with, so he should be made to suffer just as much as she was.

She was very mad at him for disobeying Marks order that got them both captured by Spectra and taken to a secret base.

Okay, he managed to get them out and they blew the place up big time, even though they failed to make contact with the rest of the team...she was still trying to figure out how even the birdscramble signal got jammed.

Then when they got out of the base they found themselves here...

She stopped and looked at him with a scold on her face, he was still cursing about something.

"Jason there's nothing here..." She yelled in frustration. "I'll try and contact them again."

But there was only static, and the birdscramble didn't seem to be getting them any response either from what she could tell, and it was suppose to work under any circumstances.

"Nothing..." she sighed, this was going from very bad to extremely worse, they could freeze and no one would ever find their bodies in this icy wasteland....Princess pushed that train of thought from her mind.

"Princess wait up will ya!" Jason called out as she watched him struggle in the snow. With her lips drawn in a straight line she ignored him, and she tried to run ahead of him through the snow. Still gripping her frozen hands to her body, she was sure her fingers had frost bit from how numb they were feeling.

Her mind was beginning to wonder at the other things that were bugging and deep down Mark was one of them. It was only two months ago Mark told her he couldn't have a relationship with her because the sparks just we're there for him. Not that anything got started in the first place anyway between them.

Until that moment she'd had a hope of maybe going out on a date at least since the messages he always sent her on their secret line told he thought other wise.

A few hours later in a moment of hurt and humiliation she shut off the secret communication line she had with him, burst into uncontrollable tears and threw herself onto her bed.

Jason came and stood in the door way, silently he walked over and sat on the edge of her bed and took her into his arms, not saying a word he just held her close.

How did Jason always know what to do? He could be such a jerk at times but then sometimes she he showed a side of him that made her wonder if it was all just a cover up.

 Then she found out Mark was seeing Amanda a week later...

Jason looked guilty when she confronted him about it, since he was Marks closest friend she figured he helped Mark meet up with her as a civilian at a race she saw Amanda at recently with her father.

 "Prin a few of the guys are going out to celebrate, do you wanna come? I know you'll have a good time..." Jason invited in his reserved demeanour and his arms folded after she almost lost it again when she saw Mark holding hands with Amanda after a race Jason had just won she knew he was just to trying to help her deal with it.

After that night she wasn't exactly thrilled about his way of dealing with emotional issues leaving her only feeling confused about him.

"Prin...Swan Princess will you stop walking." Jason commanded as she still stormed on ahead.

She let out a long breath, and she decided to stand still and wait for him."Jerk!" She grumbled loudly this time she hoped he heard her.

Then something happened.

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