Consequences by Ebonyswanne
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Author's Chapter Notes:
I used Danielas's Gatch site for translations to keep as close to canon as I could and TJ's knowledge of Gatch 2. Thanks girls.


Jun had hardly found the time to feel sorry for her situation over the past two months. And she had become grateful for it, her body bounced back very well, youth being on her side and she had looked after herself well during the pregnancy and it paid off with the first week of Dyami's birth.

Her long black hair had lost its curls, a small price to pay she thought, when she looked in the mirror every morning. When Jinpei commented on the new look, she told him straight hair had come back into fashion and she had begun using a hair straightener. He just shrugged his shoulders, muttered something about girls and fashion and the got on with cooking for the customers.

Her first day of training had been hard, Ken hardly acknowledged her. Keeping his distance from her and avoiding making any personal contact during routine staged fights between the four of them.

The tech team had updated Birdstyles- that meant an update of the civilian uniform too. She liked the new white jeans better than her striped ones. Jinpei thought he looked cool in with his cap. The new design of the Birdstyles wouldn't be affected by past Galactor devices. They now had new weapons to learn how to use effectively, she had to get used to accurately aiming her aura whip.

 They would be presented with the new ship soon, this at least got all of them going, Ken had a knowing smile on his face and confessed to them that he had already seen in the production stages.

The training schedule on the whole had brought her back to something of her former self, even if was just a fraction, she kept telling herself it would take time and she still had things to sort out regarding Dyami.

In the past, during training sessions, Ken would have often collided with her, and smiled slightly when he landed on top of her, she'd blush timidly and he'd laugh softly with a friendly smile and help her to her feet.

Joe would stand aside with his arms folded under his mantle, and just watch them together with his usual unreadable expression- Jinpei would say Ken did it on purpose... The one time it happened during their recent training, she deflected a kick mid air causing him to go slightly off balance taking her down with him. Ken looked into her eyes, for a split second they softened and she saw for a moment conflicting emotions, then he couldn't move off her fast enough.

When Jinpei made his usual teasing remarks, Ken scowled making Jinpei step back and look at Ken like he had become some kind of stranger to him from the hurt look on the Swallows face.

Ken called off the training for the rest of the afternoon and he strided out of the training room on the new base known as G-Town leaving the three of them watching his back.

Dr.Nambu had witnessed the whole scene- standing at the door he called Ken into his office. The Eagle followed him.

 Jinpei never teased him about Jun after that, nor did he even mention Ken to her. He just looked at her in sympathy- she hid the tears forming in her eyes, a habit she had learned the whole time she had carried Dyami. She choked up with emotion when dared to visit him once since he had been born. The resemblance leaned more towards Ken than her at two months old, his eyes had become a clearer blue, and he had studied her intently with an expression she had seen before when Ken studied Arial photos looking for hidden bases...

"Hey Jun," Ryu said with forced cheerfulness in his voice drawing her out of her daze. The training session had ended so badly.

"Me and Jinpei are goin out fishing now." He looked at her sheepishly. "Come with us if ya want to."

Jun found a smile for Ryu and his kind heart. "I would only be in the way-"

"No you won't." Ryu piped up and stepped forward and put his hands on her shoulders pulling her into a bear hug. "We'd love you to come out with us for the afternoon. It will do you a world of good."

Jinpei agreed with him trying to force a smile on his hurt face.

She looked into their sincere eyes, and finally agreed to go.

The afternoon proved to be a beautiful sunny day, and out on the water cramped but cosy at the same time in Ryu's fishing boat.

Holding fishing rode sitting in the small runabout boat with him snoring away and watching Jinpei grimace while putting a squirming worm onto a hook did prove to be soothing for her soul.

Even the sight of a small white plane flying overhead in the distance didn't break the serenity she felt out on the water in the fishing boat holding a pole with a thing line in the water waiting for a fish to bite.

Being with Ryu and Jinpei lifted her spirits and she woke Ryu out of his snoozing making him rock the boat like a wave had hit them out of nowhere. His lazy smile at  her squeals of delight as her rode bent with a fish nibbling on the other end lifted her spirits even more as Ryu showed her how to bring in the thrashing big silver scaled fish.

 She even entertained the idea of buying her own small boat...

The familiar sounds of the Snack J brought her back to reality, she still loved Ken, and he rarely ever came to the Snack J any more. Then when he did he sat at the bar quietly, he'd be polite, to Jinpei and to her. Then he would leave abruptly, muttering about being late for a mail delivery.

Some of the patrons began to gasp in shock Jun Looked up at the TV to see what the commotion was about.

Putting a hand over her mouth she watched in horror as the new reader talked about the luxury cruise ship sinking, and the thousands of people that had just lost their lives.

Her bracelet chirped. "Jun," Ken said in his commanders voice.

"Yes Ken," she responded.

"We're being called in...the team is being re-activated." He said in an urgent tone. She could also hear the relief in his voice.

"On my way..." She looked over at Jinpei and signalled him. Without hesitation they both ran out of the Snack J as they had done many times in the past war...

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