Shadows on the Wall by Candi Gomez
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Story Notes:

I was inspired to write this by GoS. (Esp. after hitting the "slow" button on the remote and getting a good look at the shadows their birdstyles cast in the middle of a fight. Wow. :-O ) But it could apply to any team.

Shadows on the Wall

When eye cannot see reality
But ear can surely hear,
When life is too bright to look at
We look at shadows on the wall.

As hero fights villian
A corner is turned:
The sounds still sharp, but all we see
Are shadows on the wall.

Monster slips to sleeping victim
And with a scream they awake;
A struggle begins, but the only sight
Is the shadows on the wall.

Heroes strike, heroes fly,
Then as they swiftly glide
You see them but briefly, as briefer still
Fly the shadows on the wall.

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