Introduction-Ms. Ann O?Malley Reviews Gatchaman and Battle of the Planets. by msannomalley
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A long time ago...well, actually in 2002...Ms. Ann got this wild hair to write episode reviews of Battle of the Planets. Ms. Ann and her Significant Other/Husband, Mr. Ann O'Malley, started acquiring DVD copies of BoTP, which were being put out by Rhino. Each disc contained a couple of Battle episodes, the corresponding Gatchaman episode, and one episode of G-Force: Guardians of Space. Ms. Ann had heard about Gatchaman, but had yet to see an actual episode. So when she did, she was struck by the differences between the two shows and by what got cut out, and her wanting to point out what got cut out was what inspired her to write them.

So that's what she did. Fueled by late nights, copious amounts of Mountain Dew, and her own seriously warped sense of humor, Ms. Ann wrote very stream of consciousness episode reviews of both shows, under the pen name This Fan Girl, posted them on her very own website, and threw in an image gallery for good measure. Ms. Ann did not write reviews of the G-Force: Guardians of Space episodes on each disc because that show gives her gas. When Ms. Ann gets gas, it's not pleasant.

Fast forward to today...

Ms. Ann does not have her own website anymore, so those old reviews and the image gallery are gone. But she still has the files, and some of those old reviews still make her laugh. So Ms. Ann got another wild hair to revamp and rewrite those episode reviews and post them for who ever wants to read them.

However, with the passage of time, a few things have changed. The biggest change is that Ms. Ann owns all 105 episodes of Gatchaman, thanks to ADV, and she finds it very, very difficult to watch Battle of the Planets now, because what used to be borderline irritating to her about that show watching it as an adult has now become more irritating (especially after seeing the last five episodes of Gatchaman). Ms. Ann still only has half of BoTP on DVD, so she's given up on trying to do both corresponding episodes at the same time. Don't get her wrong, BoTP will always be a warm and fuzzy childhood memory for Ms. Ann, and she lays the blame on what she doesn't like about that show squarely on the censors.

But some things have not changed. Ms. Ann still does not like 7 Zark 7.



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