Gatchaman Phoenix Rise!!! by Xephon0930
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Story Notes:
In a near future where Earth is recovering from an age of pollution,war and conflict,nearly all the world's problems were fixed and dealt with,but an alien race that calls itself Galactor wishes to take our blue earth and turn it to one of their bases for universal domination!!! Only 5 specially chosen people from all walks of life are the key to Earth's Survival.But before that time,this is their story before it happened......
Author's Chapter Notes:
The backround of all 5 feathers of Gatchaman.
Earth,the 22nd century.The world was ravaged due to the massive damage to the global enviroment caused by the overuse of fossil fuels,global warming,famine and massive increases of natural disasters.That added into the fact that humans are becoming overpopulated and poverty and world hunger is commonplace.All the world governments started the ISO,the International Science Organization to help repair and reverse the damage that has befallen the enviroment by making a cleaner and more reliable energy source,start terraforming on the moon and Mars and made the first worldwide mass-transit system. Meanwhile somewhere in Sicilly,Italy. A doctor by the name of Raphael has made contact with life from outer space,calling itself Galactor. He was working with the mafia run by the godfather at the time,Giuseppe Scisilini. As Giuseppe and his wife and son,some body gaurds,and Dr. Raphael himself went to make contact,Galactor agents looking almost human ambush and open fire on the group.Dr. Raphael somehow escaped,and young Joseph Scisilini,the son of Giuseppe Scisilini ,barely survived the ordeal. Meanwhile an ISO professor by the name of Kozaburou Nambu who was near the area at the time,resqued the seriously injured Joseph,who was hanging barely on a thread,and took him back to the ISO and was eventually put into foster care.But somewhere else in the world,Ken Washio,a young would-be aviator was watching his father,Kentaro Washio,at an airshow with his mother,Shizuru.The constant life-threatening stunts and slick maneuvering was routine in the washio household.However,unbenounced to Ken and his mother,the plane that Kentaro was flying hit a sudden and powerful gust of wind while trying to land a dive.The plane went careening out of control as Ken and Shizuru watched as his father's plane was blown to pieces,as it was smote to the ground.This defining moment would change the washio household,and Ken especially,for years to come.Meanwhile in Hiroshima,Japan.Jun Shigure,at the age of 8,was welcoming her life-long friend Miyuki Toriumi,the age of 18,and her newborn son,who were visiting from America.As they were reminiscing about old times,the alarm shouted out a skrietching yell as the entire city was under attack by an unknown threat.As Jun was trying to get Miykuki and Jinpei to evacuate,Miyuki got her foot stuck on some pipelines in the ground.Jun unable to help her friend,Miyuki handed her child to Jun to save him.Jun,at her great argueing and reluctance,took the child to shelter as she watched her friend die.Jun then vowed to raise Jinpei as her own brother.Due to the fact that Miyuki was also a daughter of her family's freind,they agreed without question.
Meanwhile on the Island of Okinawa,a well-tanned and bulky surfer named Ryu Nakanishi who at the age of 17,had heard about a job at the ISO.Although Ryu didn't know much about science but he hoped a job there can somehow help his family of fishermen due to the fact that many of the prize fish were either extinct or the endangered list.He got the job,but he had no idea what is he to do there.For the next 8 years,he'll be training as one of the first member of the Science Ninja team.
Chapter End Notes:
I wanted to create a backround story first to give anyone reading this a good idea.As you can see,I'm also trying to make some valid similiarities to the original.There were a few changes I needed to make,Joe's real name was changed because I wanted him to sound more Italian.Asakura seemed weird for a surname of an Italian mobster.I also wanted Ryu to be more active and muscular as opposed to"that guy in the couch watching the Superbowl" fat.I always wondered how the original Ryu got the slot for the Kakugai Ninjatai.Oh and the whole thing with Jinpei being a newborn that was basically orphaned,I wanted it to play into the flashbacks many of the Gatchaman team will be having.Oh and the whole time skip to the 23rd century was so that they'd be in a plausible and visible time frame for a lot of the technology that makes up the armaments of the Kakugai Ninjatai.Hope you enjoy.:)
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