Gatchaman Phoenix Rise!!! by Xephon0930
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Author's Chapter Notes:
The story of Ken the Eagle.As he becomes an aviator with the very exemplary skills like his father's.He somehow manages to land a job at the ISO.
Flying for Ken was as natural as breathing. When most kids would learn how to walk,Ken is the kinda guy who would rather try to fly.He respected his father as a pilot.Although the two never talked or bonded much,Ken would always love to hear of the adventures of his father Kentaro.The dogfights,the barrel rolls and the many maneuvers most would think too risky to even try.

Ken goes in to get his aviator's license.
Ken:alright,all I have to do is show them my skills and I can finally be able to fly the skies like my dad did.Father,I hope you're watching.Because today's the day I become a man in the Washio family!!!!
Flight Instructor:You failed!
Flight Instructor:You crashed your plane at the very last second of the test in the simulator.
Ken:But I thought I nailed that maneuver?
Flight Instructor:Are you by any chance a Washio family member?
Ken:Yeah so what about it?
Flight Instructor:I heard about your father,how he crashed his plane at that air show.I knew the very thing he was good at would one day kill him.I even hear that his wife was very tired of it all.She wanted to have a divorce after the whole thing was older.At least she didn't have to do paperwork now that he's de....
*Ken gives the Flight Instructor a mean left hook*
Ken:I'm gonna kick your ass!!! Just you try and say that about my father again you son of a bitch!!!
Security Guard:We need some backup here right now ASAP!!!

Meanwhile as Ken was sent to a brig for assaulting the flight instructor,Dr. Nambu comes in to check on Ken.

Security Guard:You got a visitor.
Dr. Nambu:I see you've had quite the brawl here. They say there are better alternatives to fighting.
Ken:What was I suppose to do,take all that trash talk about my dad.
Dr. Nambu:I'm not saying the person who instegated the situation was any better but choosing to fight him at the heat of the moment doesn't show much about your about your good traits in personality.
Ken:So cut to the chase Doc.What are you really here for,you sure don't seem like the kinda guy who wastes his time with guys charged with aggravated assault,and I sure as heck don't know who you are.
Dr. Nambu:Pardon,I forgot to introduce myself,I am Kozaburou Nambu,and I am the Chief Executive of the ISO. We could use a man of your talents.
Ken:Why should I even do this? I mean what's in it for me? I don't even know you.
Dr. Nambu:But I knew your father quite well,Ken Washio.
Dr. Nambu:You could stay here and do over 100 hours of community service,or,like you father,become someone you were destined to be the moment you were born.What do you say to that Mr. Washio?
Ken:Where do I sign up?
Chapter End Notes:
Finally,they speak for the first time!!! This is just part of Ken's Backstory and the rest I'll try to flesh out even more later on.We still haven't even got to the best parts yet!!!
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