Gatchaman Phoenix Rise!!! by Xephon0930
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Author's Chapter Notes:
I decided to pick up the pace by having a lot more on this chapter and try to cram a lot of story in this one go. I'll have the story on Jun,Jinpei,and Ryu.
Jun:Wake up Jinpei!!! It's the first day of school.
Jinpei:5 minutes!!!!!
Jun:Wake up Jinpei!!!
Jun:(alright,have it your way....)
*Jun gets a glass of water and goes upstairs to Jinpei's room and pours it on his face.*
Jinpei:*coughs* WTF was all that about!?!
*Jun hits Jinpei on the head*
Jun:Watch that mouth!!!
Jinpei:Okay okay.....jeez....
*Jinpei proceeds to get ready for school by cleaning and dressing up,getting breakfast and grabbing his bento before he gets out.*
Jun:Now hold on there!!!
Jinpei:Ah come on sis,I'm 8 now and other kids may be watching.
Jinpei:Oh all right. Bye sis and I love you...
Jun:What was that?
Jinpei:Bye sis and I love you.
Jun:Still can't hear you....:P
*Jinpei yells it out this time to the point where other kids were listening in and laughing when they wlak past the Shigure household.*
Jinpei:Why me?
*Jun closes the doors and pick up the bills.She scurries through them as she they seem to only stack on top of each other.She sighs as the debt on her house and her family's restaurant that was left to them after they died 8 years after the attack on Hiroshima by a strange disease.Even stranger,Jun and Jinpei were the only survivors of the in the incident.Whatever disease was killing everyone else,they were the only ones who seem to be immune for some reason. Jun then turns to a letter that was sent to her after the attack on Hiroshima,that was from Miyuki.It was apparently sent to Jun in advance but was received later.Even stranger was the contents in the letter.*
Dear Jun,
If you are reading this,I may have just died.The reason why I was visiting to our childhood home was that I entrust Jinpei to you before something bad happens.The reason why I'm doing this is cause my husband got involved with the Sicillini Mafia.They needed him for some terraforming project but it all just seemed to collapse in on itself when the head family was murdered.No one knows exactly what happened,but my Jason told me to hang at a freinds and lay low for awhile.It was later that we were targeted.The reason was unknown,but the point is that Jinpei and I had to leave.I tried to track Jason down but he hasn't called back.I just hope that at least Jinpei would be spared from this ordeal.He then finally called in saying only this,if things are tough,just call Dr. Nambu,he can be trusted and will keep us safe.I just hope this letter would arrive soon so I could explain all this in person.I hope all this would soon be over and done with no one hurt.

Love Miyuki

*Jun still can't seem to make sense of all this.She just hopes that all these debts could be resolved with Nambu's help,he sounds like a guy who is an honest loaner.If there is ever was one.
*Jinpei's days in school just sucks in general.Of course,same is said from every other kid.But in Jinpei's case,it's pretty bad.He has crap grades,almost no friends cause of his social awkwardness and circumstance.Try bringing in your sister in a Mother's Day show and tell; and try to explain everyone why she is so young.Plus there was a bully always aiming to kick his ass.Takeshi always,as if by clockwork,come in to steal his lunch.Things can't be worse for him in school.After school,Jinpei was going back to home when some guys were following him.He then made a turn and hoped to lose them but the men in black persisted.He then tried running and made twisting turns to try and lose them.The guys in suits then got a car to chase him down until all of a sudden,a muscular man in a very well-made tokusatsu-like power suit came in front of the car and as if defying physics,he stops it and then tipped it on the side.The suspicious men then ran in terror.Jinpei then looked at his savior in the face and asked him a question that any 8-year-old would ask in a situation like this.
Jinpei:Are you some sort of superhero?
*Ryu then gets his thumb and index fingers on the watch and all of a sudden,the suit disappears.
Ryu:No,I'm just Ryu Nakanishi from the ISO.You must be Jinpei Shigure?
Jinpei:How did you know?
Ryu:Listen,you have to tell me where your sister Jun is,you two are in danger.You've been targeted for termination.
Jinpei:I've seen this movie before,you'll have to come up with something better than that.
Another Voice:He's right. I'm Dr. Kozaburou Nambu,head of the ISO. I knew your mother Miyuki Toriumi.
Jinpei:My mom's name is not Miyuki whatever.She died with my dad a few months ago!!!
Dr. Nambu:Jinpei,I'd hate to tell you this but you are not related by blood with your current guardian Jun Shigure.You are really Jinpei Toriumi.
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