Battle of the Planets Episode Reviews by UnpublishedWriter
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Review/summary: Summaries and comments on the episodes, in the Sandy Frank production (and hence, viewing) order.

Review will also contain the following:

Fic Alert: Any reference or inference that could be used for a fanfic.

Science question: If I spot any blunders, scientific or otherwise. My real name is NOT Michio Kaku, so I will miss some, and not be able to comment completely, if at all, on some of the ones I do spot.

Bizarreness alert: When the plot makes no sense, either through extreme rewriting, or refusal to admit that people die. Oddities of motivation and whatnot. Any time the mecha name in the title doesn’t match the mecha in the episode. Inconsistencies between episodes (if I can remember that much). May combine with the next topic.

Gatchaman plot: Mostly used when the episode seriously rewrites the Gatch plotline, or changes the premise (such as substituting ‘vitalumis’ for ‘uranium’), or when the writers have had to really stretch themselves to account for something. For those who are more familiar with Battle of the Planets than with Gatchaman.
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